Monday, June 15, 2020

Pastor E A Adeboye's One World Religion Comment - Video and Transcript

A portion of the short remark by Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye at a private birthday dinner organized in his honour by the Christ the Redeemer Friends Trust in 2012 has been taken out of context and badly twisted by some fame-seeking folks.  The circulated portion is portrayed as a research scoop from a recent event  organized by globalists, where the revered man of God decided to “come out” and declare his supposedly long-nursed closet support for the One World Religion initiatives of the UN.
Please note the following:

1. This event happened in April 2012, not last week!

2. That Pastor Adeboye’s position is that religious leaders should come together TO CONDEMN violence, terrorism, and other evil acts being perpetrated in the name of religion.  He is not asking religious FAITHS to come together  to evolve a new faith synthesized from the component faiths and stop proselytizing (“soul-winning” efforts) which is the essence of the One World Religion, under the leadership of the catholic Pope – of which we have been warning the Church for over two decades.

3. When the leader of a religious organization is invited to come speak at meetings organized by state actors such as Governors or even the UN, it is hardly reasonable to expect him to turn down the invitation!  What matters is the kind of message such a leader brings to the meeting.  Whereas it is customary for many Christian religious leaders on such occasions to tone down their references to “the Lord Jesus Christ” and choose rather to eulogize the “Creator God”.  Pastor Adeboye is to be commended for his ever readiness to refer generously to “the Lord Jesus Christ” with whom everybody ought to have a personal relationship.  This was the point in our commending his 2009 keynote address at the 68th assembly of the UN.  And that is a point that is also clearly evident in the 2012 speech in question, which is transcribed below.  On the video, the speech began around the 1hr 20 minutes mark.

Of course, there can be no doubting that the One World Religion advocates would love to have Pastor Adeboye in their camp.  Nor that they would continue to stir up all manner of intrigues in order to catch him in their ancient delicate "Caesar versus Christ" controversies.  Indeed every Christian who is committed to defending the values of the Kingdom of God and walk the narrow path to heaven should expect similar snares; and we must all continue to “take heed, watch, and pray,” as the Lord enjoins in Mark 13:33.  Pastor Enoch Adeboye needs our prayer, not our stalking.




I want to start, of course, by thanking the Almighty God for making this day possible.  When I look around, and I see the caliber of people gathered here tonight, I know this can only be God.  I am not where I am today because I have a degree in Mathematics.  If I had continued along the line I chose, I would have become a Vice Chancellor in the University; by now I would have retired and ‘am sure I don’t know of any Vice Chancellor anywhere in the world    who will be marking his seventieth birthday and have delegates from several nations of the world  [applause].

And so, I am what I am today simply because somewhere along the line I met the Lord Jesus Christ, and He changed everything.  And in addition to saying thank you to all of you, my appeal will be that if there is anyone here who hasn’t seriously considered having a relationship with Jesus Christ, they should look at what God is doing here tonight, and think again.  Jesus can make a great difference in your life.  

Having said that, I told my children not too long ago, I said considering the amount of love, that has been poured out on me since I turned 70, the gifts, the best wishes and so on, if I had known that it would be this sweet to be 70 I would have been 70 earlier. And one of my children had made a suggestion that we could arrange it so that I can be 70 more than once. So if you get another invitation next year to come to my 70th birthday, [chuckles] it must be one of those things that my children have arranged.

But seriously speaking, and I told my children in Nigeria, that, I don’t want a celebration.  They said they wanted to celebrate, they wanted to go to town, I told them that my job isn’t finished yet. And you shouldn’t be celebrating when you still have a long way to go.  I have a rough idea of what God sent me into this world to do. And I have not even started.  I am just beginning to scratch the surface.  Yes, He wants me to be an instrument in His hand that will bring the Redeemed Christian Church of God to every nation in the world. He wants me to work so hard that by His grace there will be in every family in the world, at least a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.  But I believe that that is just a small part of my assignment.  I believe a bigger part of the assignment is beginning to surface.

And that’s why you can see here today several people of different faiths gathering together because I believe God wants to use me to bring together religious leaders who will ultimately bring peace to this world [applause].  It is clear that politicians have failed to solve the problems of conflicts, and violence all over the world.  You kill a terrorist today a dozen others are rising up to take his place.  I believe that if we are going to have peace in this world we are going to need religious leaders to come together and speak out against violence. Speak out against those people who under the guise or religion are doing things that God will never approve of.  So I am delighted that by the grace of God, what, the initiative we started at the United Nations some months ago is continuing tomorrow with a Conference here; and you can see already some of my brothers  here from other faith, and we will be gathering together again to think of  what next are we going to do.  I want to ask you please that on this occasion you will join me in prayers that what the politicians have failed to do, God will use us religious leaders to achieve.

I am very very grateful for you coming here to honour God. Because who am I for you to come …[not clear]. I am an ordinary Pastor.  But I have a God Who is to be honoured.  A God so big, so mighty that you can never honour Him enough.

Thank you so much all those of you who have spoken so well about me.  When my wife held a little Christmas breakfast meeting… that brought together several governors, former Heads of States in my country, the people were saying one or two things, and they began to say some very beautiful things about me.   At first I was going to say, “how can these people be lying;” but then I realized that what they were actually saying is not who I am but who they want me to be. And I have learnt my lessons. God will help me.  I will become what you say I am and I will be better.  

Thank you very much. God bless you. 

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