Friday, May 22, 2009


The meltdown of global economy continues to harry down society towards path scripted for it by One World Government gurus. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the United States, which once prided itself in her national sovereignty, capitalism and individual liberties. With each passing day, age-long traditions and values in the US continue to disappear into thin air, with few people bothering to ask why. In other countries, similar changes are occurring, even if more subtly.
Hopefully, nobody out there thinks the meltdown just happened. It should be clear enough to all that what is being manifested are products of long-term deliberately engineered policies -which Christian watchmen have been loudly harping on for a long time.
Economy is only the chosen arrowhead for effecting the change-over into a New World Order. Other issues simultaneously being used to complement the economic factor include terrorism, the environment, and threats of epidemics (ranging from HIV to the flus), etc.
The infrastructure for global governance also is being developed at a frenzy pace. Microchip implants including brain prosthetics are being produced and marketed via various ingenious strategies. Blatant manipulations in the educational sector ram down society’s throat distractive and destructive concepts such as the morality-blind new sexuality; while the farce called evolution theory continues to take out meaning, purpose and personal responsibility out of living .
The critical phase of the shift to the new world order is ongoing with governments all over the globe increasing the level of their control on their citizens. The next concluding phases would be much easier – first getting the UN to increase its control on those governments, and finally installing a dictator over the UN (Rev 17:17). This charming powerful personality will be the one, with the services of his religious goons, who will cause “…all, both small and great, rich and poor; free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark..” Rev. 13:16-17.
Meanwhile, the Church – the Salt and Light for society in this dispensation - is locked in a mortal conflict spearheaded by the inter-faith “all-roads-lead-to-God” movement. Subverted from within by Judases, and buffeted without by a ruthless spirit of Herod.
These are the issues Church Arise! seeks to keep on the front burner of its readership, and are reflected in this edition.
Yes, disasters are indeed coming the way of mankind. The flus, the suicide bombers, etc will some day get out of control. It will be a season of reckoning for the earth - the period of great tribulation, to use the Biblical term. However, it’s not too late to yet get out of the mess. The Rapture flight is still boarding. Visit a Bible-believing Church near you today or call our new hotline:07041678556 for assistance. Are you already checked in for the flight? Top up your tank with extra oil today!

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