Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dramatic Conversions

The almighty continues to demonstrate His sovereignty even in the face of the current transient situation permitting satan to “do his worst” to faithful Christians, who gloriously refused to deny their Lord.
In FayetteVille, North Carolina,  a gun man burst into the prayer meeting of the Outreach Ministry Church on Thursday 31st Dec, bearing a semi-automatic pistol.  He happened to have been an ex-convict that was feeling extremely troubled.
Rev Larry Wright, as at that point delivering his message wherein he decries the ongoing wastate of human lives in the USA. He calmly walked to the man and inquired: “Can I help you?”
By the end of the exchange, the man was on his knees receiving prayer and ministry from the pastor and other ministers in the Church. (watch cartoon simulation of the event here)
The police who had being summoned on phone and had arrived later took the unnamed man for mental evaluation while Pastor Wright assures he will stay in touch to continue to provide spiritual assistance as needed. Breaking News: gunman is asking for baptism and would be joining the Church with his wife (
But in other situations, also increasing in reported cases, it is the Lord Jesus Himself that is directly stepping into the matter – just like the case of Saul of Tarsus.  A recent example of an ISIS fighter converted to Christianity following his dreams of a man in white telling him “You are killing my people” is reported by Worthy News  (
 Similar cases are being reported in several regions of the world, including our base here at Ile-Ife.

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