Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Backlashes to Islamic extremism grow around the world


       Obama’s America continues to bend over backward, pandering to Islam-inspired atrocities. Even though the Orlando mass killer (Omar Mateen) called security forces before his action, pledging allegiance to ISIS; and even though the ISIS promptly took responsibility for the dastard deed afterwards;  Obama and his officials nevertheless insist that the action that left about 50 patrons dead in the gay club where it was executed, had nothing to do with Islamic extremism, but rather a matter of gun control and homophobia!
       A miffed al Qaeda instructed their own operatives to be more careful in selecting targets in the future, so that attacks could not be interpreted any other way but as carried out in the name of Islam! (http://tinyurl.com/h4qubj8)

       It is clearly such heady insistence of defending islam-inspired terrorism at all cost that has produced a Donald Trump, who despite saying he would, in the first instance, ban all Moslems migrants from entering America, still got overwhelming support from grassroot America and is set to be the flagbearer for the Republican party in the coming presidential election, in November.
        But there are other clear backlashes occurring round the world, as real people (rather than politically-correct politicians with hidden agenda) indicate being fed up with the seemingly unending atrocities of Islamists.   As many have observed, moslem mass migration might as well be the proverbial last straw that broke the back of the Remain Campaign’s  camel during the far-reaching BREXIT votes in Britain.  While British moslems voted massively to remain in the EU, other British citizens voted the other way, discountenancing threats of serious economic hardship just to get their freedom back.  Rumblings are rising for similar referendums in other EU states not just in the East, but also in mainland Europe, including Netherlands, Italy, Spain, even France!  As a matter of fact, a bloody civil war of sort seems imminent in France as private citizens are organizing themselves into militias intent on carrying out reprisal attacks on Moslem communities in the event of further attacks by moslem terrorist in the country. See http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/8489/france-the-coming-civil-war
        The rest of the world has never been fooled about the dangers of Islamic terrorism in the first instance.  Late June, Japanese Supreme court agreed with the government that ongoing mass blanket surveillance of mosques and other islam meetings in the country is plain common-sense measure that had to be undertaken.  Surprisingly, the same sentiment is being expressed in, of all places, Germany! READ MORE: ‘We have to know what happens there’: German govt wants to watch mosques & imams
     Back home, after initial mistaken notion that Boko Haram was helping Islam in general to “deal” with her Christian competition in the North, moslems soon realized  that terrorism, even if inspired by Islamic teaching, is nobody’s friend. And everybody is now on board condemning and fighting Boko Haram. 
     But would people ever learn their lessons?

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