Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DARPA funding Warwick on microchip implant project

Remember Kevin Warwick? He is the Professor of Cyberneutics at Reading University, UK where he is pushing the frontiers in the application of the microchip implant to provide an interface between Man and Machine – the subject matter of Cyberneutics. We described his Cyborg 2 experiments in vol 4 No 6, 2001 showing that his efforts to use the microchip to gain unfettered access to the mind of anyone so implanted easily takes the microchip from the realm of technology into the so-called psychic realm, and with clear-cut spiritual implications. Specifically, he inserted microchips into both his wife and himself to demonstrate communication of thoughts and emotions between people located on two different continents via internet interactions between the implanted chips. It was at that stage that we were convinced that the microchip, (capable of not only reading one’s thoughts and emotions, but actually controlling them), would be “the precursor to the mark of the beast” described in advance in Rev 13.
Prof Kevin Warwick, with quite boisterous character going by his numerous press interviews that litter the internet (you may just google his name for some links), has been relatively ‘quiet’ in the last few years. It is therefore interesting reading the reports by Cutting Edge that Prof Warwick has been collaborating actively with the United States Homeland Security through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (D.A.R.P.A) on the Multi Micro Electrode Array (MMEA) project – a project which extends the results of the Cyborg experiments.
Homeland Security was created immediately after the 9/11 attacks to oversee the general internal security in the United States, particularly in light of the declaration of war against terrorism by the US president. That was an enormous responsibility with an appropriate influence and budget to go with it. Since its inauguration, Cabinet positions, including the CIA, Department of Justice, and Department of Defense, that used to report directly to the President of the US now report to the Director of the DARPA, Mr Tom Ridge, who in turn interacts directly with the President.
The question is, what is such a powerful Organization, with clearly indicated interests in mass surveillance and mass controlling of the public, doing with the MMEA? It is quite clear that compared with the MMEA, the commercially-marketed Verichip is no more than a toy; and it has been suggested that the Verichip is really meant to distract the discerning public from probing too deep into the MMEA. It is taken for granted that the publicly-acknowledged research activities of DARPA are only to provide the starting points for the classified activities. Mark of the Beast or not, are we to believe that all these clandestine ‘advancements’ in these worrisome directions are really for the benefit of mankind?
Visit the website of the Cutting Edge ministries (www.cuttingedge.org/) for more interesting details.

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