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Photo: Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine (2008): Rubbished and Censored for offering counter-narratives on COVID (Photo Credit:

1. Contrary Scientific Opinions Being Suppressed, Ruthlessly

A tiny cabal of very influential scientists insist not only that their opinions cannot be questioned by other, at least, equally qualified scientists, they are instigating the ridiculing and suppression of these voices of dissent. The COVID-19 Czar in the United States, Dr Anthony Fauci, sent shockwaves into the scientific world when he recently declared that any opposition to his opinions is essentially an opposition to Science! This feeble attempt at personifying science in an individual is however totally ridiculous, and completely at variance with the true spirit of Science which welcomes and encourages dissent and alternative outlooks.  Mr Bill Gates is not even a health/medical scientist at all, but he was the first to dogmatically declare in April 2020 that the vaccine (yet to be produced at that time) would be the only way out of COVID-19, and they would need to be administered to every person on earth!


This shameless autocratic attitude consequently resulted in the side-lining, maligning, ridiculing and even de-platforming of top-notch medical scientists, simply for daring to voice out their well-considered scientific opinions on COVID matters.  The long list of top-rated scientists so abused include Robert Malone (the acclaimed inventor of the very technology being used for mRNA COVID vaccine), Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize winner for Medicine in 2008), and Geert V. Bossche (top executive in the vaccine industry).  Both the outgoing and incoming editors of the highly reputable British Medical Journal recently had cause to pen an open letter to Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, whose social media platforms have become the major battleground to drown dissenting voices on COVID vaccines.

The background to this interesting development was the Journal’s decision to investigate a whistleblower’s allegation of gross unscientific and unethical practices that attended the clinical trials of Pfizer’s now approved Cominarty vaccine.  After a thorough investigation, the BMJ published a damning peer-reviewed report that clearly rubbished the Pfizer clinical trials.  In its usual manner, Facebook deployed its array of professional “Fact Checkers” to try to neutralize this BMJ report, under the usual label of “Fake news”, thus provoking the unprecedented response from the BMJ!

It is not only individual Scientists that are being repressed by the COVID vaccine cabal.  Literally, hundreds of thousands of credentialed medical scientists and practitioners have formed various platforms to make heard their voices, currently being stridently stifled.  Some of these include the fearless and now famous Americas Frontline Doctors, the 600-strong Doctors for Truth (Spain), the 500-strong Doctors for Information (Germany), Doctors for Open Debate, Belgium. World Doctors Alliance, in Britain, the 500-strong Covid Doctors Network, in Australia and their counterparts in Brazil, Asia, and elsewhere.  The Great Barington Declaration pushing an alternative protocol for managing COVID-19 different from the mainstream “vaccine-first-and-last” narrative, was signed by over 910,000 scientists and science enthusiasts, and a Belgian one signed by over 900 doctors and health professionals.  The International Free Choice is convened by Luc Montagnier, and Robert F. Kennedy.


Long and short, there is no way anybody could conceivably call mandatory COVID vaccination a product of sound scientific reasoning or consensus among real scientists working for public good.  Rather the unreasonable and unceasing hounding of otherwise fine breed of Scientists is yet another evidence of an utterly desperate sinister and vile global agenda at work.


2. Medical Systems being Corrupted by Incentives Encouraging False, Exaggerated Data for COVID


It is deeply troubling that in order to make the case for mandatory vaccination, long-established protocols for disease surveillance and reportage are being irresponsibly disrupted.  Very often, this involved unjustified incentives which clearly promote corruption of both system and personnel.


For instance in the United States, Senator Scott Jensen, himself a physician, affirmed that Hospitals get paid more if patients are listed as COVID-19, and even three times furthermore if placed on ventilators (Fox News, April 8, 2020).  This report has been corroborated severally from various parts of the world.  In Uganda, a video that went viral on social media  showed health officials solemnly bearing what turned out to be an empty coffin to a grave – apparently as part of a campaign to drive data of COVID deaths and stoke fears, ultimately to build up justification for mandatory vaccination.


In Nigeria, according to the NCDC National Interim Guidelines for Clinical Management of COVID-19, “a death due to COVID-19 is defined for surveillance purposes as a death resulting from a clinically compatible illness, in a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case, unless there is a clear alternative cause of death that cannot be related to COVID disease (e.g. trauma).” pg 27].  Even this clearly biased definition geared to label ANY case that can conceivably be related to COVID disease as COVID, is flouted in several known instances. There are records in the mainstream media of cases being ascribed to COVID by the NCDC when there have been no diagnosis at all, including patients brought in dead, without any further action or post mortem.  For all these blatant data manipulations, everybody agrees that the COVID problem in Nigeria is certainly extremely mild, and can by no means be the basis for mandating emergency medical products for all citizens!


These highly unethical practices transcend nationalities, and reports have emerged even from the most established and respected medical traditions of England.  The pivotal premier case of a COVID death in the teens age group in that country came in precisely at a critical period required to sway public opinions.  Even reports in mainstream news media had to be scrubbed to push the “eye brow-raising” diagnosis through!

Only time can tell what would be the real implication of all these sad disruptions and corruption of critical healthcare systems which had been established through hard work of dedicated and God-fearing professionals over centuries.

3. Open Arm-Twisting Of Government By Foreign Bodies.

The impunity and utter desperation with which the Nigeria government is pushing the mandates betray a government that is being hand-twisted by external bodies. The intense pressure on our government officials can be appreciated when one considers the open and blatant bullying of UK Prime Minister, Boris Johns, by globalist Hillary Clinton for his reluctance to sack enmasse unvaccinated government workers and introduce Vaccine Passports in his country.  Similarly, clearly at the instance of the same global elites, the Vice President of Polynesia, Tearii Alpha, was summarily dismissed from office for his blunt refusal to get the COVID jab.  In Australia, elected members of Parliament who refuse to get jabbed can no longer vote, even electronically.  Even though the usual rogue “Fact Checkers” asked we rule out any foul play as there was no “evidence” of foul play, the simple fact is that four black Presidents who publicly opposed the western dictates on COVID all died suddenly within a year!  A fifth, Andry Rajoelina of Madagascar survived the assassination attempt on his life on July 23.

A clear evidence of the influence of foreign bodies in our COVID response in Nigeria was provided at the Build Back Better Summit organized by the Presidential Steering Committee on COVID19 on 6-7 December, 2021. A key objective, in the words of the Organizers, was to “identify resources and develop strategies that will actualize the country’s expressed international commitments towards ending COVID-19 by 31st December 2022.”  Thus, actualizing “international commitments” (such as timelines for getting certain fractions of the population jabbed with the experimental vaccines) remains a cardinal goal in our official COVID-19 response. 

It is quite instructive that, though listed as co-organizers, no notable official from the Federal Ministry of Health was in attendance!  On the other hand, several foreign NGOs were very prominent.  These included the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, WHO, UNDP, Biosensors, and a few multinational companies.!

4. Economic Costs of Vaccines Not Justified

Contrary to the impression that the COVID vaccines are free donations by philanthropic-minded western nations, Nigeria (and Nigerians) are actually paying through the nose for these clearly unwanted products!  Our ‘friends’ who have absolute monopoly of the so-called vaccines, set the price at which we must buy, and they further instruct our government to compel every one of our citizens to receive the vaccine and further “boosters”. All these happen even as we are left alone to grapple with a decrepit healthcare system, and burden of other diseases peculiarly decimating our populations.  In 2021, our total health budget was N547 billion while our budget for procurement of COVID vaccines was N400 billion!

Our “friends” however give us “generous” discounts and “magnanimous” loan facilities to enable us scrounge together enough resources to make the procurement!  The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), for example,  proudly announced in August 2021 its facilitating the procurement of about 30 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J), Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ vaccine, at a substantially discounted cost of  “$7.50 as against $10 per dose.”  Somebody has suggested that the vaccines, considering the unprecedented mass production involved, huge public funds used in their development, and ultimately, their dismal efficacy, ought to be sold no more than a few cents!  Incidentally, alternative therapeutics for COVID (such as Ivermectin) with much better safety and efficacy profiles are available for exactly that price – a few cents.

The western nations further encourage us to pursue the direction they set for us by kindly “donating” to us, amidst considerable pomp and pageantry, end-of-shelf-life vaccines they have been unable to use in the own country.  In December 2021, Nigeria had to destroy one million doses of such donated vaccines.  This followed the precedence set by Malawi who had flatly refused the suggestion by the WHO that expired vaccines could still be used by supposedly indigent African nations.

On October 1 2021, the World Bank announced the approval of a $400 million dollar credit to Nigeria in ADDITIONAL financing to help facilitate acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines and its deployment within the country. Earlier in April, the IMF Executive Board had approved US$ 3.4 Billion in Emergency Support to Nigeria to address the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Part of the “deployment” within the country apparently entails extensive training and travels.  According to the 2022 appropriation bill the ministry of health will be spending a total of N71.6m for the purpose of travels in 2022. This is in addition to funding from other sources. It is instructive to note that the Global Fund rejected a request by the Ministry for a $5,243,277 grant for “travels” with the explanation that extensive travels is not compatible with the “virtual” meetings being promoted as a key response to COVID-19.

At the Build Back Better Summit previously mentioned, the COVID Czar for Nigeria, Prof Oyewale Tomori plainly stated that the problem of Nigeria is NOT COVID but a combination of four factors viz Lack of Patriotism, Self-interest, Corruption, and Shamelessness.

This sound analysis would explain how government officials could brazenly and patronisingly announce crushing COVID measures in the name of safeguarding public health, while they play blind to diseases like common diarrheal (decimating 150,000 Nigerians annually), Malaria (mauling 85,000 annually), and Sickle Cell Anaemia (sending 75,000 Nigerians to early graves annually).  At the last count, with all the known inflated figures COVID mortality in Nigeria has just managed to surpass 3,000 after nearly two years!


5. Beyond Public Health: Both Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Nigerians Must Join Hands To Prosecute This Epic Struggle

While we at the NCRA are passionate to point out the dangers that might be lurking in the experimental products Nigerians are being hounded to receive into their veins, we recognize that adverse health effects are ordinarily statistical in nature and would depend to a large extent on the physiological constitution and health status of the individual. Indeed it is conceivable that a particular vaccinated individual who would subsequently take appropriate responsibility for his health might not necessarily be worse-off than his vaccine-free counterpart who remains careless about other important health and lifestyle choices.  One major factor here is the need to maintain a positive outlook and eschew those major drainers of natural immunity – fear and bitterness! 

However, the issues involved in mandatory COVID vaccination extend far beyond public health; and even those who have received the vaccine (voluntarily or under coercion) should join the fight to reject its unconstitutional and unwarranted Mandate. Wars have been fought and millions of lives sacrificed to defend ideals such as democracy, rule of law, and Faith. It is hard to explain the dogged determination to push this vaccine globally on all human beings, without thinking of some deep hidden agenda. Data available in public records, show that precisely defined patents for biometric test of COVID-19 (specifically so-named) had been filed at least five years BEFORE the COVID pandemic ever broke out, or the virus involved identified!  Resisting a patently unwarranted mass deployment of the vaccines will therefore not only help limit the public health concerns involved, it would help curtail various extensive abuses possible in any potential attempt to weaponize the vaccine at some latter time.

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