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Strange world of Islamists – sodomy, sex-slaves, endorsed by religious faithfuls

Sodomy for the sake of the jihad, sex-slaves to provide a technical way to side-track the quoran, and plain general sexual debaucheries when no one is looking are recent issues that should bother most muslims who consider these concepts as disgusting. 

First, the case of sodomy-for–the- sake –of-jihad….

More light is being thrown in the 2009 attempt by a suicide bomber, Abdulla Hassan al-Asiri to assassinate Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Nayef.  In that failed bid, al-Asiri had loaded one pound of PETN plastic explosives in his anus.  As shown by Raymond Ibrahim , an Islamic cleric named Abu al-Dema al-Qasab had introduced a number of young wanna-be Jihadis to the innovative possibilities of hiding explosives inside the anus for “martyrdom operations”.  However, to facilitate this, the anus needed to be widened.  Sodomy to the rescue!
When the young jihadis asked for formal fatwas from Sheik al-Qasab to confirm they would still qualify for their 70 virgins if they engaged in homosexuality before their “martyrdom operation”, he obliged with one.  Raymond Ibrahim gives the details:
“After praising Allah, the sheikh's fatwa began by declaring that sodomy is forbidden in Islam.  However, jihad comes first, for it is the pinnacle of Islam, and if the pinnacle of Islam can only be achieved through sodomy, then there is no wrong in it.”
The cleric further backed up this stupendous statement with two principles which Christians will do well to note.  He said:
“For the overarching rule of [Islamic] jurisprudence asserts that 'necessity makes permissible the prohibited.' And if obligatory matters can only be achieved by performing the prohibited, then it becomes obligatory to perform the prohibited, and there is no greater duty than jihad. After he sodomizes you, you must ask Allah for forgiveness and praise him all the more. And know that Allah will reward the jihadis on the Day of Resurrection, according to their intentions—and your intention, Allah willing, is for the victory of Islam, and we ask that Allah accept it of you”
For  details see; and also  for Raymond’s answer to those who tried to discredit the report as inaccurate.
How come people could be so confused in their spirituality?  Whereas the Bible warns, “How can we do evil so that good may come, God forbid (Rom **); and “Don’t be overcome with evil, rather overcome evil with good” (Rom 12:21). Christians who advocate interfaithism should think twice and understand what exactly they are calling for.  Indeed they themselves are practicing a form of the “do minor evil to achieve greater good” doctrine!
Furthermore, are these not pointers to the fact that the ssin question is beyond mere religion or rhetoric?  Moslem or Christian or whatever spirituality you claim, if the lust-sin question has not been settled in your life, then you surely should know you have a big problem that could easily lock the door of heaven against you.  Only Jesus can save you from your sins – that’s exactly why He came (Mat. 1:21)!

…..And then the advocacy for Sex Slave Marriage
As reported by Raymond Ibrahim, On Monday July 2, Wael al-Ibrashi had a special guest on his Egyptian TV show Al Haqiqa ("the Truth"). The guest was Abd al-Rauf Awn, a man who had just “married” his “slave” and has come on air to justify and promote such sex slave marriage for other Islamic faithfuls.
                    A video-clip of the marriage showed the woman kissing his groom and telling him, in front of an applauding audience: “I enslave myself to you” rather than the customary “I marry myself to you”  Thereafter, the new owner-husband commanded the slave-bride to remove her hijab, declaring her forbidden from such trappings, lest she break Allah’s laws! The video-clip can be viewed at
                    On the show, Abd al-Rauf Awn,identified himself as an Islamic scholar and expert at Islamic jurisprudence who had studied at Al Azhar.  He gave several Islamic explanations to justify his "marriage," including citing Islamic prophet Muhammad's "sunna" or practice of "marrying" enslaved captive women.
He further justified the stripping of his sex-slave of her hijab.  Citing Islamic jurisprudence and Caliph Omar, al-Rauf Awn claimed that whereas the free (Muslim) woman is mandated to be veiled behind a hijab, sex-slaves are mandated only to be covered from the navel to the knees--with everything else exposed. 
                    Thereafter,  Awn explained that sex-slave marriage is ideal for today's Egyptian society. Male Islamic faithfuls, he argued, don’t have to waste their prime trying to amass enough money to marry a woman officially as they could easily buy a slave; while the female faithful who is bought would be excused from wearing the Hijab – which Awn says many Egyptian women don’t want to wear in public.
                    These positions of al-Rauf Awn were passionately attacked by the other guest on the show, Dr. Abdullah al-Naggar, a professor of Islamic jurisprudence at Al Azhar. He called on Awn and his slave-wife to "repent" and stop dishonoring Islam, arguing that "there is no longer sex-slavery".  Awn responded by sarcastically asking, "Who said sex-slavery is over? What--because the UN said so?"
                    Raymond cites other modern advocates of sex-slave marriage as including Egyptian Sheikh Huwaini, who declared that, in an ideal Muslim society, "when I want a sex-slave," he should be able to go "to the market and pick whichever female I desire and buy her." Another major proponent cited was a Kuwaiti female politician who suggested that Muslims should bring female captives of war--specifically Russian women from the Chechnya war--and sell them to Muslim men in the markets of Kuwait. (story from
                    Of course sex slaves will not count of the maximum four wives a pious muslim is allowed to marry! The truth of the matter is probably that no amount of women will be sufficient to sexually satisfy a man who has decided that he can’t be satisfied by only one woman.  The various rotten stories of sexual debaucheries involving so called men of God from virtually every religious setting confirm that it takes more than “religion” to set man free from sexual lusts.  A question every religious person ought to ask him/herself is this: if my religion cannot save me from sexual lust, how can I be sure it can take me to Paradise? 
“Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?” 1 John 5:5 

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