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15 Year old Christian Girl, Jennifer Yohanna, in Islamic captivity for more than 5 months

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Two years ago (2016), Mr. Yohanna Matthew Shagari’s younger sister Blessing was kidnapped and converted to Islam by some of the Muslims of Pambegua in Kubau LGA, Kaduna State Nigeria. Despite all the threats and harassments he faced, Yohanna insisted for the return of his beloved sister, and God so kind, he secured her freedom with the help of the then Divisional Police Officer of Pambegua after 21 days in captivity. Even though they came after her to kill her for their claim of her committing apostasy (going back to her original Christian faith from the islam she was forced into), Yohanna still stood his ground and God saw them through unhurt. Ever since then, the Muslim community of Pambegua vowed to severely deal with him for being anti-Islam just because he fought the injustice done to his sister who was kidnapped, converted to Islam and detained against her wish and that of her parents and family.

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Church Arise! was privileged to host Pastor Bosun Emmanuel, Secretary to the National Christian Elders; Forum, and Publisher of Karis magazine at the Campus Endtime Conference, which held Thursday May 24th at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Please find BELOW the links to the message by this special vessel of the Lord for our generation.
Apart from the entire message in a file, we have also divided the message into some 10 clips dealing with key sub-topics.  This is to facilitate sharing the appropriate link to specific audiences.

God bless you as you reflect on these messages, and share them widely within your circle of influence.

Joshua Ojo


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In light of current developments with respect to May 29, we are re-posting our article first published in 1999 tracing the historical and spiritual importance of May 29 to the Islamic world.  Note that we pointed out in the article that May 29 had lost its potency to the Islamic world with the inauguration of a christian (Olusegun Obasanjo) in 1999.
Download the edition of Church Arise! (Vol 2 No 3, 1999) containing the original article here

"Many a discerning Christian have wondered how the date May 29 was arrived at, as the date the 'millitants' will hand over power to a civil regime. In fact, then Presidential aspirant, Chief Olu Falae in trying to persuade the government to agree to postponing the Presidential election of Feb 27, openly commented that the gap between Feb 27 and May 29 is too long and serves no visible purpose. If the elections were not to be postponed,why wait till May 29 to swear in the new governments?

What no one can doubt however is that those in authority, heavily influenced by Islamic spirits, do not trivialize such weighty issues as the date power will be relinquished! The date would have been most carefully chosen - to serve as much of their own interests as possible. To sensitize the Church of Christ to the need to be on high prayer alert in this one month leading to the promised transition, and in keeping the flavour of history on this edition as expected, we present the following accounts of some significant events in history that occurred on some May 29s in the past.

In the larger Christian World

May 29 is no doubt a date the spirit of Islam will hail as their BIGGEST day of victory ever in history. For on that day in the year 1453, Islam secured her most significant victory over her 'arch-rival', Christendom, as it were, when the seemingly impregnable Christian city of Constantinople fell to the forces of Mehmed II, Sultan of the Ottoman Turks. With the collapse of Rome about a thousand years earlier, Constantinople had become the only remaining bastion of Christianity. The manner of the fall of the city is very pathetic and should be instructive to Christians in these end time conflicts.

Following is an excerpt from Christian History Institute's account of the event:
"Around 1.30 a.m. on this date, May 29, [Mehmed II] ordered the assault. The Christians fought with furious determination... The Turks were repulsed. But a gate left open allowed a few to break through. They were killed but left flags on the city wall. The outermost defenders, looking back, saw the Muslim flags and thought the city had been taken. They wavered…. The Sultan noticed it.. As dawn broke, the Christian line collapsed.… The land where Paul and Barnabas preached salvation through Christ's death and resurrection now belonged entirely to Islam".

In Nigeria

May 29 1966 was the date the foundation of the present structure for Nigeria was laid! It was on that day, that the Islamic North, up to that point seeking to secede ('Araba') from an oppressive Federal Nigeria, swung the scale, and reverse the tides, taking over the reins of power in Nigeria.

The "Araba" riots which took off on schedule that day, was a carefully planned, pre-determined, systematic decimation of Southern Nigerians/Christians by certain elements (there were a number of sympathetic Northerners!) in several cities in the North. According to Colonel Shuwa, one of the sympathetic Northerners, he was restrained and commanded by "higher authorities" to withdraw his troops which he had used to prevent the rioters in Kano city. He subsequently "saw private homes, churches, shops, schools, and market stalls belonging to southern Nigerians in flames" for days.

Another account from Sokoto is even more gripping: "while other towns rioted, the Southerners went into their Church to pray to their God for the return of peace. While they all gathered there and prayed, the Church was cordoned off. Having poured petrol over the Church building, it was set ablaze, and the multitude died while praying for peace". Details of the gory event that claimed over 3000 lives can be found in the book by Alexander Madiebo (The Nigerian Revolution and the Biafran War pg 35-42).

 According to Obasanjo's My Command (pg 10-11), on account of that event, the Biafran leader was
quoted as saying "we are finished with the Federation ... it is all a question of time". The resulting declaration of Biafran independence a year later on May 30, 1967 led to the very bloody 30-month civil war in Nigeria, yielding the present structure of Nigeria and the Nigerian armed forces.

If the same spiritual forces that carefully chose May 29 for the genocide against Christians in 1453, and in 1966 have again chosen the same May 29 as the day they will disengage from rulership in Nigeria, Church Arise! believes the Church cannot afford to be casual towards the date. There are Biblical precedents for us to expect God to work out great victory for us and frustrate whatever hidden agenda the enemy mightbe nursing toward that day:

"On the day that the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, the opposite occurred, in that the Jews themselves overpowered those who hated them" (Esther 9:1).

As will happen at the battle of Armageddon, the forces of the anti-christ will choose the date and location of the final battle. Only they wouldn't know they are merely fulfilling what God had already appointed (Rev 17:17a, Acts 4:28). They will suddenly find the battle turned against them!


We call on every Christian to spend at least 15 minutes each day in the month of May to pray towards May 29 1999. Christians who fold their hands and look forward to an automatic smooth handing over of power on May 29 are like the son described in Proverbs 10:5. It is our responsibility to execute the written judgements (Ps 149:9). And this time around, we shall not leave any gate opened by mistake. Neither shall we overlook any enemy flag left flying on our City wall. Victory is imminent. It is sure.
Church Arise!
PS:: Churches and other Christian groups may wish to organize prayer chains for the week leading to May 29.

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Dearly beloved,

A big congratulations for your participation in the just-concluded CETCon.  As the Scriptures say, “Many are called, but few are chosen”.

In his talk, Pastor Bosun Emmanuel shared a perspective the LORD had given us earlier: to accomplish an extra-ordinary monumental victory, the LORD deliberately required Gideon’s initial army of 32,000 to be whittled down to a mere 300 men (Judges 7).  And that was sufficient to accomplish the LORD’s counsel!

The CETCon was conveyed because like Daniel in Daniel 9:2-3, we are convinced that the time is ripe for the fulfilment of the prophecies written for Nigeria. We knew we only had to sign up and be available for God to use us to be part of His vehicle for bringing these prophecies to pass.  Like the small smooth stone that crushed the head of Goliath (I Samuel 17:49).  Like the small stone cut without human hand that smashed and overwhelm the existing  new world order structure of the anti-christ (Daniel 2:44-45). Again, we rejoice in the LORD that you also are part of His moves these exciting endtimes.

But the CETCon was only just the beginning, the initial phase.  Moving forward, the Creation Science Society is scheduling her first meeting for Wednesday June 13, at 5.00pm. It will be a time to discuss (over a cocktail), the wide range of topics in Scientific Creationism, browse through dozens of resources available, and decide on action plans for the Society. Please join us at this meeting, if you are at all able. And kindly help spread the word to others that might be interested to come join us. The venue for the meeting is Room 238, Physics Building, White House on OAU campus. You may obtain further details from Mr Dimeji Babatunde on 08038272108.

Similarly, I am to intimate you, if you are not already aware of this, that the City Builders Network (CBN) is already operational on the Obafemi Awolowo University.  The vision of the CBN is to promote nation-building following the patterns of Abraham, whom the Bible records, sought to build a city with foundations (Hebrews 11:10).  The CBN is determined to contribute to the building of nation Nigeria one “city” at a time, where the “city” ranges from geographical settings and people groups, to various sectors of society.  In doing this, we would need to contend against the existing occult-based foundations promoted through various forms of cultism, drug-fuelled gangsterism and the like. You might be interested in attending a critical meeting of the CBN scheduled for the evening of Friday 20th – Saturday 21st July 2018 at Mount Carmel Prayer City, Ifewara.  The handbill for this meeting was circulated during the CETCon. Please contact me or Dr Lekan Jesuleye (on 08157609726) if you require more details.  

Finally I hope you did respond to the invitation by Pastor Bosun to visit and register with the Christian Social Movement of Nigeria. The CSMN is one of the official platforms of the Christian Association of Nigeria designed to mobilize Christian professionals and young adults to nation-building in Nigeria while projecting and defending Christian values and interests.  A strategic meeting of the CSMN in the South West Zone of Nigeria is scheduled to hold at Ibadan on Saturday 30th June.  Please contact me for details if you will like to be part of this potentially-historic meeting.

In addition to these formal activities leveraging the moves set in place by the Almighty God at CETCon 2018, we are trusting the LORD that one or two of you out there will be receiving visions for new initiatives to fill yawning gaps the LORD is pointing your attention to, either right here on our campus or in the general society.  Please do not hesitate to make the moves the LORD is requesting you to make.  And kindly feel free to share this with us at Church Arise!

Meanwhile I suggest that we all keep in touch in real time via social media.  If you would like to be subscribed on a Whats’App Group to be created for this purpose, kindly respond to this mail, sending your Name, Affiliation and Whats’app number. We shall be sending you in due course links to the various video and audio clips of the Conference as they are posted on the internet. If you come with a flash drive to any of the meetings announced here, you might also copy directly the videos and audios of interest to you.

Go in this thy might, thou man/woman of valour! (Judges 6:12,14)

Your brother in promoting the Lord’s Kingdom

Joshua Ojo
Church Arise! LivingWater Ministries, Ile-Ife
8 Surulere Line 2, (near Victory Chapel), Oke-Opa, Ile-Ife
Telephone: 08057106482

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I Have a Destiny - Bethel Praise

Statement by NCEF on Protest letter to the NEC of the CAN

Below is a statement released today 21st May, by the National Christian Elders Forum with respect to the Protest Letter it had issued against the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria.
Church Arise! considers the situation extremely distateful but believes it to be a direct answer to the 21-day fasting and prayers concluded on May 13. We pray the entire story leads to speedy accomplishment and establishment of God's counsel for Nigeria. Amen.

“Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” Is. 58: 1
In view of the mixed reactions to the report of misconducts in CAN, the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) deems it necessary to highlight crucial issues at stake so that emotional outbursts do not becloud facts. It is clear there are visible attempts to utilize emotional manipulations to distort and distract from the real issues at stake.
The NCEF wishes to clarify as follows:
  1. Nigerian Christians should understand that JIHAD has been launched in the country with the objective of “eradicating in all its forms and ramifications” Christianity. This Jihad works in two ways: Conventional (Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen) and Stealth (Deception, compromise, inducement etc). Both forms of Jihad are dangerous but the most dangerous one is the stealth jihad which works subtly to undermine the internal fortifications and cohesion of the Church so that the Conventional Jihad can destroy visible structures without much resistance. If CAN has come under the influence of stealth jihad, then the leadership of CAN must be delivered and non-compromising actors must be put in place to represent and defend Nigerian Church.
  2. When NCEF sought to convene a meeting of Christian leaders on 10th May, 2018, to harmonize them to form a common front against Jihad, and the current President of CAN, under outright false pretences, cancelled the meeting and instructed that the National Christian Center should be locked so that the meeting would not hold, does that not constitute stealth jihad against the Church?
  3. When the current Federal Administration that has manifested so much hostility and partiality towards Christians gives leaders of CAN money and they accept and share it as individual booty, would such leaders possess moral authority to withstand such a hostile government? Does not such financial inducement constitute stealth jihad? If collecting such money was appropriate, why would the President of CAN come out publicly to deny it in a publication on Sunday 20th May, when he was fully aware that this issue was discussed at the meeting of NEC in February 2018 and the individual who “shared” the money admitted collecting and sharing it to CAN leaders. What is the object of the denial by the President of CAN that the money was collected if it was not stealth jihad?
  4. When the leadership of CAN is indicted of fraud and there is outright attempt to cover it up in display of espirit d’corps by NEC, does that constitute righteousness in the Church? Can a Christian leadership that is fraudulent and covetous resist financial inducement that comes with stealth jihad?
  5. When the CAN President, in an attempt to cover up the fraud, violated the Constitution of CAN by illegally appointing an Auditor (which is the exclusive preserve of NEC) and the Auditor presented a flawed report that covered the fraud, can Christians rely on such leadership to defend them against Jihadists? With such criminal mindset, is Christianity safe in the hands of such individual(s)?
  6. When SSS/DSS arrested Laity Trustees of the CAN Trust Fund and NCEF met with the President of CAN to discuss the issue, it was agreed that a letter of protest shall be written by the NCEF and the President of CAN, who also doubles as the Chairman of the Trustees of CAN Trust Fund shall sign the letter. Suddenly, without any notification or explanation, the President of CAN informed NEC on 28th February, 2017 that he would not sign the letter. He delegated the signing to the Legal Adviser of CAN who signed after significant portions of the protest letter have been removed. A lot of questions that arise include: Why did the President of CAN refuse to sign? Who is the President of CAN working for? Who authorized the deletion of significant portions of the document such that a watery and diluted protest was sent to SSS/DSS? Does this not constitute stealth/jihad against the Church? Are we to conclude that the President of CAN is an operative of the Intelligence Services?
    NCEF is aware that it is part of stealth jihad that Islamists do not want CAN to be financially independent to defend Christianity. They do not even want us to have funds to bury our people that they killed or take care of those they have rendered homeless and destitute. In addition, a pauperized CAN would make Church leaders easily susceptible to financial inducements and easy to compromise. Evidences of these compromises abound.
    NCEF noted that in February 2018, the Coordinator of CAN Trust Fund wrote a petition to NEC listing nine acts of deliberate sabotage by this President of CAN, who is also the Chairman of the Trustees. The Coordinator lamented that the performance of the CAN Trust Fund in 2017 was 0.019% as a result of sabotage. All these are stealth Jihad against the Church.
    NCEF is using this medium to call on Nigerian Christians to contribute N500 monthly to CAN Trust Fund to enable the Church break the yoke of financial strangulation on the apex body of Christianity in Nigeria.
  7. Why has NEC consistently refused to properly investigate all issues of misconduct in CAN? Is it to be concluded that substantial number of Church leaders are under the influence of stealth jihad through financial inducement? Could this be responsible for the inability of most Christian leaders to speak out against persecution of Christians until lately that the Clergy is now targeted by the Islamists?
NIGERIAN CHRISTIANS, you can no longer claim ignorance of the issues unfolding in Nigeria. The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) has consistently raised these issues in dialogue with CAN leaders. However, when it was clear that CAN leaders are determined to sweep these issues permanently under the carpet, NCEF issued a protest letter which it circulated far and wide to Christians. Ultimately it got to the media. NCEF wishes to clarify that it did not sponsor the newspaper coverage.
These issues are now in the open for Christians to engage and demand righteousness from leaders of CAN. On its part, NCEF plans to participate in an Emergency Meeting of NEC which has been slated for 1st June, 2018. NCEF had made this request in its petition that NEC should convene an Emergency meeting to consider the issues raised in the petition. These are critical issues that NCEF as members of CAN and stakeholders in the Association has to engage in the interest of coming generations.


NCEF also wishes to draw the attention of Nigerian Christians to deliberate mischief by some CAN Officials that since NCEF is not mentioned in the Constitution of CAN, it has no right to comment on issues in CAN. This is a rather absurd mentality. What would happen if President Buhari should say CAN has no right to make comments on National Issues because CAN is not mentioned in the Constitution of Nigeria? The mentality of some of the current leaders of CAN is pathetic.
NCEF wishes to state that it has no intention to run CAN, control CAN, or impose any candidate on CAN. NCEF remains a subset of CAN and is concerned that CAN should be built into a respectable and formidable institution capable of defending and protecting Christianity in Nigeria.
Fortunately due to the various interventions of NCEF and other Nigerians of goodwill, the spate of killings has reduced and Government is now on the defensive trying to explain that there is no Jihad going on and laboriously seeking to justify the need for grazing field. All along, NCEF has maintained that the search for grazing field does not justify killing of Nigerians. It was Jihad. Christians should however not get carried away by the rebranding attempts of this Government as it could also be political calculation for 2019 Elections.
The NCEF has also noted the unfortunate high spirited attempt to change the narrative in this case and employ emotional manipulations that the dirty linen of the Church is being washed in public. Are those who say this just noticing that the Nigerian Church has been wearing filthy garments for years? All the disunity, rancor, immorality, greed and covetousness that characterized the Church in recent years, are they not filthy garments? Is it not better now that the dirty linen is being washed so that the world will see that the Nigerian Church is finally calling itself to order? “If we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged”. 1 Cor. 11: 31
Finally, NCEF wishes to state clearly that our only aspiration is to facilitate a better future for our children and for generations yet unborn. As Christian Elders, we cannot see something and say nothing and do nothing.
Thank you.
National Christian Elders Forum
21st May, 2018
PS: The full petition of NCEF to NEC can be accessed at

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Full Text of Netanyahu's speech on Iran's Nuclear Weapon Project (from Times of Israel site)

Prime minister details a vast haul of incriminating evidence that he says was obtained by Israeli intelligence from Iran's own nuclear archive
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech on files obtained by Israel he says proves Iran lied about its nuclear program, at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, on April 30, 2018. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech on files obtained by Israel he says proves Iran lied about its nuclear program, at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, on April 30, 2018. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)
Full text of a presentation by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran’s nuclear program, in Tel Aviv on April 30, 2018. (Netanyahu, who began by hailing one of the “greatest achievements” of Israeli intelligence in obtaining the material he was showcasing, spoke in English and later delivered a Hebrew summary.)
Good evening.
Tonight, we’re going to show you something that the world has never seen before. Tonight, we are going to reveal new and conclusive proof of the secret nuclear weapons program that Iran has been hiding for years from the international community in its secret atomic archive.

We’re going to show you Iran’s secret nuclear files.
You may well know that Iran’s leaders repeatedly deny ever pursuing nuclear weapons. You can listen to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: “I stress that the Islamic Republic has never been after nuclear weapons.” You can listen to Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani: “Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction have no place in Iran’s security and defense doctrine, and contradict our fundamental religious and ethical convictions.” This is repeated by Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif: “We didn’t have any program to develop nuclear weapons. Anyway, we consider nuclear weapons both irrational as well as immoral.”
Well, tonight, I’m here to tell you one thing: Iran lied. Big time.
After signing the nuclear deal in 2015, Iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret nuclear files. In 2017, Iran moved its nuclear weapons files to a highly secret location in Tehran. This is the Shorabad District in southern Tehran. This is where they kept the atomic archives. Right here. Few Iranians knew where it was, very few, and also a few Israelis.
Now, from the outside, this was an innocent looking compound. It looks like a dilapidated warehouse. But from the inside, it contained Iran’s secret atomic archives locked in massive files. Actually, they’re a little bigger than this, okay?
A few weeks ago, in a great intelligence achievement, Israel obtained half a ton of the material inside these vaults. And here’s what we got. Fifty-five thousand pages. Another 55,000 files on 183 CDs.
Everything you’re about to see, is an exact copy of the original Iranian material.
You may want to know where are the originals? Well, I can say they’re now in a very safe place.
Here’s what the files included: incriminating documents, incriminating charts, incriminating presentations, incriminating blueprints, incriminating photos, incriminating videos and more.
We’ve shared this material with the United States, and the United States can vouch for its authenticity. We will also share it with other countries, and we’ll share it with the International Atomic Energy Agency.
So, let me tell you the history of this material.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech on Iran’s nuclear program at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv on April 30, 2018. Netanyahu said that he had proof of a ‘secret’ Iranian nuclear weapons programme, as the White House considers whether to pull out of a landmark atomic accord that Israel opposes. (AFP/Jack GUEZ)
We’ve known for years that Iran had a secret nuclear weapons program called Project Amad. We can now prove that Project Amad was a comprehensive program to design, build and test nuclear weapons. We can also prove that Iran is secretly storing Project Amad material to use at a time of its choice to develop nuclear weapons.
Here’s what Project Amad’s explicit goal was: creating nuclear weapons. This is an original Iranian presentation from these files, and here’s the mission statement: Design, produce and test five warheads, each with ten kiloton TNT yield for integration on a missile. You don’t need to read Farso to read 10 kilotons here. TNT. This is the specific goal of Project Amad. That’s like five Hiroshima bombs to be put on ballistic missiles.
This is an original Iranian spreadsheet from the archives of Project Amad. Look at what we have here. Yellowcake production, centrifuge enrichment process, warhead project, simulation project, and test. And indeed, when we analyzed what’s in these archives, we found that Project Amad had the all the five elements, the five key elements, of a nuclear weapons program. I want to take them one by one.
The first element is designing nuclear weapons. This is an original Iranian illustration of a weapon. Again, you don’t have to read Farsi to understand this. This is U235—that’s enriched uranium, right here at the core. That’s the only place where you find in the core enriched uranium. And here’s an Iranian simulation, original Iranian simulation putting all these components together. That’s the first component.
Second component—developing nuclear cores. Here’s a photo showing the casting process and a cast metal core, from the archives. And here’s a secret underground facility the Iranians were building to produce nuclear cores. We have hundreds of documents for each of these components.
Third component—building nuclear implosion systems. This is an original Iranian photo of a measuring device for implosions. And here’s a simulation of a nuclear implosion.
Fourth element—preparing nuclear tests. Here’s a map of five potential locations for a nuclear test in eastern Iran, One, two, three, four, five.
We have many, many more such documents.
And fifth—integrating nuclear weapons on missiles. Here’s a design for a nuclear payload on a Shahab3 missile, from the archive. Here’s the warhead, here’s the bomb. And I don’t have to remind you, I think, that Iran is continually expanding the range of its ballistic missiles, its nuclear-capable missiles. They started with 1,000 kilometers, they’re now up to 2,000, roughly. They can reach Riyadh, Tel Aviv, Moscow, but they’re working on far, far greater ranges. They’re planning much longer range missiles to carry nuclear weapons.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces new details on Iran’s nuclear program, April 30, 2018. (Screenshot)
So these files conclusively prove that Iran is brazenly lying when it says it never had a nuclear weapons program. The files prove that.
But here’s what happened next. Iran was faced with mounting pressure in 2003. You remember that, that was following the Gulf War, so it was forced to shelve Project Amad. But it didn’t shelve its nuclear ambitions. So Iran devised a plan to do two things. First, to preserve the nuclear know-how from Project Amad, and second, to further develop its nuclear weapons related capabilities. That plan came directly from Iran’s top leadership.
There’s another document from the archive. This is following the new directive of Iran’s Minister of Defense, Mr. Shamkhani, today he’s the director of the National Security Council. Following the new directive of Iran’s Minister of Defense, the work would be split into two parts, covert and overt. A key part of the plan was to form new organizations to continue the work.
This is how Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, head of Project Amad, put it. Remember that name, Fakrhizadeh. So here’s his directive, right here. And he says: “The general aim is to announce the closure of Project Amad,” but then he adds, “Special activities”—you know what that is—“Special activities will be carried out under the title of scientific know-how developments.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces new details on Iran’s nuclear program, April 30, 2018. (Screenshot)
And in fact, this is exactly what Iran proceeded to do. It continued this work in a series of organizations over the years, and today, in 2018, this work is carried out by SPND, that’s an organization inside Iran’s Defense Ministry. And you will not be surprised to hear that SPND is led by the same person that led Project Amad, Dr. Fakrhizadeh, and also, not coincidentally, many of SPND’s key personnel worked under Fakrhizadeh on Project Amad.
So this atomic archive clearly shows that Iran planned, at the highest levels, to continue work related to nuclear weapons under different guises and using the same personnel.
I want to give you another example of Iran’s nuclear weapons related activity that continued after Project Amad. You all remember the Fordow Facility? The Fordow Uranium Enrichment Facility. This was a secret underground enrichment facility that the Iranians built under a mountain. You don’t put thousands of centrifuges under a mountain to produce medical isotopes. You put them there for one reason: nuclear weapons, enrichment for nuclear weapons. But the files show that Fordow was designed from the get-go for nuclear weapons as part of Project Amad.
Here’s an original Iranian blueprint of Fordow. And what happened was that Iran continued to build Fordow years, secretly building, years after Project Amad ended. Here’s what it looks like. That’s the entrance. It goes under a mountain. You also will not be surprised that Iran insisted on keeping Fordow.
And amazingly, the nuclear deal enabled it to do it. It enabled it to do it, but this came with a hitch. Iran was required by the nuclear deal, to come clean to the International Atomic Energy Agency about its nuclear program. This was an explicit condition for implementing the nuclear deal. Iran has to come clean. So in December 2015, the IAEA published its final assessment of what it called the military aspects of Iran’s nuclear program. This is the report. This was Iran’s chance to fully come clean to the IAEA. They could tell the truth, they could say, we had this program, this secret program, it’s over, we shelved it, it doesn’t exist, we destroyed the material.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech on files obtained by Israel he says proves Iran lied about its nuclear program, at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, on April 30, 2018. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)
Here’s what Iran actually told the IAEA. It said, Iran denied the existence of a coordinated program aimed at the development of a nuclear explosive device, and specifically denied, get this, specifically denied the existence of the Amad plan. The material proves otherwise, that Iran authorized, initiated and funded Project Amad, a coordinated program aimed at the development of a nuclear explosive device.
Here’s another document from the archive. This is the master plan of Project Amad. Iran said to the IAEA, no work has been conducted with multi-point initiation. This is multi-point initiation. You’ve got to forgive me, this jargon, this scientific terminology is something that is necessary to understand the production of nuclear weapons. But here’s what they say, no work has been conducted with MPI technology in hemispherical geometry. But again, the archive shows that this is a complete fabrication. Iran conducted extensive work with MPI technology in hemispherical geometry. There’s an example. Hundreds more documents prove it.
Iran said to the Agency, that it had not conducted metallurgical work specifically designed for a nuclear device. But the files again show that this is a lie. Iran conducted extensive metallurgical work specifically designed for a nuclear device. Here’s an original Iranian photo, plenty more in the archive.
So what I’ve shown you tonight is just a fraction of the total material that we have. But even from this sample, you can draw four main conclusions. First, Iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program. 100,000 secret files prove that they lied. Second, even after the deal, Iran continued to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons know-how for future use. Why would a terrorist regime hide and meticulously catalogue its secret nuclear files, if not to use them at a later date. Third, Iran lied again in 2015, when it didn’t come clean to the IAEA, as required by the nuclear deal.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is interviewed by The Associated Press, in New York, Tuesday, April 24, 2018. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
And finally, the Iran deal, the nuclear deal, is based on lies. It’s based on Iranian lies and Iranian deception. 100,000 files right here prove that they lied.
So here’s the bottom line. Iran continues to lie. Just last week, Zarif said this: “We never wanted to produce a bomb.” Again: “We never wanted to produce a bomb.”
Yes you did. Yes you do. And the atomic archive proves it.
US President Donald Trump speaks during a joint press conference with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in the Rose Garden of the White House on April 30, 2018, in Washington, DC. Trump said the current Iranian nuclear deal was ‘unacceptable.’ (AFP/Saul Loeb)
The nuclear deal gives Iran a clear pass to an atomic arsenal. It does so because it gives them the three components that are necessary to produce this arsenal. First, unlimited enrichment in a few years. And they plan to do that. They plan to have several hundred thousand advanced centrifuges with which they can enrich mountains of uranium for that core that I showed you before. For many, many such cores. Second, it completely fails to address Iran’s continued development of ballistic missiles. And third, and this is new, it completely fails to address Iran’s secret nuclear bomb program and its advanced work on weaponization. We just did.
So this is a terrible deal. It should never have been concluded. And in a few days’ time, President Trump will decide, will make a decision on what to do with the nuclear deal. I’m sure he’ll do the right thing. The right thing for the United States, the right thing for Israel and the right thing for the peace of the world.