Saturday, August 21, 2021



Apparently, the litany of vaccine propaganda is beginning to expire and people are no longer swallowing line hook and sinker everything put forward by so-called “experts”.  It was pleasant reading in the Punch newspaper earlier in the week, of State governments finally deciding to call off the bluff of the globalists, served through the Federal government, in their call for continuous mass testing of asymptomatic people in Nigeria.  Literally speaking as one, officials of state ministries of health insisted, they are not ready to comply with such an insane suggestion.  In the words of Prof Mobolaji Aluko, Ekiti State COVID Coordinator, “We are not doing mass testing. We are doing testing based on situation. If someone is feeling somehow, we test, if the person is positive, we do contact tracing.”

It is of course open secret that when the globalists need the “incidence” of COVID-19 to ebb, they refuse to test even those who plead for a test.  “No kit available”, “Go to the designated centre at so and so place,” etc are the well-known responses thrown at such people.  However, when the globalists’ narrative requires a cresting “new wave”, the cry for mandatory mass testing begins to fill the air.

Given that the PCR test is even now officially confirmed as inappropriate and yielding unacceptably number of false positive results (it would become unacceptable in the US after December 2021), it is clear that the more tests are carried out, the more positive “cases” would be discovered and announced!  As we pointed out at the beginning of this charade last year, the number of cases ought to be reported in terms of fraction of total tests conducted, rather than as absolute figures!

Even worsening the already stinking story is the announcement in the US, that the nation military establishment, the Pentagon, has now developed a chip that would be implanted in people, simply to enable them rapidly diagnose the presence of SARS Cov-2 virus!  A few months ago, anyone who suggests that such a development is in the offing would have been labelled a daft conspiracy theorist!

And on a final note, isn’t it amazing that nobody is even thinking of a “new wave of COVID” in Afghanistan?  Even more revealing is the news report of some 300 top globalists huddling together in a tent for the 60th birthday party of Barak Obama, without any masks on, or care about social distancing.  Apparently President Biden’s obsession with mass vaccination with masks and social distancing only applies to regular law abiding citizens of this world.

Our deep feeling at the LivingScience Foundation is that the vast majority of people in Nigeria had already caught COVID-19 when it debuted early last year.  Contrary to the expectation of the globalists however, protected by Divinely-orchestrated conditions (abundant sunlight, previous mass immunity to the coronavirus family, etc), COVID turned out to be a no-event here in the country!  The situation now is that most of us are therefore technically COVID-recovered; and have a robust immunity which no vaccine can match.  According to the well-known principle of Antibody Dependent Enhancement  it is the vaccinated people that have now become the perpetual source of an endless number of  virus “variants of concern”.  And it is they that are at most risk of succumbing to these variants.

While we wish those in this situation all the best (and advise they stock up on Ivermectin together with a religious embrace of available sound immunity-building protocols), we strongly urge the rest of us to steer clear of the experimental vaccines – at all costs!


Your brother, Joshua.


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