Monday, June 4, 2018


Dearly beloved,

A big congratulations for your participation in the just-concluded CETCon.  As the Scriptures say, “Many are called, but few are chosen”.

In his talk, Pastor Bosun Emmanuel shared a perspective the LORD had given us earlier: to accomplish an extra-ordinary monumental victory, the LORD deliberately required Gideon’s initial army of 32,000 to be whittled down to a mere 300 men (Judges 7).  And that was sufficient to accomplish the LORD’s counsel!

The CETCon was conveyed because like Daniel in Daniel 9:2-3, we are convinced that the time is ripe for the fulfilment of the prophecies written for Nigeria. We knew we only had to sign up and be available for God to use us to be part of His vehicle for bringing these prophecies to pass.  Like the small smooth stone that crushed the head of Goliath (I Samuel 17:49).  Like the small stone cut without human hand that smashed and overwhelm the existing  new world order structure of the anti-christ (Daniel 2:44-45). Again, we rejoice in the LORD that you also are part of His moves these exciting endtimes.

But the CETCon was only just the beginning, the initial phase.  Moving forward, the Creation Science Society is scheduling her first meeting for Wednesday June 13, at 5.00pm. It will be a time to discuss (over a cocktail), the wide range of topics in Scientific Creationism, browse through dozens of resources available, and decide on action plans for the Society. Please join us at this meeting, if you are at all able. And kindly help spread the word to others that might be interested to come join us. The venue for the meeting is Room 238, Physics Building, White House on OAU campus. You may obtain further details from Mr Dimeji Babatunde on 08038272108.

Similarly, I am to intimate you, if you are not already aware of this, that the City Builders Network (CBN) is already operational on the Obafemi Awolowo University.  The vision of the CBN is to promote nation-building following the patterns of Abraham, whom the Bible records, sought to build a city with foundations (Hebrews 11:10).  The CBN is determined to contribute to the building of nation Nigeria one “city” at a time, where the “city” ranges from geographical settings and people groups, to various sectors of society.  In doing this, we would need to contend against the existing occult-based foundations promoted through various forms of cultism, drug-fuelled gangsterism and the like. You might be interested in attending a critical meeting of the CBN scheduled for the evening of Friday 20th – Saturday 21st July 2018 at Mount Carmel Prayer City, Ifewara.  The handbill for this meeting was circulated during the CETCon. Please contact me or Dr Lekan Jesuleye (on 08157609726) if you require more details.  

Finally I hope you did respond to the invitation by Pastor Bosun to visit and register with the Christian Social Movement of Nigeria. The CSMN is one of the official platforms of the Christian Association of Nigeria designed to mobilize Christian professionals and young adults to nation-building in Nigeria while projecting and defending Christian values and interests.  A strategic meeting of the CSMN in the South West Zone of Nigeria is scheduled to hold at Ibadan on Saturday 30th June.  Please contact me for details if you will like to be part of this potentially-historic meeting.

In addition to these formal activities leveraging the moves set in place by the Almighty God at CETCon 2018, we are trusting the LORD that one or two of you out there will be receiving visions for new initiatives to fill yawning gaps the LORD is pointing your attention to, either right here on our campus or in the general society.  Please do not hesitate to make the moves the LORD is requesting you to make.  And kindly feel free to share this with us at Church Arise!

Meanwhile I suggest that we all keep in touch in real time via social media.  If you would like to be subscribed on a Whats’App Group to be created for this purpose, kindly respond to this mail, sending your Name, Affiliation and Whats’app number. We shall be sending you in due course links to the various video and audio clips of the Conference as they are posted on the internet. If you come with a flash drive to any of the meetings announced here, you might also copy directly the videos and audios of interest to you.

Go in this thy might, thou man/woman of valour! (Judges 6:12,14)

Your brother in promoting the Lord’s Kingdom

Joshua Ojo
Church Arise! LivingWater Ministries, Ile-Ife
8 Surulere Line 2, (near Victory Chapel), Oke-Opa, Ile-Ife
Telephone: 08057106482

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