Thursday, April 20, 2017


The Rapture of the Church will set in motion again the dispensation of Judaism, which will be rapidly brought to a closure in seven years (the last of the 70 weeks in Daniel 9:27).  Therefore, ongoing accelerating efforts to put the third Jewish Temple in place, is a good and major indicator of where we are on the prophetic calendar.  As Christians, we don’t expect to be around to actually see the Temple commissioned, but while we are on this side of the Rapture, publishing this newsletter, we will bring regular updates on progress towards putting in place the Third Temple.

May 23-24 (28th day of Iyyar) 2017 will mark the 50th anniversary of Israel’s repossessing the Temple Mount, after the calamitous incidence of 70 AD when the Temple was sacked by Roman forces led by Titus.  The figure 50 is quite significant in the Scriptures, representing a Jubilee, at which time in God’s wisdom, covenants are re-set and new initiatives launched.  In Vol 19 qtr 3, we related the demise of the last of the founding fathers of the modern state of Israel, Shimon Peres, (at the close of the highly significant year 5776) with the end of the building of ‘material Israel,’ and the commencement of the building of ‘spiritual Israel.’  Evidently, the rebuilding of the Temple would be central in the business of building a ‘spiritual Israel’ and ultimately the return of the Messiah.
 Furthermore, it has been observed that every passing Jubilee had served to bring the Jews nearer to the Temple, whether deliberately or otherwise. (Refer to the prophecy of Rabbi Judah ben Samuel, Vol 17 Qtr 4). Authority over Eretz Israel (the land of Israel) changed hands from the Ottoman Turks to the British (after exactly 8 Jubilees of Ottoman rule) during the decisive Battle of Jerusalem (Nov 17- Dec 30, 1917).  Earlier, on Nov 2 1917, the British had committed in writing (the Balfour Declaration) to the idea of allowing the Jews to return and form a homeland in Eretz Israel. Fifty years later (a Jubilee), there was another Battle of Jerusalem when the Jews regained authority over the Old City, including the Temple Mount on June 7, (28th of Iyyar) 1967.    Now as we approach the end of another 50 year cycle, come May/June 2017, might we not expect a further development along this direction – a landmark event that would bring the Jewish Temple closer to reality?
Ironically, it is the absurd de-legitimization efforts of the UN (through the UNESCO) in 2016 that is generating early ripples that might well fuel an official Israeli effort in the building of the 3rd Jewish Temple. History might well be repeating itself again.  In 1967, the Jews never dreamed of taking over the Temple Mount  but were literally forced into the 6-day battle by the miscalculations of Arab leaders. The move into East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount itself was unilaterally made by Moshe Dayan on learning about the scheming of the UN. (
In her grossly unreasonable Resolution of October 13 2016, the UNESCO had determined that the Jews were oppressive occupiers in East Jerusalem, and indeed never had any historic, spiritual, or cultural tie with the Temple Mount.  It further criticized Israel for “provocative abuses that violate the sanctity and integrity” of the area!  All these, despite the remains of the ruins and stones of the Temple which still lie in place. President Reuven Rivlin saw the Resolution not as a problem for Israel, but rather an embarrassment for the UNESCO!
In any case, ahead of the 50th anniversary of Israel’s reoccupation of the Temple Mount, the country has determined that in view of such atrocious Resolutions by the official global authority on the planet, it would be helpful that Israel establish a formal Foundation to be engaged in  “research, information and advocacy” on the historic and spiritual connections of the Jews with Mount Moriah.  As announced by Culture Minister, Miri Regev, the proposed Temple Mount Heritage Foundation will take off with a modest annual budget starting at $550,000 and will be based on the government-funded Western Wall Heritage Fund which is already in place. (
Hitherto, the State of Israel had kept an official distance from the Mount, and all Temple advocacy efforts had been at the instance of privately-funded foundations, such as the Temple Institute (The Institute reported that a record number of Jewish worshippers, 1,373 of them, ascended the Temple Mount during this year’s Passover).  Fifty years ago, on 7th June 1967, Moshe Dayan had instructed that the paratroopers who took over the Mount should withdraw, removing the Israeli flag placed there.  The Arab Waql has been in charge since.  As not unusual for Israel, this new little development of the institution of an official state agency on Temple Mount issues, could lead to about anything in the near future. When it comes to Israel, no development is too little to be insignificant!
When predictions from prophecies are combined with developments like these, coupled with Trump’s silent but steady progress in getting the Arabs and the Israelis to seriously sit together and discuss peace; together with other rumblings such as North Korea’s and Iran’s war drums, unprecedented shakings in the economy and in the environment, etc, the irrefutable truth becomes very clear: we are in the general season of the Lord’s return, and He could very well show up before the end of the day today! How are YOU preparing?

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