Friday, May 18, 2012

Famous “Pregnant Man” splits with wife

The inevitable end of the road has come for one of the hyped relationships that has been used to showcase Man’s alternative to God-ordained order between the male and female genders. Thomas Beatie, a transgender man (i.e. a woman who underwent sex-transplant to “become” a man) has finally decided to call it quits with the woman “he” married, nine years after.

Beatie was born in Hawaii as Tracy Lagondino in 1974. “He” was a Girl Scout, model, and finalist in a Miss Hawaii Teen USA pageant before he decided, in his twenties, that he felt more like a man and so began to dress and live as a man. Goaded on and encouraged by the folks promoting the new sexuality ideas, he had the very expensive but government-subsidized sex-reassignment surgery in 2002; got two perfectly healthy breasts removed, and started a twice-weekly intake of hormones to make him look masculine on the outside. Thereafter, he had his gender legally changed on his passport and driver’s license and in 2003, got legally married to Nancy, a divorced mother of two.

Who is fooling who? It certainly takes much more than a moustache, a deep voice and government approval to become a man. Beatie had no male reproductive organs – even if for cosmetics. And since “wife” Nancy had had hysterectomy and could not carry a baby again, it was Thomas who opted to be artificially inseminated by donor sperms and gave birth to the three children attributed to this man-made family.

It’s difficult to see what’s in this kind of relationship for the two partners, except to conclude that they are extremely confused and are groping at whatever they thought could bring fulfillment and happiness. And yes, there are the ever-present agents of the new sexuality agenda who goad and encourage them along such foolishness, turning them into laughing stock “celebrities”.

Bearded Thomas certainly had his gigs and moments of stardom as he was featured on top talk shows as the first pregnant man in history. However, like the story of the Samaritan woman at the well, who had had five husbands, and was co-habiting with a sixth man before having an encounter with the Lord Jesus (John 4), the story of Thomas and Nancy clearly indicates a sad, tormented life.

On one of the several shows he featured on, Beatie described the various medical complications associated with his having to take testerosterone, twice a week, for several years. He also lamented his not being accepted beyond the circle of his handlers in the new sexuality world. He seemed pained as he complained: "Doctors have discriminated against us, turning us away due to their religious beliefs. Health care professionals have refused to call me by a male pronoun or recognize Nancy as my wife"

As at the time when Beatie was recording his latest interview with People Magazine, he and Nancy had been separated for an undisclosed period of time. Details of whether they will divorce or not is reserved for yet another episode of another talk show. (

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