Tuesday, September 26, 2017

National Christian Elders stick out neck for Nigeria’s future

Walking the talk, eminent Christian leaders from the six geo-political zones of Nigeria have decided it is time they stuck out their necks to push for restructuring of Nigeria so as to promote good governance, true democracy, nationalism, prosperity, and  righteousness in the country.  These respected patriots working as the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF), under the aegis of the Christian Association of Nigeria, are currently engaging Nigerian Christianity in ways never before seen.
For instance, in their interaction with the Senate on Tuesday 25th July, the Elders Forum challenged Christian senators from Southern and Middle Belt zones on key national issues including the attempts to islamize the educational curriculum in the country under their watch.  In another series of ongoing engagements, the NCEF is challenging the major political parties to reject politics of religion and ethnicity, and rather embrace nationalistic politicking. Under the theme: Nigeria Once Free, Forever Free, the NCEF is urging Christians and all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria to resist every intimidation and fear. The Forum observed that fear is deliberately being ramped up in the polity, so as to intimidate Nigerians and cause them to capitulate to neo-colonization.
    In a 32 page Confidential Document, the NCEF  expressed regret that Nigeria has been grappling with various forms of colonization from inception. It point-blankly lends her support for the call for restructuring the country back along the federal lines which was unfortunately unilaterally disrupted by the military during their intervention  in 1966.  Above all, the body urges all Christians, and indeed all Nigerians, to remain watchful and prayerful.
Christians interested in additional information from the NCEF could register at  www.csmnigeria.org  while financial supports could be forwarded through the Christian Social Movement of Nigeria, Account Number 1014138350, Zenith Bank.

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