Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Copper Axe of Ötzi the Iceman


Ken Ham on his Blog on August 21, brought up a fascinating ancient matter.  It is a mummy discovered in 1991 in the Ötztal mountains (along the border of Austria and Italy) and subsequently named Ötzi the Iceman.  It is believed to have lived some 5,300 years ago, making it the oldest intact human body ever found.   Ken Ham described some of the features of Mr Otzi:


·         Died from an arrow wound to the shoulder

·         Wore waterproof shoes crafted in four layers with bearskin soles, deer hide uppers, cow leather shoelaces, and tree bark “socks”

·         Wore a coat made from various animal hides and stitched together with animal fibers

·         Carried a “first aid kit” with over a dozen plants that are known to help heal wounds, cure disease, and fight parasites

·         Ate a wide variety of foods, including possibly bread

·         Traveled with a fire kit, complete with flint and a tree fungus for tinder

·         Brought along an extremely well-made copper axe, a bow and arrows, and a flint knife


These features have created considerable challenges for those who would recreate mankind’s lifestyles as he supposedly slowly transitioned from a primitive hunter-fruit gatherer to today’s civilized herder-farmer.   The chief problem is with the copper axe.  According to well-established positions in evolutionary thinking, the technology to mine and forge copper was 1,000 years ahead of humankind 5,300 years ago!


This indeed is the central irreconcilable difference between Evolutionism and Creationism.  The evolution paradigm holds that nature is getting better, evolving from less complex to more complex forms. Creationism, on the other hand avers that all nature was created complete and perfect from the very beginning.  Any fundamental change (especially tinkering by Man) is therefore disturbing a delicate balance and is liable to be for the worse, not for the better.


While this creationist worldview is perfectly in tune with the most fundamental law of science – the second law of thermodynamics, as well as with Scriptures (Romans 8:20-21 ), evolutionism has nevertheless managed to securely positioned itself as the official model for running our world!  This is evident in the various manipulations of the genetic pool that is ongoing, ranging from GMO foods, to mRNA vaccines, and transgenderism – all supposedly for the better!


Ken Ham affirmed the Biblical creationist position in his article, as he wrote:


“Contrary to the evolutionary worldview, civilization is almost as old as humanity (cities are  mentioned in connection with Cain, Adam and Eve’s son, in Genesis 4:17), as is farming (Genesis 4:2), herding (Genesis 4:2), and metalworking (iron and bronze, which interestingly is made from copper and generally tin; see Genesis 4:22).”


Concluding, Dr Ham wrote: “Yes, as Ötzi reminds us, humanity has been intelligent since the very beginning!”

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