Tuesday, July 19, 2016

African Leadership Summit: YCLA 2016 IS HERE!

About this time, two years ago, the highly inspirational Yoruba Christian Leaders Assembly (YCLA) was convoked.  A personal testimony from Church Arise! on the impact of that meeting has been posted on our blog at http://churcharise.blogspot.com.ng/2016/07/testimony-some-impacts-of-1st-ycla.html .
        Now the second edition of the meeting is here, but this time around it has been integrated into the wider Africa Leadership Summit.  As at press time, meetings have been successfully held at Calabar (9-10th July) and Ile-Ife (13-16th July).  More meetings are scheduled for Abuja (19-20 July), and Lagos (22-23 July). 
     The Ile-Ife meetings featured in addition to top leaders in Business, Academia, and Politics, a rich array of traditional rulers, who came enmasse (well over a dozen) under the umbrella of the Association of Born Again Christian Obas (AOBACO).  The Church was represented by the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Osun State Chapter, Dr Elisha Ogundiya, together with other top dignitaries including Dr Odun Orioke, General Overseer of Christway Church, Pastor John Temitope, Pastor of RCCG Region 3, Ile-Ife, and Rev Paul Oyedokun representing the President of the Osun state chapter of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.  One of the major transactions at the meeting was the literal enactment of Zechariah 8:23 as leaders representing various sectors physically connected with the sleeves of Pastor Reuven Berger and renounced the ancient Yoruba covenants which had hitherto influenced leadership in the various sectors of Society, replacing them with the Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 12. 

      Pastor Reuven is a leader of the Messianic Congregation in Jerusalem.  A direct descendant of Aaron, he re-located from his birthplace of New York in 1970 for old Jerusalem, then newly re-possessed by Israel.  He has since been living and ministering unto the LORD in Jerusalem all these 46 years.  Other ministers at the meeting included Pastor and Pastor (Mrs) Segun Olanipekun from Pretoria, Apostle Linda Gobodo and Ms Vuyelwa Nyakaza from Johannesburg, Pastor Daniel Kaberere from Nairobi, Engr Steve Olumuyiwa from Abuja, Rev Bode Oluwusi from Ejigbo, and Pastor John Adejorooluwa from Lagos.
        Immediate fall-outs of the meeting included the convening of a local chapter of the Africa-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) to facilitate trade and business with Israel, and the City Builders Network (CBN) to provide a platform to work for the repositioning of Yoruba cities and sectors of society upon solid godly foundations in the spirit of Heb. 11:10.  More information about the AICC can be found on their website, http://africa-israelchamber.com/.  Mr Ola Abraham (0703 348 4844) is the coordinator of the Ife chapter.  Further information on the CBN can be obtained from the Coordinator, Dr Niyi Oginni (0803 384 1224).

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