Thursday, February 28, 2008

Britain proposes mandatory microchip implants for Prisoners and Prison system

Just like we said earlier, progress towards the global mandatory implantation of the microchip on all is widely is ongoing, using subjects with limited fundamental human rights at the present time! It is telling, how serious and real the plan for mandatory implantation in all is, that some US States are already legislating against such moves! (
The latest move is in Britain, where prison authorities are touting the microchip implant as the panacea out of the problem of overcrowding prison facilities and inability to implement the tracking requirements for paedophiles and similar offenders that are released on probation – especially from overcrowded facilities.
The current method for tracking such criminals comprises of electronic bracelets worn around the ankle, but some offenders have been known to tamper with those bracelets. Now, it is inevitable that the ultimate in tracking and control, microchip implantation, would be implemented. The proposal from Ken Jones, the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, is actually envisaging applications beyond tagging of prisoners out on parole only, to use even within prison facilities. Ken Jones is pointing out that considerable order can be achieved within those facilities if only the various gang members could be monitored as to their movements!
Of course, saner minds have been warning against the idea. Harry Fletcher, assistant general secretary of the National Association of Probation Officers, believes the “system works well enough as it is: and that the new proposal would not make his members’ lives any easier, but would rather degrade their clients. In any case, “Knowing where offenders like paedophiles are does not mean you know what they are doing” added Mr Fletcher, who apparently is not aware that features to control the implanted folks are easy add-ons to the microchip implant technology.
In fact, a company is already offering plans for “deeper implants that could vibrate, electroshock the implantee, broadcast a message, or serve as a microphone to transmit conversations.” As regular readers of Church Arise! are aware, the real problem is actually has to do with mind control. Once the chip is implanted, the soul of the implantee is literally in the hands of the controllers of the technology. Watch a documentary on microchip implants at

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