Friday, May 22, 2009

Violence increasing in frequency and intensity

On Sunday, March 15, an Illinois pastor was murdered while standing in his pulpit; two days later, on Tuesday, a man went on a shooting rampage in Alabama that left 10 victims dead. On that same day, a teenager killed 15 students at a school in Winnenden, Germany. Within the next month, eight other high-profile killings were further reported – in the US alone. Three of these (including an engineer with Yahoo) involved people killing members of their own immediate families (20 dead), while 2 involved police officers (7 of who were killed). For a list, briefly describing these tragic evidences of gradual failure of modern society, see With similar situations being replicated in several locations all over the globe, we can only concur with Todd and Terry at RaptureReady that all these violence is symptomatic of the end times - just like the Bible predicted over 2000 years ago, and the exact opposite of what the evolution theory predicts – progressive improvement, goodness, satisfaction, etc in mankind with time.

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