Friday, May 22, 2009

Edging Toward The 7 Year Middle East Peace Covenant

As we write this, a momentous event is going on in Washington DC as the new president of the US, Barack Obama meets for the first time, the new PM of Israel, Benyamin Netanyahu. After decades of an extremely cordial relationship between the two nations, observers fear things might be headed for the rocks – although an outright flare-up is not expected at this first meeting as both leaders test the ropes at this early stage of their individual tenures.

Clearly, Netanyahu’s priority in this historic visit is to secure America’s support in neutralizing the threat of a nuclear Iran. In exchange, he proposes various economic and social supports for the Palestinian people. But the position of Barak Obama, adapted directly from the proposition of Saudi Arabia, is that the Palestinians must be given a separate state, contiguous with the state of Israel, presumably along the pre-1967 borders. That would mean “Old” Jerusalem (including the Temple Mount) would be given back to the Arab-Palestinians! To press home this mission-impossible, Obama is directly linking any support for Israel on Iran with their accepting this two-state solution.

Probably no American President has ever been more passionate about a 2-state solution for the Middle East than Barak Obama; and, ditto, no Israeli PM has ever been more opposed to this solution than Netanyahu!

Former British PM, Tony Blair, is the secretary to the Quartet comprising the US, the UN, the EU and Russia, determined to work out a peace agreement between Israel and the Arab. Mr Blair said that Obama would be having similar meetings with the PA leadership and Egypt, after which a final position will be announced – within six weeks.

All factors considered, the prospect for Israel entering into a suicidal “peace agreement” with the Arabs, is now all too plausible. And according to Blair, imminent!

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Sound An Alarm said...

"obably no American President has ever been more passionate about a 2-state solution for the Middle East than Barak Obama..."

You mean more than Bill Clinton who signed the Oslo Accords with Rabin, the Wye Agreement with Netanyahu and almost confirmed the covenant with Barak? The only one who has gotten Israeli leaders to sign anything. Believe it or not he will be called on to confirm the covenant, too.