Thursday, September 14, 2023

Some Pfizer Vaccines Were Contaminated — What Does That Mean for Millions Who Got the Jab?

 Above was the very concerning headline adopted by The Defender for the article by Julie Sladden and Julian Gillespie originally published by the Brownstone Institute on August 16. It reports that several top laboratories followed up on the claims of Dr Kevin McKernan that he and his team found several DNA contaminations across different vials and batches of the COVID vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. Anticipating stiff challenges from mainstream peer-review journals in accepting and publishing their explosive finding, McKernan and colleagues simply announced their results online and invited researchers all over the world to either replicate or fault their findings.  And replicated, the results were!


      The levels of contamination were by no means minor. As explained  by Dr McKernan, with reference to the regular PCR test used to confirm COVID infection in people, it translates to “a million-fold contamination that you would be called positive for a virus”. 


       Next comes the troubling question of the exact nature of the contaminations.  First was the DNA contamination itself which soon raised the question of bacterial endotoxin usually associated with such contamination.  The endotoxin is known to be capable of producing “serious side effects if injected, including anaphylaxis and septic shock”. Furthermore when the DNA contaminations were sequenced, something called SV40 promoter, not disclosed by Pfizer to the regulatory authorities, was found there. The SV40 promoter is known to be capable of turning on gene expression and has been implicated in cancers in the 1960s.  Worse still, much of the DNA seemed packaged in the lipid nano particles (LNP) which could “transfect the mammalian cells and become a genetic alteration”. Dr McKernan who was a former team leader for the Human Genome Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology put the matter point-blank: ‘If (the SV40 promoter) becomes integrated into the genome it will turn on gene expression wherever it lands. If this happens to be an oncogene (a cancer-causing gene), you’ve got problems.”


     The US FDA is yet to comment on the issue which was brought to its attention on June 16, 2023.  It is extremely troubling that these products (even inferior versions rejected in the western world) are still being administered to gullible/helpless people in Nigeria.  For instance a news report indicates that COVID vaccine is now quietly mandated for international arrivals. In the same vein, government agencies make no secret of ongoing efforts to integrate the vaccine into routine immunization.


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