Saturday, September 1, 2012


It might as well be simply mere coincidence, but barely a few weeks after daring to point out people behind Boko Haram, (see last edition) General Patrick Azazi was on June 22 relieved of his job as the National Security Adviser. Also sacked on the same date was the Defence Minister, Haliru Bello. In as much it is our duty, both as christians and as patriots, to continue to lift up the President and the new NSA (Col Sambo Dasuki, rtd) up in prayers in their arduous task of directing the safety apparatus of the country, we are nevertheless concerned that one of the key strategies of Col Dasuki seemingly was that there should be less reporting of the dastard terror acts. Not just that such reports further heighten tension in the land, the new NSA actually said the reports are often exaggerated. Within two weeks of the new NSA however, terrorism reached a new level, when in a shocking brazen move, “terrorists numbering over 400 carried out a well-planned attack on the quiet people of Gashish district in Barakin Ladi local government area of Plateau State”. Everybody is shy to state any number for people killed, but apart for some 63 that were given mass burial the next day, “No fewer than 50 people were [further] discovered burnt in the house of a pastor of the Church of Christ in Nigeria in Matse village.” / More deaths were recorded when the same gunmen, displaying absolute impunity towards state security, again invaded the mass burial service causing further mayhems leading to the deaths of a serving senator (Senator Gyang Datong) and the Majority Leader in the state House of Assembly (Gyang Fulani) – among others. The question is: is it really possible to “exaggerate” such terrible seemingly endless incredible killings? As at press time, government is still trying to seek approval from local muslims before they could go after the hordes of the Fulani killers, reported to have been recruited from neighbouring countries, and whose operational base has been located. We can only pray that the Lord in His mercy will bless our President’s preferred attitude to dealing with these very costly terrorist acts in the land. Dropping a clear hint as to why his boss was removed, Mr Mike Awe,media spokesman to Patrick Azazi said: The President is under political pressure and not everything is classified and made public. When NSA asked that Buhari be invited for questioning, Jonathan kicked against it. When he suggested that some people be brought in and questioned, he kicked against it saying it is a ploy to scatter his government.” (

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