Thursday, August 1, 2013

CA! visits Institute for Creation Research, Dallas!

I had the wonderful priviledge of being received at the Institute for Creation Research, Dallas on Tuesday 25th 2013, on my return trip from a Scientific conference in nearby state of Georgia.  Early evidence of  divinely-ordered steps include my arriving at the front door just as Dr John D. Morris was stepping in.  I simply could not restrain my excitement at the pleasure of meeting him and having a warm handshake!
It was a great priviledge joining the ICR family at devotion, and being treated to a comprehensive tour of the facility by amiable Dr Jake Hebert – meeting several famous personalities whose articles and research works I had fed on for over a decade.  A further confirmation of the Lord’s ordering of these events was the rescheduling of Dr Jake Hebert’s “brown paper” presentation on the Ice Ages.  This premiere presentation, as it were, was shifted back a day, and was presented on the day of my visit.  Not only did I have the priviledge of listening to a most educative, witty, and fascinating presentation on the Ice ages, I also had the rare opportunity of seeing the ICR at work, as invaluable critiques were made to the presentation - starting from John Morris himself.  I probably had a semester-worth of learning in those 2 -3 hours!
I also had physical tangible blessings to show for the trip.  In a true Christian spirit, I was loaded with a number of latest resources from the ICR.  The list include the books:

Five Evidences for a Global Flood (Brad Forlow, 45 pp, 2011)
Why GENESIS Matters            (Jason Lisle, 54pp, 2012
Five Reasons to Believe in Recent Creation (Henry M. Morris III, 45pp,        Feb 2011)
Dinosaurs and the Bible           (Brian Thomas, 58pp, May 2013)
Exploring the Evidence for Creation (Henry M. Morris III, 115pp, Dec 2011)
Taking Back Astronomy (Jason Lisle, 125pp, Oct 2012)
The Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky            (Jason Lisle, 240pp, Apr 2012)
Guide to Creation Basics (ICR,            117pp, May 2013)
The Design and Complexity of the Cell           (Jeffrey P. Tomkins, 129pp, Jun 2012)

and the DVD
Wonder of God
It is my intention to donate all these resources to jumpstart a Campus Christian Creation Society on the Obafemi Awolowo University.  Interested students (and staff!), particularly from such fields as Geology, Philosophy, Physics, Theology, etc where various forms of the dubious evolution theory is being forced down students’ throats as fact, should please see me for further details.

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