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 In lieu of the postponed Jerusalem meeting of the Africa Leadership Summit (ALS) which should have held this year, a virtual Conference themed The Quest for Godly Leaders and Righteous Nations   was held on Saturday October 23 and Sunday October 24.  On both days, the meetings were preceded by a 30 minute photoshow of 2019 ALS as well as another half hour of intercession and prayer for the Great Awakening.

Pastor Segun Olanipekun clearly spelt out the vision and strategies of the ALS for raising leaders to take over sectors and cities of Africa to accomplish God’s counsel in the endtimes.  He was upbeat that this seemingly impossible task would be realized, even in our time, by God’s predetermined infallible counsel.  Citing Isa. 59:19, Rev 12:2-5 and 1 Sam 1:11, among other Scriptures, Pastor Segun counselled that we pay less attention to the threatening floods of the enemy; and rather repose more confidence in what the Holy Spirit has determined to birth through us.

Starting with Psa. 82 Pastor  John Adejoroluwa carefully explained that it is God’s desire to possess/inherit the nations, but this will come only after they had been “judged”, by which is meant, made compliant with the divine blueprint.   He further explained that the primary qualification for those to be used for this task is sonship.  Government of nations is to be placed on the shoulders on “sons” of God, stars that shine even in the day, and not just “children” of God he emphasised.  According to Pastor John, one major judgement which must happen within the Church itself, is that of the spirit of Jezebel which, where allowed free rein, keeps “children of God” from maturing into “sons of God”. (Rev 2:20).  

In a later comment, Pastor Segun pointed out, from Isa 55:4, that when such “sons” as described by Pastor John are commissioned for specific tasks, God calls them “Leaders.” Engr  B.U. Bassey, Apostle Linda Gobodo, Rev Bode Oluwusi, Pastor David Kaberere, and Sis Margaret Aduol  also briefly proclaimed the word of God and led prayers at various times during the Conference.

The main speakers at the Conference were the Berger brothers.   Reuven and Benjamin spoke passionately on the subject of Israel, the Church, and the endtimes which subject they have been studying for over 50 years.  Reuven’s talk was titled Signs of the Time, and interestingly, for more than half of the talk, he dwelt extensively on the significance of the COVID vaccine now being mandated over the nations.  In this regard, according to Reuven, Israel in particular has once again become the world’s spectacle; but this time not as a sacrificial lamb, but an experimental guinea pig!  Hopefully this very sobering talk would be eye-opening for those who yet have not grasped the full implication of an unprecedented brazen mandate of an experimental injection despite several significant undeniable flaws associated with the product.  

Other signs pointed out by Pastor Reuven included the strident attacks on the family and education, the rising impacts of artificial intelligence, apostasy in many parts of the Church, growing  antisemitism, LGBT total take-over, and jihadist Islam, including the ongoing persecution of Christians and clamour for restructuring in Nigeria.  In concluding, Pastor Reuven urged that we keep Jerusalem at the centre of our hearts, since Jerusalem (and the nation of Israel) is at the heart of God’s plan for the earth and the nations.  He however cautioned that Israel (even the Messianic Community) has not yet arrived and is in need of strong intercession.  We must therefore not “glory in Israel in the flesh”, but rather pray for her resurrection from the dead through her King, Yeshua the Messiah.  He concluded on a very sobering note, drawn from Malachi 3:1-3: the coming of the Lord will be preceded by a refining process through which God’s people will literally pass through fire. We should brace up to receive this purification.

Pastor Benjamin capped the story the next day speaking on Home Coming.  Beginning from the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, to Israel’s exile in 70AD, he wove together a beautiful story of several homecomings in the Scriptures and throughout Church history.  This included the ongoing “homecoming” of Israel which began with the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, and was accentuated with the return of the Temple Mount to Jewish authority in 1967.  Interestingly Benjamin and Reuven themselves are significant part of the history they recount, being leaders in the Messianic Jews community which was birthed in 1967 with the supernatural appearance of Jesus to a number of previous atheist Jews, among whom was Benjamin Berger. Programme anchor, Dr Luthando Dziba described Pastor Benjamin’s presentation as a rich lecture in Church history.

We also glean from Pastor Benjamin talk that, preceding Israel’s full homecoming as the nation acknowledges and welcomes the Lord Jesus to the throne of David, and the ultimate homecoming of Creation back to the pre-Fall state, will be the homecoming of the Church.  In one sense this homecoming is already being accomplished with the Church being grafted back into her Jewish roots (a fact well exemplified by the ALS for instance), but clearly, the ultimate homecoming for the Church is that event known as the Rapture. 

One of our respected elders on the main ALS platform in Nigeria [see the link to join the platform below] recently suggested that a Workshop be convened on the subject of the Rapture.   My personal opinion is that we probably won’t be able to do a better job on that subject than what we already have from this Virtual ALS Conference! Here we have seamlessly woven together Signs of the Time, the Ultimate Homecoming and the important issue of what the Church ought to be doing at such an auspicious time as this – the nitty gritty of redeeming nations for God and His Christ.

Thankfully, we have all these deep teachings recorded for posterity. Here are the links:

Day 1:


Day 2:

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