Thursday, August 1, 2013

In the US, Christian Opposition Is Literally Dying Out

(The Church in Nigeria and the rest of “developing countries” could learn something from this incisive article by Todd Strandberg of Rapture Ready.   It’s not too late to stem here, the tide of a thinning-out rank of believers with conviction.  The Church needs to make massive and purposive investments in our youths.)

For a long time, I have been mindful of how the age factor plays a role in the ongoing culture war. Conservative Christians have been losing battles simply because our numbers are rapidly dwindling away.
This past weekend (December 17, 2012), conservative pundit George Will was very blunt about why he believes the gay marriage forces are on a winning streak [in America]. He said there is no need for the Supreme Court to stick its nose into the issue because, "Quite literally, the opposition to gay marriage is dying. It's old people."
Opinion polls paint a very dark picture for our nation's future. People over age 65 oppose gay marriage by 70 percent. People who are under 45 support gay marriage by the same percentage.
These figures show that time is on the side of the gay lobby. If they wait long enough, same-sex unions will become the normal in all 50 states. Since they only need a simple majority to pass a measure, we are already at the tipping point.
The responsibility for this slow-motion train wreck rests at the feet of the church leadership. We have had the opportunity to instill biblical moral values into the minds of two generations, and we squandered our chance. Now that we have millions of adults with no parent or grandparent to act as role models, it will be very hard to get people back into the church.
I only come up with blank spaces when I look for prophecy leaders in their 40s, 30s, and 20s. In the past few years, we've lost several big names in the field - Grant Jeffrey, J. R. Church, and Hilton Sutton. Unless the Rapture happens in short order, we are going to see a rapid thinning out of the ranks.
One of the saddest examples of how out of touch Christianity has become to the main society occurred last week when I saw that Pope Benedict XVI had joined Twitter. The 85-year-old pontiff reached across a table with a shaky index finger to press a button that sent his first tweet. If the event was staged to show that the Catholic church is still relevant to the youth of today, I'm sure it had the opposite impact.
The age problem even extends to the people who watch news. The average age of a Fox News watcher is 65. The network has the oldest audience of any cable network. The liberal CNN isn't far behind--its average viewer is 63. Democratic mouthpiece MSNBC is a perky 59. So, not only do we have a host of people in a godless state, they are clueless about the dire world events that are about to engulf them.
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