Friday, May 18, 2012

Over Half of South Jersey's Catholics Believe Jesus Sinned

In a shocking revealing study commissioned by a Diocese of the catholic Church in southern New Jersey, 60 percent of practicing Catholics in the region said they believed that Jesus sinned during his time on Earth. Whereas the Bible clearly teaches otherwise: the Lamb of God required to atone for the sins of the world must be free of its own personal sins that would have needed to be atoned for.

A very worried Bishop Joseph Galane of the Diocese of Camden, sponsors of the study, told a Press Conference: "The number of Catholics who have a very flawed, a seriously flawed, understanding of who Jesus is, that's troublesome,"

The study was commissioned by the diocese with the hope that the results would help it to better evangelize the communities it serves. The study was conducted by the Barna Group, a Ventura, Calif.-based research organization, which surveyed 612 adults living in the six New Jersey counties within the diocese.

Other findings of the study that got the Bishop worried included the following:

  • Four out of ten of the Catholics respondents disagree with the idea that sex should be reserved solely for marriage.
  • Only a paltry 28 percent of them agree strongly with the idea that the Bible is "totally accurate in all of the principles it teaches,"
  • 38 percent favor attending church only on holidays. One-third of lapsed Catholics said they have other priorities or are too busy to attend, while others said they just aren't interested in church (27 percent).

Other issues investigated in the study was the clergy abuse scandals within the Catholic Church. -Nine out of ten (89 percent) adults interviewed said they know about scandals; and all 89 percent consider it a "major issue.". ( based on

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