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In over 20 years of publishing Church Arise!, we have never had any cause to attack any man of God personally – except on doctrinal issues.  And that came up only with respect to the extremely dangerous doctrine of Once-Saved-Always-Saved (OSAS), that recently sought to ravage the Body of Christ, especially in Southwest Nigeria. 

Even when gross moral issues are involved, we hesitate personalizing things, preferring rather to trust the LORD for recovery and restoration of his people.  A Pastor’s job is about the most hazardous on the planet, and we believe nobody is given the authority to judge God’s servants.  Even though for the sake of common good we might judge their deeds, doctrines, or prophecies (see Gal. 2:11-13,  1 Cor. 14:29, 2 Jhn. 1:10, 3 Jhn. 1:4, etc) when it comes to judging their service, it is “to his own Master he standeth or falleth” (Rom. 14:4).  The very few instances we had to personalize moral issues in Pastors happened when attempts were made to develop new doctrines to gloss over such manifestly sinful acts (e.g. see here).  Of course, this is what the OSAS-inspired hyper-grace doctrine eventually boils down to.

The above explanation is necessary so no one takes this position paper as an indictment of the incumbent president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for whatever reason.  As we have done repeatedly during state elections (see here and here), we believe it is our duty as responsible Watchmen to advise the Church on candidates we believe would best serve the Body of Christ even in church elections also.  It is in this context, and based on the understanding of the times the LORD has given us, that we humbly submit that Dr Samson Ayokunle after successfully completing a 3-year term in office as CAN President under tumultuous conditions (not necessarily his making), should gracefully refrain from contesting for a second term.  Consequently we hereby express our endorsement of the candidature of the other contestant, Dr Caleb Ahima, as the next national president of the Christian Association of Nigeria come June 2019.  Please read on as we explain this position.

The Church: Salt of the Earth, Light of the World

Any discerning Christian would readily understand that the hydra-headed challenges confronting our nation today can be effectively addressed ONLY by the Church.  This is an enormous responsibility not to be trifled with.  As salt of the earth and light of the world, it is only the Church that can effectively address such issues as drug addiction, pornography, cultism and ritual killings, breakdown of family structure, suicides, kidnapping, ethnic rivalries cum cleansing, and so on.  

Further complicating the task for the Church in Nigeria is the unending end-time intrigues of foreign interests which via manipulation, blackmail, or flattery, continually push a vulnerable government to embrace antichrist-inspired policies that could only keep our nation in perpetual darkness.  The leadership required of the umbrella body of all Christians can therefore not be any less endowed than the proverbial children of Issachar.  Not only must it have a sound understanding of the times, it must also be clear about how to key-in and achieve God’s eternal purpose in our days. (I Chr. 12:32, Eph. 3:10).

Church Arise! has repeatedly submitted that as desirable as it is that Christians should be the ones on the driver’s seat in the nation’s government, this is really not a critical issue.  As long as we have democracy in place, government – no matter who is at the helms – will always respond to enlightened and articulate organized mass movements.    Furthermore, as long as the heavens and the earth remain, physical decisions will remain driven by spiritual actions.  The Church in Nigeria clearly has these two drivers of government policies – numbers and superior spirituality, in her favour.  The problem has always been a dearth of visionary inspiring leadership required to translate these assets into real benefits for the Church and ultimately, the nation.

Examples abound to substantiate this principle. We learn from places like Egypt and Malaysia that even a government entirely dominated by moslems will still be compelled to take Christian sensibilities and interests into serious considerations if the Church is articulate and well-organized. Whereas even a government headed by Christian people will be helpless in a situation where Christians themselves have not identified their strategic interests and clear routes to actualizing them.  For instance, during the Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure here in Nigeria, critical decisions were taken against the Christian interests, simply because there were no central Christian voices advocating.  We can readily cite the shenanigans with the school curriculum on CRK/IRK merger; or the summary removal of the National Population Commission (Census) boss who had vowed to clarify the strange demographics of desert areas being more heavily populated than the sea coast, only in Nigeria! This is of course fundamental to virtually every other major issue in today’s Nigeria, and while the Islamists insisted on the sack of Chief Festus Odimegwu, literally as a matter of life and death, there was hardly a whimper of interest expressed from the organized Christian body on the issue. Government caved in to superior pressure.

So despite our superior number and education, and the superior efficacy of Christian warfare, Christians have virtually been relegated to second class status in Nigeria today.  There is no need rehearsing the points here again, some of which are adequately expressed in our position paper released during the last presidential election. Even as we write this piece, the Islamists are openly discussing – with no known Christian counter measure - how every top position in the coming 9th Legislative Assembly will be occupied by Moslems; thus completing the total unconstitutional take-over of all arms and institutions of government in the country!

Back to the point of this article, the new post-2019 CAN needs a leadership that is sufficiently motivated to confront all these gross abnormalities headlong; and inspire the generality of the Body of Christ to arise and cause Nigeria to fulfil the glorious prophecies long-hanging on her head even in these end-times.

The CAN and its unique challenges

The challenges facing the leadership of an amorphous group like the CAN are necessarily numerous and humongous.  Ranging from the internal issues of reining-in rogues and charlatans who can claim bona fide membership of the group, to building consensus among internal units that often treat each other as competitors, and finally to the ‘political’ issue of interfacing with other religions and spiritual expressions - while responsibly seeking to build the nation and exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ. But in 2019 Nigeria, there is even another major challenge: the ongoing brazen push by Islamists to conscript Christianity to the dustbin of history.  Checkmating this push, and ending the ongoing carnage among Christians must be the priority task for the incoming CAN leadership.

Dr Samson Ayokunle indeed managed to find time, at the commencement of his campaign for re-election a few weeks ago, to visit the brethren in the eye of the storm – the internally displaced people (IDP); refugees in their own country courtesy of Islamic militants such as Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen.  However few people could fail to discern that issues of the IDPs are really not high on Dr Ayokunle’s priority.  Indeed, a coalition of Christians in the northern Nigeria were sufficiently piqued to issue a very strongly worded statement, expressing gross disillusionment and disappointment with the Ayokunle-led CAN Exco on this critical point. 

Dr Caleb Solomon Ahima is the other candidate who together with Dr Ayokunle has been cleared by the CAN Electoral College to contest the CAN presidency next month.  Unlike Dr Ayokunle however, Dr Ahima is a man in the eye of the storm and has a well-established history of passionately routing for Christians under persecutions.  This is certainly not unexpected. Coming from Taraba state, Dr Caleb Ahima is the head of the TEKAN (Tarayar Ekklisiyoyin Kristi A Nigeria - Fellowship of the Churches of Christ in Nigeria) – a denomination that has over the years borne the brunt of persecution in the hand of Islamists in the country.  For instance, in a statement directed at President Buhari last year, Dr Ahima pointed out  that the “TEKAN mourns daily, as it has been burying its members who were violently killed by Fulani herdsmen…”. In other climes, there would be no need for a debate before a qualified candidate from the TEKAN/ECWA bloc is unanimously presented to lead the general body at a time like this. Moreso that that bloc has never had the opportunity to lead the CAN in her 43 years of existence.

The glory of the Church would be that Dr Samson Ayokunle step down his candidacy.  Together, he and Dr Ahima as the new President, can then go ahead to build a viable irresistible CAN.  The challenges of CAN will not disappear overnight even with a new man at the helms of affairs.  Though this is the primary change that would signal the re-birth of the organization, it must be followed with an urgent review of CAN’s structures so that the enormous Christian resources currently under-utilized can be more effectively harnessed.

Groups like the Intercessors for Nigeria, Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International, Gideons International, down to the Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (each boasting of millions of Nigerian Christians), must have clear access and defined mechanisms to contribute ideas and supports to the CAN.  In the same vein, the CAN must be empowered with a considerable war chest to effectively prosecute its businesses and thus reduce to zero any possibility of her key officials being financially induced by the enemies of the Church.  For instance, who can contemplate financially inducing the Sultan of Sokoto to work against Islamic interests in Nigeria?

If the Church plays her part well, the ongoing political imbroglio in the country will eventually end up on the Church’s lap for closure and resolution.  A Dr Ahima-led CAN Exco, first-hand partakers in the pogrom against the Church in Nigeria would be better placed to handle this discussion than one led by the incumbent, who has actually, in controversial circumstances, gone ahead to congratulate one side in the still-ravaging conflict.

To the delegates at the coming National Assembly of the CAN, we declare that the ball is in your court. This is not just another election. The year 2019 is not just another year, we are in the endtime. The time is short, and from several signs and witnesses all around us, we expect that the Trump will soon sound.  Nigeria needs to take her place in these last-minute soul-harvest and conflict for righteousness. This could be the year of our Visitation as a nation, an opportunity not to be trifled with (Luke 19:42-44).  Nigeria’s rising to fulfil her destiny is strongly contingent on the body of Christ being adequately positioned and organized to operate effectively. The current Exco should take a deserved rest, and allow fresh hands and ideas  to reposition the CAN, leveraging on the enormous sacrifices the Church has had to pay in recent years; and ready to  maximize the opportunities we believe the LORD will be presenting the Church in Nigeria soon, as the Jihadists fight themselves to a standstill.

It would be a lovely new day for Christianity in Nigeria if Dr Samson Ayokunle can be persuaded to step down his candidacy and Dr Caleb Ahima is returned unopposed as the head of CAN during the coming NEC election in June.  The other offices should likewise be filled with spirit-filled fresh faces, ready to enforce the Lord’s will on earth, in Nigeria, as in heaven.


Joshua Ojo
Ile-Ife, 19th May, 2019

Monday, April 1, 2019

Not On Our Behalf, CAN President, Not On Our Behalf

Original Source here

The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) was shocked to read in the news that the President of CAN, Rev. Dr. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle, with some CAN Officials and Christian leaders paid a “congratulatory” visit to President Muhammadu Buhari on his purported victory in the 2019 General Elections. The NCEF wishes to state clearly that such visit is “sub judice” as the determination of who won the 2019 General Election is still in Court. It is therefore premature and presumptuous for anyone to congratulate President Buhari for “winning” an election that is contested in Court.

The NCEF wishes to state that the congratulatory visit to Aso Villa by CAN could not be in the interest of Nigerian Christians who daily bear the agony of thousands of their brethren being killed, maimed, displaced and marginalized in the Jihad launched in the northern parts of the country. It is well known the indifference of the Buhari Administration to the murder of Christians all over the country. This indifference has led many, including foreign observers, to conclude that the Buhari Administration is complicit in the genocide that is taking place in Nigeria.

The action of the CAN President, Rev. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle, is a further confirmation of all the protests and petitions of NCEF in 2018 querying the faithfulness of Dr. Ayokunle to Christ and to His Church. In its 2018 Report titled FACTORS HINDERING CHRISTIAN POLITICAL CONSENSUS FOR 2019 ELECTION, the NCEF provided irrefutable facts that Rev. Ayokunle deliberately frustrated Christian political consensus in a country in which religion has become a major factor in politics. With this ill-advised congratulatory visit to President Buhari, it should be clear to every Christian of good conscience that Rev. Ayokunle is running CAN as an appendage of APC which has proven by its religiously popularism biased appointments and policies that it is primarily a religious party that is to the disadvantage of Christians whom Rev. Ayokunle claims to be representing.

It would be recalled that during the Elections, Rev. Ayokunle presumptuously deployed a 1,000 man CAN Election Observers team to monitor the Elections nationwide. The action was presumptuous since CAN does not have the Constitutional responsibility of engaging politics. Christian leaders deliberately established Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN) for this purpose in 2001 as the socio-political arm of the Church. Nonetheless, after observing the Elections, the 1,000 man CAN Election Observers is yet to release its Report before CAN rushed to congratulate one of the contestants. Since all the other Observers have since released their Reports, where is the Report of the CAN Observers Team?

NCEF noticed that a notable arm of the Church, the Catholic Church, did not join the delegation that went to congratulate President Buhari. This would be consistent with the Communiqué issued by the Catholic Church expressing concern about the Elections and advising that dissatisfied individuals should seek recourse in court of law. This in the view of NCEF is how a Christian body should respond to issues of this nature.

NCEF is making these points for record purposes so that in years to come, if any further evil befalls Christianity in Nigeria, no one would claim ignorance of the issues that led to the emasculation of the Church. As Christian Elders, we affirm that it was ill advised and ill motivated for anyone claiming to represent the Body of Christ to rush to congratulate President Buhari pending the determination of the suit in Court.

Presently, Christians are mourning over 200 people murdered in Kajuru and Adara in southern Kaduna. There are increasing reports of Clergy routinely kidnapped and murdered in Middle Belt and parts of the North. These are in addition to genocide in Benue, Taraba, Plateau, and other parts of southern Kaduna. So far, no arrest has been made and no one has been prosecuted. Therefore, for any Christian leader to go and shake the hand of the man who has done nothing to stop the genocide is morally and spiritually reprehensible.

In addition to the concerns expressed above, it should be remembered that we all witnessed the debacles during the campaigns for the 2019 Elections as well as the violent conduct of the Elections. We witnessed the widespread application of “inconclusive” Elections where the opposition party had upper hand. We saw with regret the way Kano, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Benue, Lagos, Taraba, Bayelsa, and Plateau states Election, amongst others, were handled. The campaign debate and Presidential interview exposed the competence and capability of the candidates and Nigerians spoke through their votes and expressed their preference. Therefore, the will of the people must not be subverted. It is wrong for anyone, or any group of people, to seek to use CAN to legitimize an illegality. That congratulatory visit, we insist, was not on behalf of Nigerian Christians.

Fortunately for the NCEF, in making this clarification, no one can accuse the Christian Elders of religious bigotry or ethnic discrimination since both front runners are Muslims from the North and of the same ethnic stock. In the same vein, no one could say that NCEF is holding brief for any political party since NCEF neither supported any political party nor adopted any candidate during the elections. The interest of NCEF is that Democracy should be permitted to flourish and prevail in Nigeria. As President Goodluck Jonathan demonstrated in 2015, the will of the people must not be subverted. We are no longer in the era of Military coup in which individual(s) can impose themselves as rulers over the nation. This is Democracy and the will of the people must not be subverted.  Any attempt to kill democracy by a President who subverts the very process that brought him to power under the instrumentality of stealth and conventional jihad must be resisted and rejected.

NCEF aligns itself with the stand of the ethnic nationalities in South West, South East, South South and Middle Belt Zones that the Judiciary should perform its rightful oversight and ensure that the rightful winner of the 2019 Elections is sworn into office in May 29, 2019. If the Judiciary, for whatever reason, is unable to take a stand and defend the will of the people then Nigeria would have destroyed Democracy and signed on as a fascist state.

Now is the time for every man of good conscience to rise and speak. It is no use waiting for an illegality to be stamped upon the country before people would start complaining. Government should not be permitted to become illegitimate in Nigeria. This is the time to stand up and speak out. In this season, silence is not golden.

God bless Nigeria.
Solomon Asemota, SAN
30th March, 2019

Monday, March 18, 2019

CSMN: Christians Arise And Defend Righteousness


Christians Arise And Defend Righteousness 

It is certain we realize that we are facing serious challenges in Nigeria. If we are going to survive and prevent further unnecessary afflictions and sufferings, we have to change our approach to issues.

Nigerian Christians are not known to be proactive or swiftly responsive to issues that threaten their faith or well being. The Jihadists have consistently exploited this "gentleness" of Christians to our collective detriment.

We are not calling us to fight or to become unruly but we should not be quiet when confronted with evil or illegality in the land. God is not impressed when we see unrighteousness and act as if evil can be negotiated with or accommodated. God gave us command on how to respond to evil: "resist the devil and he will flee from you".

If evil is not resisted, it will impose itself and wreck havoc. We see evidences of this all over Nigeria.

We are making this appeal against the background of the conduct of the 2019 Election. One does not need a seer to tell him what would happen if those who seek to hijack government should succeed.

Now is the time to use every peaceful and legitimate means possible to resist and ensure Democracy prevails. There is no point declaring prayer and fasting after they have been sworn in. Now is the time to say "no" to what is wrong.

Every Christian group should speak up now. In Press Conference, Press Statement, on Twitter, Face Book, in protest letters, and litigation challenging illegality.

Fortunately, no one can accuse us of religious bigotry since both front runners are of the same faith. Our advocacy is for the sanctity of Democracy. If there is going to be peace and progress, Democracy must prevail.

Please encourage your group to take an action. To be forewarned, is to be forearmed.

"The prudent man sees danger and hides himself. The simple goes on and suffers for it."

Christian Social Movement of Nigeria
18th March, 2019

Monday, February 18, 2019

On the Brink of Nigeria’s Breakthrough, Church Arise!

A statement reflecting the opinion of Church Arise! LivingWater Ministries on the coming national elections in Nigeria.
On the Brink of Nigeria’s Breakthrough, Church Arise!
The Presidential election tomorrow is the most critical of the elections as it will not only produce the most important player in Nigeria’s political space for the next 4 years, it will also affect the outcome of the other elections at the state and local government levels.

The failure of the incumbent government is monumental and unprecedented. For Church Arise! the bottomline is the unfeigned Islamist agenda which is responsible for such outrages as the unchecked gruesome herdsmen killings and brazen lop-sidedness of critical appointments – every agency that bears arms in Nigeria is controlled by a Muslim; and so is every key Agency in the Education sector! The culmination is the brazen unconstitutional and immoral imposition of a Sharia judge as the Chief Justice of Nigeria, bringing all three independent arms of government under the headship of people who bear allegiance to the Islamic faith.

Yet officials of the same government unashamedly boast of integrity, incorruptibility, improved security and economy, and so forth!  And quite surprisingly, there are otherwise intelligent people who endorse these obvious falsehood.  On the surface, such endorsement is a reflection of how bad the “other alternative” had performed when in power, with truly humongous atrocities committed.  The endorsements might also be traced to individuals or blocs who perceive they are being favoured in the current arrangement beyond what they could ever hope to get under any other scenario. 

In reality, both the brazenness of those pushing the strange narratives, and the docility of the masses quietly absorbing them only point at momentous spiritual manipulations and bewitchment.  Such gigantic spell cast over a whole nation could only have been procured at enormous costs in blood sacrifice, as Pastor Bosun Emmanuel extensively discussed at the CETCon in May last year (please click here for the audio).

Yet, the sovereign LORD is on the Throne!  His counsel cannot fail. No amount of any other sacrifice can trump that already provided by the Blood of the Lamb.

As Church Arise! has repeatedly made clear, while it is very desirable to have the righteous (presumably Christians) at the helm of affairs at the apex level of our political hierarchy, that is not the ultimate.  It is far more important that the Body of Christ learn to see eye-to-eye, identify issues that are of strategic interest to the Kingdom of God, clearly articulate those issues, and develop solid strategies to defend and promote them.

This done, no government (no matter the composition) would be able to push the Church around.  And we will have clear markers and guidelines to evaluate government actions and policies. 
Thankfully, the epic struggle in the past several months had finally caused a considerable section of the Body of Christ to awaken from their enchanted slumber.  In recent times, we have seen marathon prayers and praises across the length and breadth of the Land.  Including in the diaspora. We know our God is faithful and He rewards diligence. He surely will do great things this season in the land!
Church Arise! fully endorses the position articulated by Bishop Abioye of the Living Faith Church, Abuja (see Video here), and more directly expressed by Rev Isah El Bubah in the video here.  We have no doubts that they have consulted widely within the Body of Christ and also with Heaven, before making these declarations.

The clear objectives of tomorrow’s election will be to send the current government in office packing at the Federal level.  In the unfortunate situation of there not being a credible consensus Christian candidate with sufficient clout and political structure on ground, Church Arise! endorses voting for the Atiku-Obi candidature with the clear understanding that it is a stop-gap measure that must be diligently followed through with the restructuring of the Federal government into a true federation as agreed to by the founding fathers of the nation in the pre-military era Constitution.

Christians should therefore note the clear voices that God is raising up for the nation’s deliverance at this crucial period and be ready to cooperate further with them after the election – whatsoever the outcome. While it may indeed be prudent for the elders (such as the National Christian Elders Forum, and other individual Elders so recognized within the Body of Christ) to have limited their public pronouncements to prayers in the prevailing hyper-sensitive environment, their voices are well-captured in the declarations of the able-spokespersons already referred to here.

In closing, we salute the courage of our Esther in the present administration, and note his extraordinary example of Christian integrity and faithfulness to standing by commitments to even a rogue administration. What a glorious nation would emerge if such exemplary principles were put to practice en masse, in a government of the righteous!  We note that his major bold initiatives were sooner or later reversed at earliest opportunities; but who knows, if not for such a Daniel, how far in the Islamist agenda we would be by now? We pray that the God who delivered Daniel from the den of lions he was conscripted to be a pliable even if unwilling king, will give our Daniel also a glorious soft landing and leverage beyond whichever government is in power.

 We urge all to go out tomorrow and vote massively to begin the restructuring of this country to usher in the glorious destiny long-prophesied for us.  All this is in line with our mandate as salt of the earth and light of the world, occupying for the Lord, while awaiting His imminent return.


Ile-Ife, 15th February, 2019.

Friday, November 16, 2018

EXHORTATION: Ready or Not, The King is Coming - David R. Barnhart

Yes, Jesus Christ is coming back again, and whether you believe it or not, you will someday have to face Him as your Savior or your Judge.
My heart breaks when I think about how soon the Lord’s return may be, and how little His Church is being prepared or encouraged to watch and wait for His coming as the Bible instructs us to do.
For most Christians, the major strategy in dealing with the doctrine of Christ’s return is to ignore it. For those in liberal churches, the solution is to opt for some kind of socialistic utopia here on earth and call it the kingdom of God
But according to the teachings of the New Testament, other than proclaiming the gospel of salvation, there is no more important doctrine than the coming again of Jesus Christ.  By His coming, Jesus will bring God’s promise of redemption into complete and total fulfillment. We’ll no longer just talk about the streets of gold, we’ll walk on them. We will no longer simply talk about Jesus, we’ll talk with Him face to face, and His own hand will gently wipe every tear from every eye. We’ll not only talk about seeing our loved ones who have gone on before, we’ll be together with them for eternity without ever again experiencing a single moment of separation.
God’s prophetic clock is counting down to the appointed hour. If you don’t believe it, listen to the latest news reports or read the morning papers. The signs of His coming are everywhere, yet the silence of the churches is deafening when it comes to proclaiming this vital truth of Scripture.  How it must grieve the heart of God to look at a sleeping church in a hell-bound world.
We are witnesses today to the fulfillment of manifold signs and prophecies of the Lord’s return. In fact, no generation since Pentecost has ever witnessed more fulfilled prophecies regarding Christ’s coming again than has this present generation. But being a witness to these things carries with it great responsibilities.
Today we are witnesses to the return of the Jews to their land and the reestablishment of the nation of Israel. We are witnesses to a resurgence of the gospel among the Jewish people, who are embracing Christ as their Messiah in numbers not seen since the time of Pentecost. We are witnesses to a revived hatred for the Jews, along with a global effort to destroy the Jewish state. We are witnesses of a hatred throughout our culture for the name of Christ and His Word, as well as a hatred for those who proclaim it.
We are witnesses to the martyrdom of thousands of Christians who are laying down their lives for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus, under the grotesque hand of militant Islam. We are all witnesses today of attempts to create a one-world government and a one-world economy.
We are witnesses today of “the great falling away,” as so many churches embrace apostasy, false teachings and unbiblical practices. If Paul told the churches of his day to “WAKE UP,” what do you think he would say to the churches in the twenty-first century who have joined the ranks of the enemies of God?
The doctrine of Jesus’ imminent return must be reclaimed today in its pristine richness, as taught by the New Testament Church. Without this compelling doctrine, it is unlikely the fires of revival will ever burn again in our churches. If the events of the past decade, as well as the events that are presently unfolding in the world, are unable to motivate the church to rise up and proclaim the truth of God’s Word, the world will remain without a shred of hope!
“Rise up, O men of God, have done with lesser things. Give heart and soul and mind and strength to serve the King of kings.”
David R. Barnhart

Donning the Hijab – Priviledge, Blackmail, or Threat?

Mainly in the western world, the mainstream media and Islamic supremacist groups are constantly preoccupied
with the supposed plight of women who are denied their much-desired “right” to wear hijab. But as we showed
in our detailed write-up a few years ago (see here), the main pushers for this “right” often turn up to be 
aggressive men who to all intents and purposes only want to tag their female-folks for the purpose of more 
effective control.    

The women who are compelled to don the same suffocating attire in all weather, day and night, certainly
don’t feel as enthusiastic! However, in many situations, they simply have no choice.
For instance on some campuses in Northern Nigeria, it is understood that the hijab provides a ready ID that
can save the female moslem in case of some supposedly spontaneous Islam-engineered massacres.
In other places such as Gaza in the Middle-East, women are compelled to put on the hijab, whereafter they 
are deployed as disposable pawns in the ongoing political intrigues in the region.

The most recent case in Nigeria is the indefinite closure of the International School,
University of Ibadan, Ibadan (see here). Here, we have a private school funded strictly by the Parents,
having a Moslem lawyer as the chairperson of the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA), and another distinguished 
Moslem as the Chairman of its governing Board; yet some Islamists claim Moslems are being denied their 
fundamental human rights to attend school in hijab!  Thank God for a clear statement from the PTA denouncing 
such moves. Similarly, Lagos state has suddenly decided (mid-November 2018) that while waiting for the case 
pending in the courts to be resolved, the status-quo to maintain is that students should be free to wear the hijab
 to school!

Whereas the mainstream media are quick to advocate for the so-called hijab-denied women, 
they turn blind eyes to the several other cases where women simply want to be left to 
choose whether to put on the hijab or not. Tunisian Moslem women are an example of people 
who successfully resisted the male chauvinists.  The Iranians were not so successful.  
Shown in the picture above was the gathering of more than 100,000 Iranian women from all works of life, 
on 8th March 1979.  They were protesting the then new Islamic government’s ruling that women must put 
on a headscarf whenever they are away from home. The hijab has since become standard feature in Iran; 
and recently, an Indian athlete preferred to withdraw from a competition in Iran rather than put on a hijab. 
This remains the true response of Moslem women wherever they have the freedom to truly express