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For those not aware, Gov El Rufai of Kaduna state has already sent a controversial bill to the Kaduna State House of Assembly, seeking to regulate religion in the State, in what is widely understood as a testrun for the entire Northern Nigeria. Dr Tayo Babalobi has posted scanned copies of this Bill (provided by the Social Movement of Nigeria )  on the internet here
A newspaper report on CAN's reaction to the Bill can be found here
But our recommended reading on the subject would be the article by Moses Gbenu, pasted below. Happy reading.

I assume all those reading this note must have already read that proposed law by El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State. First, we must bear in mind that El-Rufai is a Muslim bigot. As many brethren on this forum have already noted, Rufai’s draft law is simply to stifle or ban Christian activities not only in Kaduna State but in the North.
To enact a law against preaching, El-Rufai knows that Muslims really don’t have any message to preach. It is Christians that really preach, and we don’t abuse people. We only ask people to repent of their sins. Any government that has commonsense should rather encourage Christian preaching, because as people repent of their sins, crime is drastically reduced and people are more productive. It is Islam that has no message than attacking Christian doctrines: “God has no Son; he is not begotten, he does not beget anyone. There is no trinity, the Bible is not the word of God, Jesus did not die on the cross, He did not resurrect, … etc” This is simply to counter the Gospel, abuse Jesus and denigrate Christianity. A Muslim cannot even pray any day without reciting Sura 112, which is directly a denial of the Gospel claim of the deity of Jesus. In fact, there would have been no Islam if there were no Christianity because much of the preaching of Islam is either to counter or pervert the Christian doctrines.
If the law of El-Rufai must hold, close to 50% of the Quran must also be expunged or be banned under the law. Most Islamic books must have to be banned because most of them denigrate the core Christian doctrines and blaspheme Jesus our Lord.  
In Law or Philosophy, you don’t start arguing until you do ‘conceptual analysis’. Any committee that would sit to examine the proposal law of Rufai must first of all define the terms properly. When for example el-Rufai says in that draft that anyone who uses “offensive language” against “a religious leader” both dead or alive, he would be prosecuted, he must tell us what constitutes “offensive language”; he must also tell us the meaning of “a religious leader dead or alive”.
This clause is simply to protect Mohammed, and to begin the so-called ‘blasphemy law’ as it is practiced in Pakistan and other Islamic nations under which Christians are murdered either by Muslim mobs or officially by government. A muslim may deliberately ask you whether or not you believe that Mohammed is the last prophet and the greatest. If you say you don’t believe this, he may accuse you of saying he is a false prophet. If you preach that Jesus is the ONLY Saviour, that also means that you are saying that Mohammed is a false prophet. The interpretation of ‘blasphemy’ knows no bounds when it comes to reference to Mohammed. That is the trap they are setting for Nigerian Christians.
Moreover, what does Rufai mean by “a religious leader”? Does that include a pastor or any evangelist or a founder of religion? If I found a new religion am I included in that? Do the founders of any traditional religion fall into this? The man certainly does not know all implications of any law about definition of terms. His bigotry won’t allow him to think since his real aim is to stop Christianity.
We must remember that in 2013, this Mallam El-Rufai abused and insulted Jesus on his tweeter page. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) responded to his insolence and blasphemy.
On a number of occasions, El-Rufai has also insulted His Eminence, Pastor Ayo Ortisejafor, the CAN chairman.
His own laws must be used to arrest and prosecute him first as a test-run, before the law is even debated upon.
What is the meaning of “preaching”? Does that include sharing the Gospel with a neighbor or friend in office or on the road or anywhere? Or does he mean open air preaching or preaching in church or any public place? It means EVERY Nigerian Christian must have to get that license in order to preach because the Bible commands us all to preach the Gospel everywhere!
His law is also talking about “abusive religious books”, “books that use derogatory remarks to describe any religion ….”
The first books that must be banned under this Rufai Law are the QURAN and the HADITH. This is because the Quran and the Hadith are the manuals for Islamic terrorism.
Christianity and Judaism are the major focus of Quranic abuses. For example, the Quran and Hadith describe the Jews who practice Judaism as pigs and monkeys! Hadith presents Jews as descendants of apes or mutated monkeys or that monkeys, pigs and apes are descendants of Jews.
Quran 62:5 and 2:65 specifically compare Jews to “a donkey laden with books”, what else can be more racist, abusive and a hate speech? This is also stated in Sura 7:166. Also Hadith Sahih Muslim No 7135 and 7136.
Even though Jews make up only 0.2% of the world's population and 2% of the population of the United States, they have received the highest academic awards in history. Between 1901 and 2014, at least 194 Jews or people of Jewish ancestry have been awarded the Nobel Prize in different areas of life. This accounts for 23% of all individual recipients worldwide and constitutes 36% of all recipients in the United States within that same time. The greatest Man in human history, Jesus Christ, came through them. Any ‘holy book’ that downgrades the Jews is satanic. Any religion or ‘god’ that calls the Jews (or any other set of human beings) descendants of swine, apes and monkeys have already labeled themselves to be so.
If El-Rufai wants to make a law that prohibits religious books that abuse a religion or religious leaders, the ‘holy books’ and leaders of Islam should be the first culprits. It is Islamic books that incite Muslims to attack non-Muslims. It is Islamic ‘holy book’ Quran that calls Christians and other non-Muslims as “diseased” (Sura 2:10, “perverse” (2:99) and “stupid” and “worst of creatures” (98:6) and “the vilest of animals” (Sura 8:55), “panting dogs” and “cattle” (7:176). That is why Muslims don’t feel any sense of guilt slaughtering a Christian. If a book is to be banned in Kaduna so that we can have peace, it must these ‘holy books’.
The Rufai proposed law talks about arresting people for “carrying of weapons to religious places with a view to using them to cause religious disturbances ….”
This is a trick. Christians don’t carry weapons to church. It is Muslims that do so in the North. But the clause “with a view to …” is the trick. What if weapons are seen in mosques  and the people who own the weapons say they are keeping them for DEFENCE? They can be exonerated from the clause stating that the weapons are not for “causing disturbance ...” but for defence. In any case, who will go to mosques to be searching to weapons?
 Christians all over the nation must speak out loudly by any means we have to expose the slyness and conspiracy of El-Rufai and his team of jihadists in Kaduna and the North generally.

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