Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nigeria fuels global governance agenda with Bakassi precedence

For the first time in the history of nations, according to experts, a sovereign country has voluntarily cedes part of its territory to another country – at the instruction of an international organization. At the same time that Russia was foraging into Georgia, and the US declaring international (UN) agreements not approved by her Congress (e.g. Kyoto protocols) as non-binding and un-implementable, Nigeria released the strategic Bakassi peninsula to Cameroun, at the instructions of the International Court of Justice, overruling Nigeria’s laws and strategic interests
Land squabbles are as old as human society. When humans are not fighting over land as one nation against another nation, they are bound to do it either as one state of a federation versus another state, or at city, village or even individual levels! And the outcome of such squamishes are not any different – they are always bloody and span generations. Watch out, as different interest groups (akin to Nigeria’s Niger Delta militias) arise among the Cameroonians each laying claim to Bakassi!
In the light of this reality, the real big issue to which CA! would want to draw the attention of every reader, is the impetus this action by Nigeria has given to the One World government agenda. Clearly, this action has demonstrated (as we’ve heard repeated ad nauseum in recent times) that international interests and laws are superior to our national ones!
The follow-ups to this development are not hard to imagine. We can expect very soon to hear arguments about how, for instance, the proposed Nigerian law against homosexuality (which had remained a proposal for almost 3 years now, as we warned in Vol 9 No 2 and Vol 10 No 2), is against and inferior to the presumed global opinion on the issue. And, while still on that example, the UN is not leaving anyone in doubts what this supposed ‘global opinion’ is, with the recent granting of “consultative status” to two gay-advocacy NGOs from Spain and the Netherlands. This move has been widely interpreted as designed to weaken the sovereignty of nations, especially with respect to opinions on “sexual rights” issues.
There are countless other efforts, of course, by which global governance advocates seek to change the face and mind of society. Some of the important ones we have been stressing over the years include environmental issues (such as the obdurate insistence that global warming is caused by man despite concrete evidences to the contrary), and educational issues (where for instance all the paradigm is built on the incredible assumption that man evolved from animals which evolved from inanimate objects which in turn evolved from quantum fluctuation of nothing!)
The concept of using a higher law to override inferior ones by global government advocates (a bastardized version of the law of spirit of life overriding that of death as in Rom 8:2) has long been recognized and used by agents of the antichrist. For instance, the Roe vs Wade precedence in the US in 1973 made abortion legal all over the US, eroding the existing laws in several states opposing abortion. About 50 million babies (including those who initially survived the abortion procedure!) have had their lives legally terminated since, in the same country where to destroy the egg of an eagle would attract a stiff jail term and up to $250,000 fine!
We warned in the last edition that all the spates of the laws from individual states in the US proscribing mandatory implantation of the microchip will also be easily swept away by one federal law (or should we say UN law!) at the appropriate time near the unveiling of the antichrist.

“For the Kingdom is the LORD’S: and he is the governor among the nations” - Psalm 22:28

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