Monday, April 24, 2017

Pope set to announce Mary as Co-Redemptrix with Jesus at Fatima

Now here is something advocates of Salvation-by-Grace-alone-without-any-further-Responsibility-on-Man’s-part should really be splitting spleen on: the Catholic Church is preparing grounds to announce that Mary is actually required for the redemption of Mankind, and should be recognized as co-Redemptrix.  It is widely believed that the 10-page document titled "The Role of Mary in Redemption” released by the Theological Commission of the International Marian Association (IMA) on January 1, 2017 is a precursor for Pope Francis to "publicly acknowledge and honor  Mary, the Mother of  Jesus, as the ‘Co-redemptrix’ with Jesus the Redeemer" during the 2017 centenary anniversary of the Marian Apparitions at Fatima, Portugal. The anniversary year of the centenary officially commenced 27th November 2016 and will end 26th Nov 2017. The anniversary of the 1st apparition on May 13 2017 will witness special events. Ways to obtain special “indulgences” are published, for instance, here.

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