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·         Some highly-placed people knew monkeypox outbreak was coming.  Right to the date it would emerge.  This is no accident.

·         Plans were made ahead at the World Health Assembly level to alter existing protocols and facilitate preferred responses to newly declared pandemics.

·         Clearly indicated scenarios have been published as to how the current low-key monkeypox outbreak is expected to proceed.   The Nigerian elites should wake up and make concerted efforts to disrupt here these scenarios and prevent the unfavourable outcomes scripted for our nation.


The story is eerily familiar.  In March 2021 the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) together with the Munich Security Conference, held a “senior-level tabletop exercise” ruminating the idea: what if some malevolent actors should break into some bio-laboratory in some unsecured country and steal some monkeypox virus, re-engineer it to make it more deadly, and thereafter unleash on the rest of the world? 


The conclusion arrived at by these  Bill Gates-allied organizations,  collated in a Report released in November 2021, was that within a period of 18 months of such an incident, there would be up to 3.2 billion cases of monkeypox globally, and 271 million people would be dead.  The exercise assumed the attack would occur May 15, 2022.


And what did we have in reality?  Just a week ahead of the supposed fictional schedule, on 7th May 2022, monkeypox indeed staged a dramatic appearance in Europe; and within two weeks had spread to several countries in that territory and also in North America, Australia and the Middle East. - countries that had never witnessed outbreaks of monkeypox before!  It will take incredible naiveté to attribute such precise matching of model and reality to pure serendipity or some superior scientific sagacity!


The Brownstone Institute aptly observed:  Monkeypox was first identified in 1958, but there’s never been a global Monkeypox outbreak outside of Africa until now—in the exact week of the exact month predicted by the biosecurity folks in their pandemic simulation. Take these guys to Vegas! ”  


In fact this unprecedented global monkeypox pandemic arriving right “on schedule” would make it two-time bullseye for these expert pandemic Predicters in recent times, considering that it was exactly the same story that heralded in COVID19.  Simulated in September 2019 as occurring in a Chinese city, the pandemic broke out for real three months later in Wuhan.


Furthermore, same November last year that the Report of the predicted monkeypox pandemic was being released, Bill Gates himself had publicly pondered the havoc that would result if  “a bioterrorist” were to succeed in bringing smallpox to 10 airports.  And earlier in 2017, in a speech at that year’s Munich Security Conference, Mr Gates had warned that “the next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus.”  Only a “super seer” like Bill Gates could foresee the imminent resurgence of dreaded smallpox (sonponno in Yoruba) which had been declared eradicated by the World Health Assembly in 1980. Monkeypox is a milder cousin of smallpox, but if “genetically engineered” like Mr Gates foresaw, we could very well be talking of a super smallpox.


Are we again set to go the COVID-19 plandemic route?  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!


Meanwhile while all this is brewing, the United States of America submitted, (in January 2022) a memorandum to the World Health Organization for consideration at the recently concluded World Health Assembly (May 22-28).  The memorandum contained the strange proposition by the Biden administration that the WHO should be given more dictatorial powers, at the expense of the sovereignty of individual nations like the USA itself!  This is the stark opposite of the position pushed by Donald Trump who threatened to withdraw the United States from the WHO during his presidency.  However, in the reasoning of the Biden administration, it is not sufficient that the WHO should have the discretional power to pronounce a multi-country breakout of disease as a “public health emergency of international concern;” the Organization also ought to be able to prescribe what actions individual nations MUST embark on, in the best interest of the collective. The WHO could make such prescriptions even in the absence of any actual health emergencies in that country, as long as the global body deems such actions as necessary “no-regrets” precautions.


As at the last declared pandemic (COVID), the usual one-size-fits all prescriptions churned out by the WHO generally amounted to mere advisories which individual nations were free to consider for domestication and implementation through the legislative arm of their governments.  The Biden administration however felt that the time delay inherent in such a procedure was what worsened the outcome of COVID; and that come the next pandemic the pronouncements and directives of WHO “expert committees” should become law in every member state of the UN, and that at wasp speed. To this end, it proposed on a general note,  an amendment to article 59 of the International Health Regulations (IHR), which would make changes approved for that critical document to become effective after only 12 months, rather than the current 24 months. Any nation that does not raise any objections within that period is assumed to have embraced and adopt such changes.


Then there were other specific proposed amendments (13 in number) sought by the Biden Administration for the IHR. Nigeria-based Equity International Initiatives (EII) has a concise summary of these:

“A careful study and review of the texts being removed from the law and the ones being introduced to the IHR clearly, very clearly show that these amendments have nothing to offer by way of ‘strengthening WHO’s preparedness for and response to health emergencies’ but a clandestine script for the positioning of the United Nations (UN) health agency as a world government and legalising the transfer of national sovereignty of nations to the WHO and a fortiori, those persons and organisations who sponsor and control it.


Specifically on the amendment proposed for Article 10, the EII submitted:

“This proposed amendment automatically turns the WHO to a bully master of the affected nation. It is worryingly provided in the proposed amendment that a nation in which the WHO believes that a health emergency has occurred is given barely 48 hours to answer to queries from the WHO on the occurrence. This flies in the face of the sovereignty of the nations. Firstly, it is not possible to have such a response within the period of time provided and secondly and most worrisome is the fact that the nations and/or government of nations are made answerable to the head of World Health Organisation.”


Thankfully, these audacious and obnoxious suggestions were roundly trounced at the 75th World Health Assembly.  And what a pleasant surprise, this was largely as a result of concerted efforts by the delegates from Africa.


So where are we headed in the weeks ahead?   As happened for COVID, we already can see the initial steps of lulling the masses into complacency, with the assurance that monkeypox just cannot end up becoming anything big.  But just as it happened in the case of COVID, we may expect to see the initial concessions politely sought from the masses cascade into authoritarian draconian measures!  In the case of COVID, the “just one week lockdown to flatten the epidemiological curve” soon turned into prolonged lockdowns used to coerce the masses to accept mandatory mask wearing, and multiple booster doses of a vaccine we are categorically told will stop neither transmission nor infection of the COVID virus.  The mantra became, “at least, we can all go back to our normal lives”.


But history does not have to be allowed to repeat itself.  Fool me twice, shame on me! No matter what is pushed in the popular media, it should be evident what the WHO expects to happen, and how it plans to respond.  These are clearly spelt out in black and white in the already cited Pandemic Report. 


With clearly stated timelines and justifications, three sequential Moves are described in the Report, following the fictional outbreak of monkeypox on May 15, 2022.  By June 5, 2022, it is expected to become confirmed that the monkeypox outbreak actually involves new virus strains that  are resistant to existing vaccines (Move 1). Move 2 is expected six months later (January 10, 2023) “at which point the virus has spread to 83 countries with 70 million reported cases, causing more than 1.3 million fatalities”. At this juncture, the familiar “aggressive measures” including lockdowns, social-distancing, and mask mandates together with contact tracing would per force, be rolled out.  May 10, 2023 would usher in Move 3 at which stage “ participants learn that the pandemic was caused by a regional bio-terror attack that far exceeded the perpetrators’ goals.” By now the global tally stands at 480 million cases and 27 million fatalities.  The exercise closed on 1st December 2023 with 3.2 billion cases and 271 million deaths.


Clearly, this is the script the WHO is working with, and unless we resist the scripted initial apathy needed for the model to unfold and play out, it might be difficult stopping the train once it has gathered needed momentum.  For those who will not be so easily lulled into apathy with the “nothing to worry about” message, they are being told, that if there would be any problem coming at all, it would only affect in the main, the gay community.  Exactly the ruse that was used to spread the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the late 1970s!


Booby traps to watch out for, as the current situation develops into a pandemic, include the ongoing light suggestion that existing smallpox vaccines can take care of the much milder monkeypox.  However, this is by no means guaranteed, especially if the monkeypox were maliciously engineered to resist the existing vaccines.  That would only open the gates for new RNA-based vaccines, as happened for COVID.  Indeed Moderna (with RNA explicitly inscribed in her name) has already announced her foray into smallpox vaccines.  Even more serious is the known fact that the COVID vaccines leave most vacinees immune-compromised, and that smallpox is worsened in immune-compromised people.  Mass smallpox vaccination of a population already mass-vaccinated for COVID might therefore be tantamount to pouring petrol into fire!


We strongly urge the Nigerian elite, (not to talk of the moneybags), to pay attention to these important developments, yes even as we grapple with the boiling situation on the political turf in our journey towards 2023.  The victory at the 75th World Health Assembly which, (at least) temporarily disrupts the scheduled transmutation of the WHO into a global dictatorship is a great starting point.  But in reality that battle was fought mostly by our East African compatriots who have consistently stood up against unreasonable WHO dictates anyway. 


For instance Malawi flatly rebuffed the attempt to extend the shelf-life of expired COVID vaccines by fiat pronouncement from the WHO; while South Africa dumped over a million doses of Astra Zenica vaccines, based on tests carried out locally, all contrary to recommendations of the WHO.  On the other hand, Nigeria continues to embrace the “Reliance Protocol” foisted upon us, as our NAFDAC is NOT permitted any independent testing of the COVID vaccines that continue to this day to be donated to us in millions, having been rejected elsewhere! 


As shamelessly displayed on her own website, NAFDAC was bluntly instructed by the WHO to simply repeat pronouncements made on COVID by “more matured” regulatory Agencies from developed countries.  For this betrayal of trusts of the nation, NAFDAC was recently rewarded with an upgrade to a higher “maturity level” by the WHO! 


“Maturity” my foot!


As lamented by Prof Oyewale Tomori, Nigeria’s critical public health decisions are now being handled by non-statutory “interventionist outfits”.  Having failed to ram the amendment to infectious diseases bill through our national assembly, the globalists simply encouraged the creation of the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) which in turn receives instructions from the Shuaib Faisal led NPHCDA.  Up to his appointment at (or more appropriately, his secondment to) the NPHCDA, Mr Faisal was Senior Programme Officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, USA. At the last big event hosted by the PSC, the clearly marginalised Federal Ministry of Health was so distraught that it sent in no representation!  


With the total control foreigners now exert over our public health institutions and personnel,  not many of us can confidently refute the allegation made by the Russians that the current monkeypox epidemic started off from a US-funded Lab in Nigeria.  As someone has observed, how many research facilities in Nigeria are not funded by the globalists anyway?


It is indeed time we began serious efforts to restructure our public health system in Nigeria.  The current situation where virtually 100% of our public health funding comes from Bill Gates and associates simply needs to end. Our number one priority for spending our wealth must be on our health.  Foreign philanthropists have other areas they may assist if they want.


LivingScience, Ile-Ife. 31-05-2022


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Femi Adebayo said...

Thanks, Prof. This is very enlightening. "A stitch in time, (they say) saves nine." I totally agree that we should wake up early and take the bull by the horn. We cannot allow others to dictate to us when we have intelligent men here on African soil who know what to do. Others can support us when we have set the pace. We actually need not be dictated to. Although, it must be noted that, "He who pays the piper must dictate the tune." Therefore, we may need to look inward and learn to use our wealth to fund our health. Great piece!


Thanks Sir for your comment.