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Nancy Pelosi: US Congress ends Mask Mandate in the House

We all owe Pastor Enoch Adeboye a whole lot of gratitude for again broaching an important topic which many could see but few would dare address – the glaring difference in COVID response in western nations, and that embraced by Africa, at the behest of these same western nations!


In his monthly thanksgiving sermon beamed round the world on Sunday May 1, Pastor Adeboye announced that he had just returned from the European Convention of the RCCG with delegates from over 40 European nations participating.  Despite Church auditoria being filled to capacity everywhere he preached, Pastor Adeboye said he could only see perhaps one or two individuals donning COVID-prescribed masks throughout his trip!  Clearly Europe considers COVID no longer a pandemic, but an endemic disease to be handled without major disruption of society.


And so, with nearly 2 million deaths attributed to COVID-19 and ongoing arrival of new strains of the virus, Europe nevertheless has decided it could live with COVID as it does with other endemic diseases.  Nigeria on the other hand, with barely a little more than 3,000 deaths attributed to COVID in 3 years, still insists there is a pandemic ongoing, justifying all manner of mandates and restrictions.  This is despite the existence of far worse healthcare situations begging for urgent attention.  Pastor Adeboye, for instance, pointed out during his message, that at a period when COVID was logging fewer than 2,000 deaths in Nigeria, over 200,000 Nigerians were succumbing to Malaria without anybody raising any alarm!  And we know that the statistics is even worse for a disease like diarrhoea – all easily preventable with a little more attention to basic sanitation and provision of potable water.


Very openly, we all saw the world no 1 COVID-marketer, the Biden administration, together with the US Congress announce the end of mask mandates in their facilities.  Yet, the mask remains essential paraphernalia at cabinet meetings here in Nigeria.  And while several western nations are relaxing their travel restrictions, with a US court throwing out the requirement for masks inside planes, Nigeria is still digging in, as if waiting for the next pandemic  as prophesied by Bill Gates. 


Till date, COVID vaccine is mandated (though, thankfully, largely unenforceable) in the public service in the country; and with no serious attempt to collate adverse effects on vaccinated folks, the official stance of the Faisal Shuaib-led NPHCDA remains the mantra of “safe and effective” vaccine excepting “few cases of minor pain, fatigue, fever…” and such stomach-turning nonsense. In reality, though no one asks what could be the cause of the very many cases of sudden deaths, strokes, and several idiopathic un-wellness that is ramping up all around us, obvious cases of COVID vaccine-deaths such as that of Mike Ajibike still made the headlines, as far back as September last year!


To worsen an already odious case, the standard COVID jab in Nigeria is the one-shot J&J vaccine.  Probably favoured because people weren’t returning for the 2nd shots required by Pfizer and Moderna. (Effectively those 2-shots have actually now become four, with the recommended 2 boosters). But it is exactly this same J&J vaccine that the US FDA, earlier this week (on Thursday 5th May) felt compelled to restrict its use in the US!  Short of an outright ban, the US FDA ruled that the J&J vaccine should no longer be administered to any adult (the emergency authorization it had enjoyed only covered adults anyway) except on specific request by the individual concerned!


Of course, to save face before the global audience, the US FDA also emphasized that the restriction is not applicable to people without access to other types of vaccines.  And there you already have Nigeria’s justification for playing deaf and dumb to these latest developments and proceeding with business as usual.


It would be recalled that Nigeria’s local regulatory agency, NAFDAC has consistently refused to conduct her own tests (safety or efficacy) on COVID vaccines.  This is expressly based on the protocol foisted on it by the WHO, which recommends that Nigeria should simply adopt whatever pronouncements is made by the more “mature” agencies such as the US FDA!


Unable to find further recipients after already doling out millions of COVID vaccines, Denmark recently announced she would have to destroy some 1 million doses which were about expiring.  According to the country’s official health agency the SSI, “… in light of declining demand and lack of rollout capacity and willingness to be vaccinated in developing countries, it has been difficult for Denmark and other EU countries to find recipient countries for the excess doses.  Italy was much luckier however. Last month, on April 11, Dr Shuaib Faisal on behalf of Nigeria gratefully received the donation of over three million doses of J&J vaccines from Italy - with unending eulogies about their safety and efficacy!  Earlier in February, Faisal had received over 2 million doses from Europe in what the EU ambassador, Samuela Isopi described as “part of a global donation of almost 20 million J&J doses from EU member states to Nigeria" 


This situation is even more saddening when one considers that the primary reason for the US FDA’s position (previously established in Europe, Japan and elsewhere) has to do with blood clotting.  With Nigeria being the world’s capital for sickle cell anaemia (a condition resulting primarily from polymerization of haemoglobin molecules in the red blood cells), why on earth should this J&J vaccine be indiscriminately forced on healthy Nigerians, even without consideration of their genotype status?  In any case most Nigerians have already developed robust natural immunity, far superior to anything any vaccine can confer, having contracted and naturally recovered from the non-life threatening COVID!


One can only wonder when Nigeria will eventually decide to take her own destiny in her hand and stop sheepishly swallowing every public health instruction pushed at her by western institutions and agencies. That day might never come, however, until the average Nigerian elite begins to pay attention to this subject, conduct her own independent studies, and begin to question the western stooges calling the shots in public health matters in the country!


Actually, the situation playing out with these experimental COVID vaccines is only a follow-up to the general story on vaccines in Nigeria.  Till date, only few Nigerians are aware that for several routinely-used vaccines produced in the developed nations, there are usually two versions.  One version meant for the developed countries has single doses packaged in separate vials, while the other version, meant largely for the developing nations (read that to mean Nigeria), has multiple doses packaged in a single vial.  For technical reasons, the multi-dose vials are laced with the chemical thimerosal, which is comprised of 49.6% ethyl mercury. 


Now, everybody used to have this multi-dose version, until the deadly neurotoxic effects of mercury, even at low doses, became well established.  Thus Europe, over 30 years ago, switched over to the mercury-free single-dose version, with the US following suit about a decade later.  Yet here we are in Nigeria, receiving these compromised products and administering them en masse to our own children year in, year out, till date!


The main justification for the continued use of mercury-laden vaccines exclusively in developing countries like Nigeria was based on risk-assessment exercises carried out by Bill Gates-funded GAVI and the WHO.  Clearly the western nations and her institutions are always ready to think and prescribe for nations too indolent to do so for themselves.


As to what the western world really thinks of children from the developing nations, one only needs to recall the reply recently-demised Madeleine Albright gave when asked in 1996 to assess the justification of the regime-change mission against Saddam Hussein, leading to the death of half a million Iraqi children.  Calmly, the then Secretary of State replied: “we think the price is worth it.”   And why not, after all these are not American children! 


May the Lord open the eyes of the Nigerian elite to the incredible self-administered evils that continue to fester all around us – in our uncritical embrace of the mass-vaccination doctrine!


Till next week, by God’s grace.


Joshua Ojo

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