Friday, May 18, 2012

Ex-lesbian woman’s daughter to be given away… announced lesbian at a psychiatric hospital

Obama’s desperate war against the old sexual order – even in an election year – is reflective of the enormous clout the homosexual lobby has in the United States. Recently President Obama became the first ever sitting president of the United States to openly endorse gay marriage. Dangerously drying Campaign funds shot up immediately after this endorsement, with generous donations from Hollywood.

With this background, it’s not really too difficult to imagine why Lisa Miller is going through virtual hell in the hands of the new sexuality-obsessed Obama regime. She is a living testimony debunking all the stereotypical lies used to justify and promote the anti-christ new age sexuality. Her story features aspects of Contraceptives, Divorce, Pornography, Abortion, Homosexuality, etc. She is just one bad customer!

First, her conception and birth was as a result of failed contraceptive, and her mother never tired of reminding her she was a birth-accident. When her parents divorced at the age of 7, she found herself growing up with “an increasingly mentally ill, distant, and cruel mother”. She sought solace in unhealthy fixations on food and pornography.

Soon after, she entered a troubled marriage which culminated in a suicide attempt. Saved after days of intensive care, a counselor in a psychiatric ward informed her that she was actually a lesbian and must seek the sexual companionship of other women for fulfilment. According to Lisa: “As part of my treatment, in order to be released, I had to meet with my immediate family, including my husband, and tell them I was a ‘lesbian.’ I complied, and not surprisingly, my marriage ended.”

The end of that troubled marriage was a major gain the homosexual advocacy groups will not allow to fritter away. A “civil union” was arranged between Lisa and another troubled soul, recovering alcoholic Janet Jenkins. Thereafter, Lisa was artificially inseminated, resulting in the birth of her daughter. Isabella.

Now, Lisa’s problem with her unseen new sexuality mentors began. During a particularly difficult period during her pregnancy, she had made a vow to the God she faintly remembered from Sunday School classes as a child, that if her baby lived, she would give up the homosexual lifestyle. And guess what, 17 months after delivery, she recollected that vow, and simply called it quits with homosexuality. Now that is not good at all for homosexuality advocacy where the mantra is that people are born with homosexuality just like the colour of their skin!

The account of her torment in the hands of new sexuality agents in the Obama administration is now documented in a book written by one of her lawyers. The easy-to-read book is titled: “Only One Mommy: A Woman’s Battle for Her Life, Her Daughter, and Her Freedom” (New Revolution Publishers, 2011). It waltzed through a maze of legal arguments used by Judge Richard Cohen to decree, first, that Janet Jenkin, being in civil union with Lisa at the time Isabella was conceived, was a co-mother with Lisa. Eventually, the Judge has also determined to grant custody of Isabella to Jenkins – a woman who has no biological or adoptive link whatsoever with the baby!

Currently, state agents are making frantic efforts, including international police cooperation, to track down Lisa (who had since fled the USA, presumably) and wrest Isabella from her into the custody of Jenkins. Read more about this typical judicial tyranny from the New Age sexuality group against their targets at

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