Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chris Okotie Unveils New Wife To Church

It is not likely that Rev Chris Okotie, who unsuccessfully tried to sell himself as the Christian candidate in the last Presidential election, is aware of the raw deal believers are receiving in the North, if reports in the media are anything to go by. At the same time as the events we report in the previous article were unfolding, the Pastor of the popular Household of God Church in Lagos, was busy introducing to his congregation, Stephanie Henshaw as the woman he intends to marry later in the year.
Rev. Okotie divorced his wife of 17 years, Tina, some years ago; and last year announced that he had decided to marry Stephanie, who he describes as “a woman of breathtaking beauty”. Stephanie Henshaw had been married twice and has three children. According to TheNews, “Okotie, however, said he does not care, adding that he was marrying her because she was beautiful” Stephanie, in her 30s, has known 50 years old Okotie for the past 10 years “but the two lovers became close when she left her second husband.”

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