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1.1. Fellow Citizens, Gentlemen of the Press, Greetings from the LivingScience Foundation, Ile-Ife, a faith-based NGO seeking to enhance public health in Nigeria via optimal management of our God-given environment for sustainable development; and from the Christian Initiative for Nation Building, Osogbo, a civil liberty NGO inspired by the biblical injunctions that Christians serve as Salt and Light in their environment.  We welcome you to this briefing on a matter of urgent importance both to public health and civil liberties of Nigerians with respect to the ongoing-COVID-19 debacle.

1.2. The first case of COVID-19 was recorded in Nigeria two months ago on February 27th.  As at 25th April, there have been 1,182 laboratory-confirmed cases out of which 35 have died. 222 people have been discharged and certified virus-free, while the remaining 925 are still being observed/treated.  In the meantime there have been unprecedented impacts on our economy, and even more importantly on our social well-being, both at individual and community levels. We have stoically borne all these pains, not necessarily because COVID-19 is way more hazardous than other diseases peculiar to us in Nigeria, such as Lassa fever and malaria, but largely because the COVID-19 battle is seen as a global effort, and we wish to play the responsible global partner. However, it seems our literally surrendering our entire lives, livelihoods, and liberties to the COVID-19 response is only emboldening the global community to demand more of us, as if checking out our elastic limit!

1.3. Compulsory mass vaccination is now being seriously touted as the only way to close the COVID-19 season. As we shall be explaining shortly, we consider this not only unwarranted, but extremely dangerous both to public health and civil liberties; and even beyond. Based on previous precedents and current signals, it is evident that proponents of this idea would want to commence implementation in Nigeria and use their expected in route here to push the unpopular policy through in other nations where more serious resistance is envisaged. Through this medium, we seek to alert the nation to the implications of this totally disproportionate, unreasonable, and dangerous response, and call on all and sundry to rise and forestall its enactment.

2.0. A Question of Proportional Logical Response

2.1. In considering COVID-19 statistics and our responses to them, the figure to note is the relative number of recoveries and not the total number of cases as is currently being hyped!  It is obvious that the more tests are carried out, the larger the number of cases that would be confirmed.  The number of confirmed cases has value only when taken together with number of tests carried out.  This fraction would then give an idea about the prevalence of COVID-19 in the general untested population.  However, this parameter is now being skewed with the new policy starting off in Lagos state to first ferret out sub-population with COVID-19 symptoms, and then have the tests purposively administered on them.  We have no qualms with this procedure, however; since as already noted, the figure that really matters is the relative number of recoveries out of the confirmed cases.  As a matter of fact, it is generally understood that sooner or later, virtually everybody in a country would eventually contract the novel virus.  At some point, when about 70%  of the general population had been infected and recovered, “herd immunity” would be developed, and COVID-19 would lose its novelty status becoming just like its cousin, the seasonal flu in that environment.

2.2. In principle therefore, all the various measures being adopted by various countries are meant to “flatten the curve” of incidence of the disease; that is, slow the rate of spread, rather than prevent it entirely.  This is based on the understanding that the more people contract the virus at any particular point in time, the more the number of people who would likely require expensive medical resources, such as ventilators.  Calamity, such as was seen in Italy, could therefore result if the number of patients requiring these facilities overwhelms the available facilities. A surprising major feature of the COVID-19 pandemic is the relatively mild clinical presentations in Nigeria such that there are even fewer people needing the few high-tech facilities available. The report from Lagos, the major epicenter of the disease in Nigeria, speaks volumes.  Commenting on the 100% survival rate witnessed at Lagos state isolation centres a month after the index case, Commissioner of Health, Prof Akin Abayomi observed that the presentation in Nigeria has ranged from very mild to moderate, such that none of the patients required ventilators or any ICU treatment! The same story is repeated here in Osun state where all but two of the 19 confirmed cases (as at April 15) have been discharged hale and hearty from government isolation centres without any recourse to non-available medical facilities. In fact, the Director General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu was at a point quoted as noting that 90% of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria are recovering without any intervention at all.

2.3. It is against this background that we consider totally unacceptable, the insistence by some well-placed authorities, based on projections from discredited models and data from other climes, that mandatory vaccine remains a necessary next measure before a closure could be brought to the COVID-19 saga in any nation, including Nigeria. With the ongoing enormous blows to our uniquely oil-dependent fragile economy, the tearing apart of long-cherished traditions, ties, and values, coupled with the virtual neglect of other much more serious health hazards in Nigeria (such as cancer and road traffic accidents), it is clear that continuing to gullibly follow the globalist bidding is a suicidal trend that needs to be immediately arrested.

3.0. Understanding Mandatory Chip-delivered Mass Vaccination

3.1. So what exactly are the problems with vaccines? There are a number of established serious issues why many people urge extreme caution in the use of vaccines. Topmost is the issue of safety which is best appreciated by the firm insistence of vaccine producers that they cannot accept liabilities for any of the well-recognized health problems that might result from use of their products.  Some of these well-known safety issues are specific to coronaviruses, but sad enough, they are not being addressed in the ongoing race to come up with a COVID-19 vaccine. There is also the unpalatable reality that vaccines are still far from being as effective as many naively suppose them to be.  Even vaccines that went through the established due protocols, such as the flu vaccine, sometimes could only boast of about 10% effectiveness.  Many of the current efforts for a COVID-19 vaccine are seeking to fast-track the development, and skipping the traditional extensive safety testing on animals, they are moving straight to testing in humans.  There has been tremendous backlash to the propositions and alleged efforts to use Africans for this crucial trial/testing efforts. In concluding this section on efficacy, safety, and necessity of vaccines, we might also mention the rather embarrassing fact that several high-profile studies have documented that health indices could be much better in unvaccinated populations than vaccinated ones!  In short, while the value of vaccines in individuals or sub-groups clearly at risk might be incontrovertible, the same cannot be said of its blind mass deployment in society.

3.2. However our objection to the proposed COVID-19 vaccine is based neither on any of the sobering points above, nor on the obvious conflict of financial interests, involving the major proponents who are trying so hard to pass as pure philanthropists.  Indeed, our objection is basically not with the vaccine itself, but with its MANDATORY MASS DEPLOYMENT.  As mentioned above, since vaccines are not drugs to be administered to people who are evidently sick and clearly need some relief, compelling those who may not require a vaccine to receive one (especially in light of the associated health risks) is most unconscionable.  

3.3. Even more troubling is the proposed mode for administering the vaccine, which would involve chip-implants.   This is a direct consequence of the requirement that it should be mandatory. As clearly explained by these proponents themselves, given the now prevalent practice of people procuring fake certificates of vaccination (think of the fake immunization “yellow cards” common with travelers on foreign trips); fake-proof digital certificates must henceforth accompany new vaccines (irrespective of who developed them).  The technology for achieving this was announced last September, just as COVID-19 was staging its appearance on the world scene.  Tagged ID2020, the initiative was described as a “program to leverage immunization as an opportunity to establish digital identity.” This technology, to be in form of quantum dot-based nanoparticles, is the dream product in cybernetics, a scientific field which seeks to meld man and machine together into a novel creature – a cybernetic organism, or simply cyborg.  There are considerable adverse health and social implications (including mass mind control), associated with this product and it has rightly provoked an outrage all across the nations of the world. 

3.4. The coercing rush towards mandatory mass vaccine is all the more unjustifiable, given the considerable progress that is being made to develop effective therapeutic drugs for COVID-19.  Recently in the news is the novel technique  developed by an Israeli company, Pluristem Therapeutics, which has demonstrated a 100% efficacy in treatment of patients with advanced cases of COVID-19. Using placenta stem cells injected intra-muscularly, Pluristem has been able to regenerate tissues already damaged by COVID-19 in seven Israeli patients taken from ICU.   The story is even better when COVID-19 is treated at the early stages of infection.  Chief among the emerging effective and affordable products is the much-maligned combination of zinc sulphate with hydroxycholoroquine, (and possibly the antibiotic azithromycin, where indicated).   The basis for the treatment regimen which produced 100% efficacy in 350 patients at a New York facility was described by the proponent, the French doctor, Didier Raoutt in a YouTube video.  An article by Yomi Lawal also cutely elucidated the mode of action of the combo which involves the synergistic facilitation of the influx of zinc (the main therapeutic agent) across the cell membrane by hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.  Incidentally, this description accords beautifully with one of the possible roles ascribed to microwave radiation (including 5G) in the COVID-19 debacle. With their well-established disruptions in the so-called Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels (VGCC) and the resulting over 7 million-fold increase in the voltage responsible for facilitating the influx of calcium intracellularly, it should not be surprising that this radiation (though non-ionizing) should produce deleterious effects which can be mitigated by zinc, a known antagonist to calcium. 

3.5. The cantankerous campaign against the use of hydroxychloroquine + zinc sulphate drug regimen is quite despicable, and revealing.  While globalists and their agents passionately argue that evidently sick people should not receive an established possibly life-saving drug simply because the formal procedure for testing the efficacy of the drug for COVID-19 in particular has not been completed, the same people with a straight face demand that people who are not sick must compulsorily receive a medical product with well-demonstrated adverse health consequences, and whose efficacy might be actually less than 10%!  In the meantime, whilst the uncertainties persist, the entire society is to be subjected to unprecedented, probably irreversible, damaging measures.  It is doubtful the full socio-economic costs of the lockdowns in Nigeria will ever be accurately tallied up.  For instance there was the sad report of at least 18 people reportedly killed by security forces enforcing lockdowns across the nation as at April 16 when the total number of COVID-19 deaths was still 12.  Not to consider the thousands adversely impacted by stress, hunger, loss of livelihood, robbery, and so forth, all indirectly associated with the various mandated measures. It is therefore totally unacceptable that we should be threatened with indefinite continuance of these draconian measures unless we accept to receive chip-delivered vaccines, despite the availability of effective and affordable drugs. According to Dr. Zeke Emanuel, a major coronavirus advisor to the WHO, conferences, concerts, sporting events, religious services and restaurant meals should be banned for another 18 months  “until we have a vaccine that protects everyone.” Summarizing such sentiments from globalists, the Guardian (UK) bluntly parroted: “Lockdowns can’t end until Covid-19 vaccine [is] found.”

4.0. Conclusions

4.1. In conclusion, we wish to register our sympathy with governments at various levels who, faced with an unprecedented crisis situation as COVID-19, are bombarded by conflicting suggestions from “experts,” many of whom are clearly under international pressures to push policies not necessarily serving the best interests of Nigeria.  It is sad observing that several of the adverts pushing these measures in our society are even openly acknowledged as being sponsored by well-known and heavily-funded globalist initiatives, such as the George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.  In any case, in our opinion, the various measures enforced have had both benefits (even some unintended) and downsides (including those unforeseen); and we should simply thank and give glory to the good LORD who has helped us navigate the minefields safely thus far.

4.2. We urge fellow-citizens to continue to cooperate with government even in these “try and error” measures; not only by compliance with duly-issued regulations, but also in providing relevant information and counsel to help guide the formulation of more appropriate regulations subsequently.  This Press Release is our own contribution along this line.

4.3. We reiterate, for the avoidance of doubts, that we welcome the development of vaccines for COVID-19 and other contagious diseases.  However taking the vaccines should be entirely voluntary, by individuals who perceive they stand sufficient health risks (probably based on occupation, lifestyle, age, or other vulnerabilities) to justify the receipt.  In that case there would be no need at all for any accompanying implant-based digital certificates. Neither would there be any need to unduly rush the development of such vaccines, side-stepping required safety protocols.

4.4. Rather than the current fixation on mandatory mass vaccination, the COVID-19 threat is better addressed via other options including drug development, public enlightenment, more concerted funding of local research on the environment-public health nexus, and general comprehensive overhauling of our health institutions. Charity should indeed begin at home: while it is nice cooperating in global fights against a pandemic, we must not lose sight of our peculiar battles at home.  A related sad example is the continued use of thimerosal (49.6% mercury)- containing vaccines (TCVs) in Nigeria which product has been proscribed in western nations for over 20 years.  After much politicking and feet dragging, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) upped its global battle against mercury poisoning in 2013, and decided to proscribe mercury in drugs and other medical and household products. But shamelessly, the UN body uniquely excluded vaccines from the proscription list!  The UNEP anchored this incredible exemption on the logic that since mercury in vaccines does not travel across national borders (indeed they reside in the brains of our babies!); its regulation in vaccines (and in vaccines alone) should be left to national authorities to handle rather than the global body. Of course, it has subsequently been a piece of cake hand-twisting individual African governments on the matter; and as we speak, Nigeria continues to be the major dumping ground for thimerosal-containing vaccines unaccepted elsewhere, thereby sustaining the operations of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, GAVI.  The health havocs associated with this situation alone far exceeds anything COVID-19 can inflict on us in Nigeria!

4.5. Our government and other local authorities are obviously under serious pressure from these globalists and foreign interests.  Just as the good people of Nigeria by our alertness and unflinching affirmation helped our government to ward off the pressures from the same global cabals on issues such as gay marriage and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food, we must resist efforts to use dubious COVID-19 vaccines as the Trojan horse to usher in mandatory chip-implantations which would leave us nothing but zombies under the influence of these evil geniuses.

4.6. It was Albert Einsten who said:  “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

4.7. Thank you. Kindly spread this word as far as you are able.

Joshua Olufemi Ojo Ph.D
Professor (Health Physics and Environment),
Department of Physics and Engineering Physics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State

President, LivingScience Foundation, Ile-Ife (+234 805 710 6482)
Samuel Adeniyi Oginni MBBS, MPH, Ph.D
Fellow, World Health Organisation (WHO) Field Epidemiology Training Scheme
Fellow, Emerging Leaders’ Programme of the World Heart Federation (WHF)
President, Christian Initiative for Nation Building, Osogbo (+234 803 384 1224)


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2.0.  A Question of Proportional Logical Response

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