Monday, September 30, 2019


The 5th edition of the Summit for Christians in Nigeria’s Tertiary Institutions holds  Thursday October 10 -  Saturday October 12 at the Redemption Camp.  It is a highly recommended meeting, convened by the distinguished Christian educator, Mrs Adun Akinyemiju.  A copy of the official invite with the required details, is pasted below.

Please be the guest of Church Arise! at this meeting, highly relevant for our times and clime.

Joshua Ojo

30th September, 2019.


We bring you greetings and blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We write to invite you to the fifth edition of the Summit for Christians in Nigeria’s Tertiary Institutions called CHRISTIANS IN HIGHER EDUCATION SPIRITUAL SUMMIT (CHESS).
The theme of the Summit is: SEE JESUS LIFTED
The overall aim of this Summit is to stir up the fire of revival among Christian Academic and non-academic staff as well as Students in tertiary institutions, leading to total transformation of our campuses and ultimately, our nation Nigeria.
The 3-day Summit is open to all Christians in higher institutions in Nigeria. These include: Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Registrars, Provosts, Lecturers, Student Union Leaders, and Student Fellowship Coordinators among others.
 Our specific objectives are to:
·                Promote increased cooperation among Christians, various denominations and Fellowships on Campuses.
·                Build capacity to effectively work together to impact campuses with the Light of God and Work of service.
·                Challenge Christian students to be strong in standing for their faith and serving as mentors and role models to other students on campuses
·                Restore the hunger for God’s kingdom values as we demand for fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit to empower us for greater end-time harvest.
·                Propel Christian Universities to run effectively and raise disciples for the Kingdom of God

Details of the Summit are as follows:
Date: 10th -12th October, 2019.
Venue: Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State.
God is depending on you to spread the word, pray and plan to attend this Summit

For further inquiry, please contact us by mail;, click REGISTER  OR call Olajide on 08142312824 to register.

Attached is the E-flier for the programme.

Thank you.

Adun Akinyemiju (Mrs.)
Chairperson, ACSI Nigeria,
Convener CHESS

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