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Heartbreaking letter from dying EPA scientist begs Monsanto “moles” inside the agency to stop lying about dangers of RoundUp (glyphosate)

Image: Heartbreaking letter from dying EPA scientist begs Monsanto “moles” inside the agency to stop lying about dangers of RoundUp (glyphosate)
(Natural News) The following letter from EPA scientist Marion Copley (now deceased from cancer) has surfaced in the unsealed court documents originally uncovered by U.S. Right to Know and posted in plain text at this document page.
The original PDF of this document is found at the USRTK website, with a backup copy archived at Natural News.
In this letter, EPA scientist Marion Copley begs Monsanto “mole” Jess Rowland to do his job and protect the public rather than protecting Monsanto’s profit interests, saying, “For once in your life, listen to me and don’t play your political conniving games with the science to favor the registrants. For once do the right thing and don’t make decisions based on how it affects your bonus.”
She also accuses Rowland and another EPA scientist Anna Lowit (still with the EPA) of engaging in science intimidation tactics to force EPA scientists and bureaucrats to change their conclusions in favor of Monsanto. “You and Anna Lowit intimidated staff on CARC and changed MI ARC and IIASPOC final reports to favor industry,” says Copley. This tactic, by the way, is 100% aligned with the deeply evil corporate culture at Monsanto, which routinely engages in intimidation legal tactics, science intimidation and character assassination campaigns against anti-Monsanto activists.
Copley further warns that EPA scientists are likely being bribed by Monsanto, saying, “Your Nebraska colleague took industry funding, he clearly has a conflict of interest. Just promise me not to ever let Anna on the CARC committee, her decisions don’t make rational sense. If anyone in OPP is taking bribes, it is her.”
Marion Copley signs off with a plea for humanity, knowing that she is nearing death but wanting to help save humanity from the toxic chemical “holocaust” being pushed by Monsanto and a criminal EPA:
I have cancer and I don’t want these serious issues in MED to go unaddressed before I go to my grave. I have done my duty.
Read the full letter to Jess Rowland (the “Monsanto mole” inside the EPA) from Marion Copley (now deceased, former EPA scientist) to get the full picture. Read the entire unsealed court document that includes this letter at this page on

Letter from Marion Copley to Jess Rowland, March 4, 2013

Since I left the Agency with cancer, I have studied the tumor process extensively and I have some mechanism comments which may be very valuable to CARC based on my decades of pathology experience. I’ll pick one chemical to demonstrate my points.
Glyphosate was originally designed as a chelating agent and 1 strongly believe that is the identical process involved in its tumor formation, which is highly supported by the literature.
-Chelators inhibit apoptosis, the process by which our bodies kill tumor cells
-Chelators are endocrine disruptors, involved in tumorigenesis
-Glyphosate induces lymphocyte proliferation
-Glyphosate induces free radical formation
-Chelators inhibit free radical scavenging enzymes requiring Zn, Mn or Cu for activity (i.e. SODs)
-Chelators bind zinc, necessary for immune system function
-Glyphosate is genotoxic, a key cancer mechanism
-Chelators inhibit DNA repair enzymes requiring metal cofactors
-Chelators bind Ca, Zn, Mg, etc to make foods deficient for these essential nutrients
-Chelators bind calcium necessary for calcineurin-mediated immune response
-Chelators often damage the kidneys or pancreas, as glyphosate does, a mechanism to tumor formation
-Kidney/pancreas damage can lead to clinical chemistry changes to favor tumor growth
-Glyphosate kills bacteria in the gut and the gastrointestinal system is 80% of the immune system
-Chelators suppress the immune system making the body susceptible to tumors
Previously, CARC concluded that glyphosate was a “possible human carcinogen”. The kidney pathology in the animal studies would lead to tumors with other mechanisms listed above. Any one of these mechanisms alone listed can cause tumors, but glyphosate causes all of them simultaneously. It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer. With all of the evidence listed above, the CARC category should be changed to “probable human carcinogen”. Blood cells arc most exposed to chelators, if any study shows proliferation of lymphocytes, then that is confirmatory that glyphosate is a carcinogen.
Jess, you and I have argued many times on CARC. You often argued about topics outside of your knowledge, which is unethical. Your trivial MS degree from 1971 Nebraska is far outdated, thus CARC science is 10 years behind the literature in mechanisms. For once in your life, listen to me and don’t play your political conniving games with the science to favor the registrants. For once do the right thing and don’t make decisions based on how it affects your bonus. You and Anna Lowit intimidated staff on CARC and changed MI ARC and IIASPOC final reports to favor industry. Chelators clearly disrupt calcium signaling, a key signaling pathway in all cellos and mediates tumor progression. Greg Ackerman is supposed to be our expert on mechanisms, but he never mentioned any of these concepts at CARC and when I tried to discuss it with him he put me off. Is Greg playing your political games as well, incompetent or does he have some conflict of interest of some kind? Your Nebraska colleague took industry funding, he clearly has a conflict of interest. Just promise me not to ever let Anna on the CARC committee, her decisions don’t make rational sense. If anyone in OPP is taking bribes, it is her.
I have cancer and I don’t want these serious issues in MED to go unaddressed before I go to my grave. I have done my duty.
Marion Copley March 4, 2013

Friday, February 17, 2017

India tosses out Gates Foundation due to conflicts of interest with Big Pharma

The events sponsored by the Gates Foundation that is leading to the present courageous action by India are quite similar to the 1996 Pfizer meningitis scandal in Kano - big pharmaceutical companies riding roughshod over the poor undiscerning masses. (,_Inc.).  The fear now is that the developments in India might only shift Bill Gates attention to Nigeria.  Do we have any government authority able to stand up to Bill Gates in Nigeria?


Image: India tosses out Gates Foundation due to conflicts of interest with Big Pharma

(Natural News) In the U.S., many look to him as a benevolent humanitarian simply trying to save the world from communicable disease. But in India, billionaire software guru Bill Gates has basically been told to get the hell out the country now that he and his wife Melinda’s infamous foundation has been exposed as nothing more than a vaccine-pushing fraud directly tied to Big Pharma.
India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) announced recently that it is officially cutting ties with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This announcement comes after it was shown that so-called vaccine “campaigns” conducted on tens of thousands of young girls throughout India back in 2009-2010 that were meant to help protect them from cervical cancer were actually cloaked vaccine trials involving two highly controversial vaccines known to injure and kill.
The vaccines in question are Cervarix by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Gardasil by Merck & Co., both of which are marketed as protecting against the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is claimed to have a link to cervical cancer. Both vaccines come with extreme side effects, and evidence shows that GSK and Merck essentially teamed up with the Gates Foundation to take advantage of young Indian girls and use them as human guinea pigs in trials of the two vaccines.
According to independent journalists, these trials resulted in thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths that were eventually traced back to the two vaccines. Once news of this got back to Indian authorities, an investigation was launched that landed the Gates Foundation in court for serious ethical violations. Economic and Political Weekly, which led the investigation, says that the Gates Foundation ban is unquestionably necessary due to “…the promotional practices of drug companies, pressure from powerful international organizations, and the co-option of, and uncritical endorsement by India’s medical associations are influencing the country’s public health priorities.”

Bill Gates guilty of committing serious crimes against humanity?

Backing these claims are several whistleblowers from the Indian non-governmental women’s organization Sama, which brought before authorities considerable evidence showing that young women were taken advantage of by Bill Gates and his cronies, who illegally injected dangerous vaccines into them without proper consent or even full disclosure as to what was being dispensed into their bodies.
Besides receiving the dangerous vaccines, these same women were forced to submit copies of their fingerprints to government authorities, a coercive effort that only further indicts the Gates Foundation for human rights violations involving some of the most vulnerable members of the global population.
“The Centre has shut the gate on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on a critical national health mission, and possible conflict of interest issues arising from the foundation’s ‘ties’ with pharmaceutical companies is one of the reasons,” reports the Economic Times of India.
“All financial ties of the country’s apex immunization advisory body, National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), with the Gates Foundation have been cut off.”
Because India’s national health program has not been completely infiltrated by vaccine-pushing, drug-hawking eugenicists like Bill and Melinda Gates, various arms of its sub-agencies were able to support this decision and make it a reality. It took five years of battling with India’s Supreme Court, but ultimately it was all worth it because, for once, the globalists have lost a major avenue for pushing their agenda of death and destruction.
“We welcome this move by the government,” Ashwani Mahajan, a co-convener of the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (SJM) platform that successfully eradicated this entity of “economic imperialism,” told Economic Times of India, who wants to see India continue to reject this type of foreign infiltration. “We have always said foreign influence in our domestic policies in any way must be avoided.”

Show Proof of Safety of Mercury-containing Vaccine and Collect $100,000

Highly respected Senator Robert Kennedy in the United States has thrown a challenge through his World Mercury Project, that anybody who can rack up a scientific paper anywhere confirming the safety of mercury-containing vaccines in children, should walk up and collect a whooping $100,000 reward! He especially addresses the challenge to "American journalists and others" who have been vocal in assuring the public that the product is safe.
“who have been assuring the public about the safety of mercury in vaccines.” - See more at:
“who have been assuring the public about the safety of mercury in vaccines.” - See more at:
“who have been assuring the public about the safety of mercury in vaccines.” - See more at:

The continued use of such thimerosal-containing vaccines has been proscribed in most industrialized countries, but in the US, a few vaccines (such as flu and tetanus toxoids) still contain small amount of mercury (in form of thimerosal).

However there is still a virtually unrestrained use of these dangerous vaccines in children from developing countries, including Nigeria!  So-called experts (and the WHO reluctantly concurs with them) insist the increased cost and logistics of supplying mercury-free vaccines to developing countries dwarfs the well-established health risks (mainly impairment of intelligence) in those children.

See details of the Kennedy challenge here:

Monday, February 6, 2017

TRUMP: At last, a sober voice out of England

It's absolutely amazing how the whole world seems to be caught in the George Soros-orchestrated frenzy against Donald Trump!
Whereas, just because the would-be bomber Farouk Abdumuttalab stayed over in Nigeria onlu for some 30 minutes before his Ghana-US trip, Nigeria was virtually blacklisted by the Obama administration. Yet, we took it all with shrugs and wry smiles.
Now, Trump announces a temporary ban on some well-known terrorist countries.  These are by no means the countries with the largest moslem populations, yet, the mainstream press turned it to a Moslem ban!
And there is hardly any mention of the Safe Zones Trump has negotiated together with Saudi Arabia to be created in Syria.  This is what will help the real Syrian refugees - safe haven in their own country, rather than become refugees in the US.
Meanwhile, no ones seems to care about how Refugees camps in Germany and elsewhere have become centres to harrass and threaten christian refugees - in addition to prostituting innocent young girls - christian or moslem!  Please check again our Link-Dump article here, detailing some of these incredible atrocities.
So the comments of Lord Carey in the article below is so much relief, and confirms that there are still sane and sober voices in England.

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Lord Carey defends Trump and says critics guilty of 'staggering overreaction'

Sun 05 Feb 2017
By Marcus Jones
Lord Carey has condemned critics of Donald Trump suggesting we're witnessing a "staggering overreaction" to his policies.
The former Archbishop of Canterbury has written in the Sunday Express following a week of protests to the new US President and his travel ban which tried to block the entry of people from seven mainly Muslim countries.
The clergyman says we're in no position to judge him after just two weeks in office.
"To observe the insults and protests heaped on his head, we are witnessing a staggering overreaction. He is treated as a uniquely bad leader," he said.
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

He also asked why protesters took to the streets against President Trump but not dictators like Robert Mugabe.
He said: "In contemporary world terms, there is a long list of dictators and tyrants who are in front of Trump as "the world's worst politician".
"Mugabe and Assad, for example? I cannot recall such demonstrations against terrible and autocratic regimes such as Burma, Sudan and North Korea.
"It is one of the key characteristics of those who consider themselves progressive to reserve condemnation for America, "the West", or Israel and ignore actual evil-doers.

Lord Carey's defence for Donald Trump comes in a week in which his policies were criticised by current Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the leaders of Catholics in England and Wales Cardinal Vincent Nichols.
In his column for the newspaper, he also praised the president for prioritising Christian in the Middle East.
"Trump has recognised that Christians are persecuted in the Middle East and elsewhere and intends to prioritise asylum for religious minorities. This is a very welcome step," he said.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Obama's Betrayal of Israel - (from Gatestone Institute)

Truly momentous days are ahead of us.  The very reliable Gatestone Institute writes that a draft of the resolution  to arrive at, at the Paris anti-Israel meeting scheduled for January 15 is already prepared.  This is to serve as the basis for a UN resolution recognizing a Palestinian State within the borders pronounced by Obama and his Secretary of State recently.  At the end of the day, the Obama presidency might be reduced to just this Hamanic  plot against Israel.  All these calculations however discounts the Almighty, the God of Israel.  We'll see how events play out.  SOONER THAN LATER!
Click, to read the article from the source:

  • President Obama's decision not to use the US veto in the UN Security Council and to let pass Resolution 2334, effectively sets the boundaries of a future Palestinian state. The resolution declares all of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem -- home to the Old City, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount -- the most sacred place in Judaism -- "occupied Palestinian territory," and is a declaration of war against Israel.
  • Resolution 2334 nullified any possibility of further negotiations by giving the Palestinians everything in exchange for nothing -- not even an insincere promise of peace.
  • The next act is the Orwellian-named "peace conference," to be held in Paris on January 15. It has but one objective: to set the stage to eradicate Israel.
  • In this new "Dreyfus trial," the accused will be the only Jewish state and the accusers will be the OIC and officials from Islamized, dhimmified, anti-Israel Western states. As in the Dreyfus trial, the verdict has been decided before it even starts. Israel will be considered guilty of all charges and condemned. A draft of the declaration to be published at the end of the conference is already available.
  • The declaration rejects any Jewish presence beyond the 1949 armistice lines -- thereby instituting apartheid. It also praises the "Arab Peace Initiative," which calls for returning of millions of so-called "refugees" to Israel, thus transforming Israel into an Arab Muslim state where a massacre of Jews could conveniently be organized.
  • The declaration is most likely meant serve as the basis for a new Security Council resolution on January 17 that would recognize a Palestinian state inside the "1967 borders," and be adopted, thanks to a second US abstention, three days before Obama leaves office. The betrayal of Israel by the Obama administration and by Obama himself would then be complete.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

In response to new Federal Law, RCCG creates separate office for National Overseer in Nigeria

The General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has announced the appointment of Pastor Joseph Obayemi as Overseer for the Church in Nigeria.  Speaking at the annual national Ministers’ Thanksgiving service on Saturday 7th January, Pastor Adeboye said the development was necessary in view of the new law governing Not for Profits, which was recently announced by the Federal Government of Nigeria.  The new regulations (the NFPO Code 2016) officially became operational in Nigeria on 17th October 2016.  It imposes much stricter restrictions on leadership structures in Not for Profit Organizations operating in the country; and significantly, now includes religious organizations in its scope.
Hitherto, Pastor E.A. Adeboye had implicitly assumed the role of Nigeria’s  National Overseer, together with his office as General Overseer, him being based in Nigeria. The RCCG has Parishes in some 192 countries of the world and each country has at least a Country Representative or Overseer, depending on the size of the Church in that country.  A number of Special Assistants to the General Overseer  oversee wide geographical blocs such as North America, Europe, Britain, Australia and the Pacific, Southern Africa, Central Africa, Northern Africa, West (Africa) Coast, etc.   Nigeria had always been left out of these arrangements, until  now, when the new structure is being announced in compliance with the new Federal law.  
Pastor Adeboye observed that Pastor Obayemi has actually been providentially prepared for this new role, him having served extensively in the Salary Review and the Inland Missions structures of the Church.  Also Pastor Obayemi had been representing the RCCG in other Christian organizations in Nigeria such as the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, and the Christian Association of Nigeria.  Also announced, as required by the new Federal Government regulations, were the Secretary and Treasurer for the Nigerian operations of the RCCG.  These are respectively Pastor Johnson F. Odesola and Pastor Joseph Adeyokunnu.
We thank God for the wisdom being granted His people to navigate the tight ropes they constantly are being required to tread, not only in Nigeria, but worldwide in these end times. Virtually all the top Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria are affected by the new Law, and they also would be responding one way or another as the Holy Spirit would be showing them how.  Pastor Adeboye had prefaced this new announcement by mentioning how the more generous and effective pension scheme the Church had operated for years, had to be discontinued in compliance with the new pension laws in the country.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Five Muslims Sentenced to Death for Throwing Couple Accused of ‘Blasphemy’ Into Kiln, Burning Them to Ashes

LAHORE, Pakistan — Five Muslim men have been sentenced to death for their part in murdering a couple who they had wrongfully accused of blasphemy against Islam in 2014. On Wednesday 23rd November, Judge Chaudhry Azam sentenced Irfan Shakoor, Muhammad Hanif, Mehdi Khan, Riaz Kamboh and Hafiz Ishtiaq to die by hanging for allegedly throwing Shama Bibi, 28, and Shahzad Masih, 32, into a burning kiln in 2014. Eight others were sentenced to two years behind bars.  Details at