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Currently Available Standard Talks by Prof Joshua Ojo

·    Radiometry Dating and the Age of the Earth

(Irrefutable evidences affirm our Planet is relatively young – aged only a couple of thousand years)

·    The Star of Bethlehem, Eclipse at Easter, and Eternity

(Mind-blowing perspectives on the physical Universe gleaned at the intersection of Scriptures, Astronomy, and Philosophy)

·    Evolution versus Creation: Incontrovertible Evidences

(Exposing the warts, illogic, and inconsistencies in the Evolution theory and presenting Creationism alternatives)

·    The Malaria Vaccine: Matters Arising

(Presenting unbelievable vital facts on the malaria vaccine “hidden in plain sight” in the mainstream scientific journals and official WHO reports)

·    The Physical Environment and Your Health

(Understanding environmental hazards, their health impacts, and how to mitigate them).


Available Standard Talks by Other LSF Associates

Dr Olugbenga A. Ayannuga

·    Evidences for Creation from Physiology and Anatomy: Gender, Sexuality, and the Human Anatomy


Dr Omolaja Osoniyi

·    Evidences for Creation from Molecular Biology: The Biochemistry of Drug Addiction


Dr Olanrewaju Ikuteyijo

·    Evidences for Creation from Sociology and Anthropology: Sustainability of Social Systems

Dr Grace Akinlade

·    Mitigating Adverse Health Effects associated with Pesticides and Air Pollution in Nigeria

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