Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Islamic conversion-by-marriage craze now assuming Epidemic Proportions in Nigeria

In January 2010 we cited the craze in Egypt where in the height of the influence of the Moslem Brotherhood, Islamists were having a field day luring Christian girls into supermarkets, (as if they had won some gift) and in broad day light, abducting and raping them into marriage. Thereafter they claim the humiliated girls have converted to Islam.
It would have sounded so comical if not that it was happening in real life, not some movies. Our conclusion at CA! is that there must have been rather strong incentives (probably monetary), daring young moslem men to bring in Christian brides one way or the other.  (Like Okorocha’s incentives to Youth Corpers who marry while serving in his state).
Now the chicken are in our backyard roosting. 
There have always been instances of abduction of Christians by Moslems with little public outrage.  As we reported in 2007 when 7 year old boy Victor Udo Usen was found in neigbours compound after being missing for 6 months, even the security agencies when contacted, could only advise the distraught parents to go plead at the Palace that their son be released!
The kidnappers piously insisted that the boy had converted to Islam and could not be released to non-moslem albeit biological parents!
Local, out-of-public eyes solution also was probably adopted in the case of Charity Uzoechina hypnotized and kept at the Emir’s Palace in Bida  a few years ago (see a summary of these reports here).
But in recent times, the reports have been pouring in non-stop.  It’s always the same: Moslem boys abduct Christian girls, and claim they have eloped with them in marriage, have converted to Islam, and have no desire to ever see their Christian parents or family members ever again!
One of the nationally-prominent cases is that of Ese Oruru abducted in Bayelsa state and later located in Kano, in the Emir’s palace! There are several others happening away from public sight.  For instance, a friend from Jaaji, Kaduna state, told of the local CAN discussing 3 such “abduct- and-marry” cases in recent times.  Interestingly, virtually all the cases involved Igbo girls.  This gives credence to the claim by Pastor Bosun Emmanuel (see Islamization Agenda) that the next strategic move of Islamists is geared to taking over Eastern Nigeria.  Young men are being induced with money and business deals, while the girls are lured and forcefully converted via marriage.
CA! does not consider  this development anything extraordinary.  We have been warned in the Scriptures.  There should be no room for whining that the devil would not agree to go to hell quietly without desperate kamikaze struggles. What we must do is heed Biblical counsel: Take heed to yourself (that you don’t become an accomplice for whatever reason), Watch (and doze-off not)(; and finally and most importantly Pray to stem evil and get direction on what specific actions to take) (Mk 13:33)

In Pakistan, estimated 700 girls forcefully converted to Islam by marriage annually – Research Group:
That the conversion-by-forced-marriage trend is inspired and imported from a global Islamist agenda, is not in any doubt. According to the Movement for Solidarity and Peace, a research, education and advocacy group, 700 non-Muslim girls are converted to Islam each year in Pakistan.
In a recent such incident, 15-year-old Saima Bibi  was abducted by a group of Muslim men, forced to convert to Islam, and marry one of her kidnappers. The family filed a complaint with police against her captors, showing her birth certificate confirming she is beneath the legal age for marriage in the country.  The Police, however, insisted that they have official documents proving the marriage and confirming that Saima has converted to Islam. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/01/14/pakistani-family-says-teenage-christian-daughter-kidnapped-forced-to-convert-to-islam-and-marry-her-abductor/.
Sardar Mushtaq Gill, a Christian lawyer and head of Legal Evangelical Association Development, explains that it is common in cases like this for perpetrators to take a plea of marriage and conversion to Islam in order to “save themselves from criminal charges of rape and kidnapping.”

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