Sunday, June 2, 2019

Audio testimony of Encounter with the Lord Jesus by Fulani Moslem Preacher, Mohammodu Jimoh Adua Bello, Daura Central Mosque, Daura, Katstina State

Please listen to the testimony of the gripping Paul-like encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ by Mohammed Jimoh Adua Bello, Shehu Ibrahima, Oshodi road Lagos; from Daura Central Mosque, Daura, Katsina.
We believe [had hoped!] this to be a definite Move of the Holy Spirit that will radically affect the current religious-political situation in the country. We have removed the link to the audio.  But please read the update below.
PS. We are confident the Move of God is at the doors, despite this confirmed faked efforts by the Enemy to confuse the ground.


Most readers have already got the rebuttal of the above audio, attributed to respected CAPRO missionary, Mr John Idoko.  Based on the voice (there are no videos), Mr John Idoko believes the Fulani man here, is the same man that came up with a similar conversion story in FEBRUARY this year (and actually swindled him of some N50,000).

If Mr Adua Bello ends up being the same guy indeed, then obviously his testimony must be disregarded and thrown aside.  But the big question would be why embark on such an elaborate fakery - even given the obvious talents and opportunities (as an educated Fulani in today's Nigeria) Mr Bello has?

Can't be just for financial gain. And unlike the stories from the North East, of moles who fake conversion so as to identify missionaries reaching out to Fulanis at IDP camps, and point them out for massacre by Islamists, this man here did not say somebody preached to him.

So, we must look at the case in the light of Acts 16:16-18, where the damsel with the spirit of divination kept hollowing after the Apostles, correctly proclaiming words that would on the surface, promote both the Gospel and the ministry of the Apostles.  But Paul shut down her tirades and cast out the devil.

If hell could bring up a case like this at this critical time, it would be a revelation of the seriousness the devil is assigning to the mission of confusing and dividing an already seriously beleagured Nigeria Church.

For those who feel discouraged by the turn of event, one big lesson is to know that the best basis for our faith is the Scriptures, not somebody else's vision or experience - helpful as those could be.  And to show that genuine conversions are happening everyday, let's close with this testimony shared at the Redemption Camp a few weeks ago. Please click HERE


Anonymous said...

I think this should be thoroughly investigated.

Shegz said...

My honest response -

Unknown said...

So this could be a fake testimony? And I listen to it frequently and even recommend for others to listen to? Will be disappointed if it turns out to be truly a fake.

Gok said...

No! This is not a fake testimony. I have listened to this testimony over and over again. Apart from the consistency with the Scripture, when he began to speak in tongues, the Spirit bore witness within me on this. We learn theology through the Scripture, the Tradition and Experience. All three aligned in His testimony. His testimony has no element of a desire for personal gain, fame or anything personal benefit. He is simply a teller. Indeed, there are many dishonest people in Nigeria, who will use any means for personal gain. I can say with reason that this is not one of such. I am a Nigerian who lives in the US, a pastor, with Master of Theological Studies. I understand every attempt to discredit this convert's testimony but with no factual argument against the content of the testimony. It is a normal thing in Nigeria to discredit such testimony if threats failed. I downloaded a copy of the Quaran to confirm the sections he quoted, and they were accurate. I challenge anyone discrediting his testimony to challenge the content of his testimony and to care less about his character (which I have no doubt about, his name, family, Mosque, location and all personal information could be easily researched). Let whoever is discrediting his testimony also discredit his claims about the status of Jesus relative to salvation, the status of the Holy Spirit relative to prophet Mohammed, and the sections of the Quaran quoted by this convert. Overall, this testimony is not for Christians, but specifically for fervent Moslems, who otherwise believed they are pleasing God with their ways. It is for them that the Lord Jesus appeared and saved his soul, so that he could share his experiential struggle and conversion with them. Therefore, I encourage you to repost this confession, as I have no reason to believe that it is illegitimate. The research done by this website below did lots of Justice to this confession:
May the Lord strengthen your ministry as you proclaim Him till He comes.