Thursday, August 1, 2013

Boko Haram abducting Christian women and children – for sexual gratification.

Just when you think the Boko Haram madness had reached its peak, one gets treated to reports of new levels of perversion by this so-called holy warriors.  Tired of their weekly treats of mowing down Christian folks in their churches, Boko Haram insurgents are now no longer summarily killing  Christian women and children, they are abducting them and threatening to start using them as sex servants in lieu of their own wives captured by security forces. This must be the heights of all outrages!
Yet, despite all these outrageous actions, some supposedly sane and respectable Nigerians keep advocating that Boko Haram must not, so much as be labeled a terrorist group, talk less of treated as such.  The government, these highly-placed Nigerians unashamedly insist, must continue to seek dialogue, and make available multi-billion naira to “compensate” these killers.  The victims of course are “too many” to be compensated, these shameless folks argue!
But why are supposedly holy muhajeedeens, who we are made to believe have no regard for life itself, so desperate about sex?  Ironically, that is one of the major root causes of the matter in the first instance!  As detailed by an SSS officer during the arraignment in court of some of the arrested BH operatives, they are obsessed with the idea of the 72 virgins awaiting each of them in ‘paradise’, as soon as they could end their miserable lives in the course of their “martyrdom" operations. Unfortunately for these deceived souls, sex is most certainly not on the menu in the after-life, either heaven or hell! (see Mathew 22:30),
And it is not just the Nigerian jihadist that has problems waiting till the after-life to get women to abuse.  In the ongoing Syrian civil war, the Islamic clergy providing spiritual encouragement to the men on the field, first declared fatwas permitting holy soldiers to rape and abuse captured women.  That apparently not being sufficient, they later issued spiritual summons to their own female supporters all over the world to report on the battlefield to provide sexual services for their battle-weary men!  One of the Tunisian ladies, “Aisha”,  who had responded to the call later came to her senses after much abuse and shared her laments (see ).
One wonders what indeed is the real cause the Jihad seeks to promote, if holiness and chastity mean nothing at all to its foot soldiers!  As we reported in vol 15 no 6, even in the absence of a formally-declared jihad, Pakistani men from the majority moslem community feel they are absolutely entitled to rape and murder Christian girls at pleasure, without anyone as much as batting an eye!
In the meantime, what else must Boko Haram do before the Nigerian government becomes convinced we have a war situation at hand?  Or is it because it is just mostly Christians that are yet at the receiving end to date?

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