Tuesday, April 25, 2017

World Moral state continues downward spiral

A time there was that abortion, prostitution, even divorce were all abhorred and proscribed by law in most human societies.  But things have deteriorated to the extent that outrageous concepts like gay marriage have now virtually become mainstream in many western nations.  But for the intervention of the Lord to further restrain evil, (for the time being) the world was already witnessing increasing clamour to outlaw the concept of gender entirely!  The defeat of the Obama-Hillary team at the last election in the US has at least doused all the transgender madness that gives an individual the right to claim whichever gender they wished – irrespective of their physical and biological features.  One area where that problem still persists is in the sporting arena. There we see athletes who once competed as males now competing and dominating the same events (wrestling, weight-lifting, etc) in the female categories!  For an outcry by frustrated natural-female athletes, See https://askdrbrown.org/library/how-it-fair-when-male-weightlifter-competes-against-women.
In any case, it seems the next moral/family value being targeted by New World Order agents is the concept of fidelity in marriage. That would be an indirect way of rendering the marriage institution totally irrelevant and meaningless. A number of countries have had courts decisions justifying adultery (e.g. South Africa, Japan)  or even scrapping the law of adultery (e.g.South Korea). In the last edition, we reported that the Italian Senate is seriously debating whether to legitimize adultery, and remove the requirement to be faithful to one’s partner from the marriage vow.  Fresh support for the concept is coming up in another strongly catholic nation, the Phillipines, where President Rodrigo Duterte recently made public mockery of those criticizing the self-confessed adultery of his political friend, Pantaleon Alvarez. Mr Alvarez, who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, had publicly admitted to having sired eight children, six of them with two women other than his wife.
In a live speech on television, President Duterte retorted: "This is a world of hypocrisy. Who among you here does not have a mistress?" Trying to turn it into a joke, he added: "But really there are so many women and you (have) so short a time in this world.”  Continuing, he asked rhetorically, "Who isn't entitled to happiness? Ask these lawmakers, how many of them have two, three or four mistresses? Ask them," The 72 year old Duterte confessed he has to use Viagra to have sex with his own many mistresses. What a way to seek “Happiness!” https://www.yahoo.com/news/philippines-duterte-draws-ire-defending-adultery-071115847.html 

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