Thursday, October 11, 2018


The Christian Institute had played impressive prominent role in supporting the Ashers, Christian bakers who refused to bake cakes  in celebration of gay marriage.  This is the UK version of the bashing of the rest of us by the new world order in pursuit of their new sexuality. The movement reached a frenzy in the days of Obama in the US, and but for divine intervention, was about gobbling up christian businesses (bakers, photographers, inn keepers, etc) who insisted they would remain true to the Gospel.
Below is the Press release by the Christian Institute announcing the good news, and soliciting for support to cover the immense expenses incurred in prosecuting the landmark battle that lasted over 4 years.
Congratulations to all of us.  The Truth of the Gospel is indeed invincible!

Dear supporter,

By now you may be aware that Ashers Baking Company has won its case at the Supreme Court.

This is a truly wonderful outcome. Please join with us, and Christians across the UK and beyond, in giving thanks to God.
As a landmark ruling, rightly there has been extensive media coverage. Daniel McArthur spoke outside the Court this morning. Watch his statement now:
Daniel and Amy McArthur

Additional coverage is available via our Ashers hub.

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Thank you for standing with The Christian Institute in our 
support for the McArthur family over the last four and a half years.
If you would like to assist us with the bills for this case, or to help other Christians whose religious liberty is threatened, you can donate using the button below.
Yours in Christ,
Colin Hart
Colin Hart
The Christian Institute

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