Thursday, February 28, 2008

War against the Bible Unabated

The war against the Word of God is not abating at all – even in the traditional Bible-based countries. Apart from the intense assault on the Word of God via the massive adulteration with the so-called New Versions [Perhaps one or two of these – certainly not the NIV - may indeed be beneficial for Christians, most of these new versions are simply meant to promote particular doctrines of their publishers, just like the well-known New World Translation of the Jehovah Witnesses’.] In any case, it is absolutely incredible the open physical persecutions that now trail the Bible, even in America.
Some recent examples. Right in the Bible belt of Annapolis, a US Federal judge has placed a permanent injunction against the 30 year old tradition where Gideons International give away free Bibles to fifth-grade students. Two years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of four sets of supposedly Christian parents, objected to the practice as being unconstitutional. Soon the School District altered its policy to allow Bibles or any other religious materials to be distributed to those who wish to receive them before or after school, or during lunch break, but not in classrooms. It is against this new practice that a permanent injunction has now been granted. (
Similarly in Bloomington, Indiana, city officials last October, booted out a display of the Ten Commandments erected by Christians who want equal treatment with Buddhism, whose statues and tenets are proudly displayed in the City Hall to welcome the visiting Dalai Lama. Officials defended their action by labeling the Ten Commandments (artistically inscribed in limestone for which the area is famous) as religious, while the statues of Buddhism were labeled “cultural”

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