Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Biden administration to reinstate COVID mandates, says report

 The usually reliable Infowars claims (August 20, 2023) that a high-ranking official in the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has leaked plans of the Biden administration to reinstate, in the coming weeks, COVID-19 restrictions beginning with mask mandates.  The report reads:

“According to the official, TSA managers were told in a Tuesday meeting that mask mandates will be imposed on TSA officers and airport employees beginning in mid-September. Restrictions will escalate so that by mid-October, pilots, flight crews and passengers will also be required to wear masks.” (https://frontline.news/post/biden-administration-to-reinstate-covid-mandates-says-report )


It is clear that the globalists have no intention of shutting up their One-world government plan.  With their spectacular failure with the COVID-19 plandemic, they only went back to the drawing board to plan their comeback.  All these were quite evident in the various pushes to redefine the World Health Organization and her powers, especially with respect to pandemics. This report from Infowars is then essentially an alert that we might begin to see the first salvo by mid-October. We wait and see how accurate this will turn out to be.  In the meantime, it is wisdom to begin to brace up for the impact!

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