Thursday, January 14, 2016

Americans finally standing up to bullying Atheists?

In the United States atheists are vigorously challenging hotels on the long-established tradition of placing Gideons’ Bibles in hotel rooms for those who might desire to have a look.  The largest association of atheists and agnostics in the countrry ( the Freedom From Religion Foundation, FFRF) is requesting for either Bible-free rooms (as in no-smoking rooms) to be made available in hotels, or alternatively they also be given opportunity to put Charles Darwin’s evolution book in hotel rooms.  Our reading of this development: Gideon’s Bibles are working and making impacts!

However, as evidenced for instance by the Donald Trump phenomenon on the political scene, Americans are standing up to defend the Christian foundation of their country.  In an earlier campaign criticising the distribution of free Bibles in some public schools in Oklahoma (one of the Bible belt regions of the US), the FFRF was met with stiff rebuff by people tired of playing political correctness to radical Islam and Atheists. An outraged citizen was quoted: "Passing out the scriptures — you certainly can't be blamed for that. What happens is, this group has used scare tactics...The great thing about Oklahoma is that I've been at a lot of school activities where, at least in our area, we still pray before football games. We still — some people pray before meetings and certainly honor our God-given rights." (
In a related development, more States are endorsing the inscription of the words “In God We Trust” on Police cars. The expression which was adopted as the National motto of the US in 1956 has come under serious attacks by atheists who say they are offended by the word God, but now Americans are fighting back. In Texas, the police chief of Childress, Adrian Garcia, using  the department’s Facebook page, pointedly replied to the complaint of FFRF co-chair Ms Gaylor by asking “that you and the Freedom From Religion Foundation go fly a kite.”
“I don’t know why an atheist is so upset about us putting up ‘In God We Trust,’ ” says Sheriff Moats of Georgia. “I’m not saying that they trust God. I’m saying that we, as the guys in this department who put this on our cars, we trust in God. And why is that a bad thing? Even if you don’t believe, you know God’s all about good.”
  The atheists have no answers for the decay and chaos in society. Yet by strategically deploying their  tiny but vocal minority, they have succeeded in intimating the vast muted majority, particularly by appealing to the principles of Political Correctness, when it serves their purpose. There always comes the break point, and it appears the atheist, perhaps the whole world system, has reached it.

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