Thursday, February 28, 2008

Islamic influence grows in Europe

While Islam rules with absolute iron hand in countries where it has majority followership (e.g it is a crime to as much as bring in more than one Bible into Saudi Arabia, and no conversion from Islam is allowed), it plays the hawk in countries where it has significant but minority following (see headline story of this edition for a good example from Nigeria). However in those countries where it is in the minority, Islam has perfected the act of feigning the oppressed underdog, thereby attracting sympathy even as it quietly and virulently spreads its influence.
. A few recent examples will illustrate the power of this subtle influence in Europe. Last October in a High Security Prison in Leeds, England, even though no ham (from pork) was served to Moslems, a mistake in the special menu printed during the Ramadan holiday announced ham sandwiches as to be served. Right now, 200 muslim inmates at that prison facility are suing for millions of dollars for their violated human rights! One prisoner claims he actually ate boiled ham which was mistakenly served with his bread roll instead of the cheese he had ordered for. Rather than return it, he claimed he was so hungry that he ate it anyway. Now he is suing for up to $20 million compensation – for the temptation perhaps? (see
Such a claim from any other persons anywhere in the world would have been treated as a very funny joke. But here Islam, the “persecuted religion”, is involved and care must be exercised! Indeed, such is the subtle pressure and increasing influence of Islam in England that the Archbishop of the official Church of the country has advocated that Sharia Law be allowed (even inevitable) in Britain!
Similarly, last December, a think-thank of the ruling Labour Party had suggested that Christmas should be “downgraded” to make it less offensive to Moslems (
The situation in Sweden is so dicey that the government is currently looking into the possibility of using state funds to provide training for imams. The reasoning is that perhaps this will at least break the monopoly of Al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia being the only ones training and controlling the Islamic religion in the land. (See also:

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