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September 2015, much eagerly awaited on account of so many interesting events – real (eg the Blood Moon Tetrad) or rumoured (e.g. opening of inter-dimensional portals), has finally come and gone.  But has it been only hypes or are there indeed reasons to hold it down as having been a tremendously important period for our generation?

Let’s review the events expected to be associated with the Blood Moon Tetrad for instance.  Based on historical precedents,  the celestial Sign is expected to usher in marked trauma for Europe, Islam, Roman Catholicism, and the State of Israel.  As penned by Steve Fletcher in his article, the History Of The 8 Blood Moon Tetrads Since Christ... And How We Can Know What Happens Next!:

So, the pattern of all Tetrads shows... the Epic Battle for world domination between Israel, Islam, and the Roman Catholic Church has been played out at each and every turn. Based on this fact alone, we can know that this upcoming Tetrad will also be focused on this Epic Battle of the ages, the final battle for world domination... and for the inheritance of the Earth!  


So , we make a quick excursion, to evaluate events pertaining to the identified main theatres of battle for world domination  and see whether or not significant changes were introduced into our world in September 2015.


Beginning with Europe, no one could seriously doubt that the migrants issue has marked the beginning of a New Europe that is now irreversibly being formed.  If we would be able to look back 200 years from now, it would be clear that September 2015 was a marked turning point for Europe.  With hundreds of thousands (and still counting) mainly moslem Arabs pouring in into Europe, the demography, religion, and character of Europe is for ever irreversibly changed.  Especially given the well-known fact that moslem migrants are not particularly inclined to integrating into the culture of their host western nations.  Even right now, the Shelters for the immigrants are already being governed by Sharia laws, and Christians, Kurds and other minorities there are being threatened with beheadings! To get details of horrors awaiting Europe from the impending Islamic take-over,  see


But Islam itself is far from being in any rejoicing mood as the fulfillment of Muammar Ghaddafi’s prediction of Islamic take-over of Western civilization “without swords, without guns” takes concrete shape.  Islam had its own fair share of  historic-size calamities visiting in the month of September.  Of course, the forced migration from moslem land into Europe was at the behest of ISIS, not mainstream Islam.  Apart from the hundreds of infiltrating Jihadists, it’s certain that most of the displaced Syrians would have preferred living at peace in Damascus than seeking refuge in Europe.


The real calamity for Islam however, would be the 9-11 thunderstorm event.  On the infamous date of September 11, a sudden massive thunderstorm maneuvered a huge construction crane operated by a bin Laden company, which crashed thereafter on no other place than the holiest shrine of Islam, the Grand Mosque at Mecca. Strange irony indeed!  It was in the heat of preparations for the annual Hajj and 111 lives were lost, not counting the maimed and injured.


Unfortunately, the worst had not yet come for Islam in the month of September.  The Hajj proper was to witness an unprecedented stampede that resulted in well over a thousand deaths!  The pain is sharply felt here in Nigeria where 64 people have been confirmed dead, and another 244 yet unaccounted for.


In the opinion of CA!, one of the most important reasons to thank God for the vision of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in developing her new 3 km by 3 km Auditorium, is the enhanced opportunity to control the  multitudes who periodically converge in multiples of millions (at least thrice a year)  to worship there.  People who have no idea of what it takes to manage such a crowd could sit and write theoretical thrash on how money is being “squandered” on such supposedly fanciful facility!  We trust that the good LORD Who has helped His Church thus far will continue with Her all the way into the future.


Back to the events of September, the Roman Catholic Church also most certainly entered a watershed period of its existence in the month.  As the prophesied last Pope (see CA! Vol 16 Qtr 1) made his unprecedented historic visit to the United States, to meet the world’s number 1 champion of anti-christian values and worldview, many saw it as the birth of the alliance that would produce the two major players introduced in Revelations Chapter 13 verses 1 and 11.


Beyond giving moral legitimacy to the definitely anti-christian values and morality being purveyed by Mr Obama, the Pope went ahead to team up with the US president to push new economic and environmental agenda that is obviously directed at ushering in a one-world government.  Frontline Republican President aspirant, and devout catholic Jeb Bush, had to quickly dissociate himself from his Pope, claiming “I don’t get economic policy from my bishops or my cardinals, or from my Pope….”


To the utter discomfort of many catholic faithfuls, the Pope has had to endorse  transgenders, further liberalize the catholic contraption called marriage annulment (which the catholic church insists is different from divorce), and famously quipped: if two men are in committed [homosexual] relationship, who am I to judge? Indeed, some ultra-conservative catholics have insisted that given his disposition, Pope Francis should rather be called an anti-pope, meaning they don’t recognize him as the true head of their organization.  In Vol  16 Qtr 1 and Vol 18 Qtr 2 we described the tight rope Pope Francis has set for himself to traverse. Trying to please everyone with his brand new concocted spirituality for the world, the Pope has steadily lost sympathy of both authentic catholics and authentic non-catholic Christians.  Pope Francis is apparently unperturbed by this,  however.  On the other side of the divide,  multitudes of people with no clear conviction on doctrinal matters  - ranging from catholics, evangelicals and even atheists, are hailing him and embracing his new religion. These by far, form the majority!


With his visits to Cuba, the US and the UN in September, the die was cast, and Pope Francis had to clarify certain previous double-talks and innuendoes (Jacob Prasch calls it pilpul) attributed to him on these issues.  The ball is now firmly in the courts of those catholics who strongly disagree to take their own actions.  On the long run, the months ahead will most likely reveal that the Roman Catholic Church irreversibly entered a new world in September 2015.  Please see  for more indepth analysis of the Pope’s September visit to the United States.


And on the last day of the month, Wednesday 30th September, came the befitting climax on the struggle for world domination, as Israel’s mortal challenge began to take visible concrete form.  This was the hoisting of the flag of the Palestinian State at the UN, following a resolution to that effect, earlier passed on September 10. As later events are revealing, this flag-hoisting is the cue for the unleashing of the 3rd intifada desperately pushing for an independent Palestinian State.


So, what really is the big deal about an emerging independent Palestinian State; and what is Israel’s problem with this?


As Bibi Netanyahu had said repeatedly, especially in the early days of his and Obama’s administrations (CA! Vol 12 No 4), the State of Israel would ordinarily welcome an independent Palestinian State co-existing peacefully side-by-side with her.  Indeed when the UN originally gave the mandate in 1947, it was the Arabs who rejected a two –state solution.  Israel accepted the idea and formed the State of Israel on the strength of the mandate; and till today, the Arabs world is still opposed to that existence! (see CA! Vol 5 No 3)


The problem with an “independent” Palestinian State is, first of all, the irony of such an idea at a time like this.  With even established Arab states like Syria, Iraq, Libya being shaken by ISIS (leading to those migration problem), what chance does a so-called “independent, secular, and democratic” Palestinian State stand of resisting an immediate take-over by Islamist militants who would see it as an incredible opportunity to get up-close to Israel and implement their avowed plan to wipe her off the map?  Just like the situation in Gaza and elsewhere, we can expect Hamas, Hezbollah, and even Al Qaeda and ISIS to come calling once the State of Palestine is declared.  Indeed nothing would unite these often fierce competitors more than an opportunity to come down and devour Israel.


Imagine East Jerusalem (the Temple Mount Area and all that) being under the control of Hamas and ISIS! 


Israel has had to repeatedly depend on God for incredible miracles in its 67 years of modern existence – such as described in Vol 17 Qtr 3 during the last 50-day war with Hamas.  With up-coming events, She would now require the mother of all miracles, nothing less in size than the parting of the sea, or having missiles rained down directly from heaven  - as in the days of Moses and Joshua  - to survive the next few years.


Yes, September 2015 has fully met the bill as a significant period laden with signs of the impending collapse of the existing world order, and the imminent birth of the much anticipated and talked about New World Order.  The myriads of events lurking just round the corner, are bound to be nothing short of apocalyptic proportions.  It’s a clear mark of the end time, that despite the fact that none of these things were done in a corner, majority of people still could not see anything beyond personal economic challenges or some elements of local politics!


As the Lord warned, concerning the day His people would be taken out of the unfolding world order:

And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.
Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back.  Remember Lot's wife. (Luk 17:26-32)

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