Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NIGERIAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS CONCLUDED - A quick Commentary on the real issues at stake

With President Goodluck Jonathan conceding defeat this evening in the Presidential election, a new era has clearly dawned in Nigeria.

The big winner of course is Nigeria. Haunted by the doomsday prophecy of our American and other western friends, that our Nation is bound to fail this year, it's a big relief that not only did we have a relatively peaceful election, we are having a peaceful after-election as well.  All glory to the almighty God.

Of course there could be many points to contest in the election results.  Most people are conveniently preferring to not notice the incredible percentages of registered voters that turned up in the northern states like Kano, Katsina and Kaduna where the APC won landslide victories.  But the same is probably true of other states where the PDP won her own landslides also.  And as a matter of fact, one of the well documented underage voting states, Taraba, was actually won by the PDP.

In all likelihood, it's the votes of the South West states that best reflect the wishes of the Nigerian majority.  And it is only right that that wish be respected.  We should all thank the almighty God for the unprecedented statesmanly and courageous action of Goodluck Jonathan.  Only God knows how many Nigerian lives have been spared by this singular act.

This courageous act has finally cemented GEJ's undeniable achievements - at least in my books.  Unfortunately, it is quite easy to miss out some of these notable achievements, especially by folks enmeshed in partisan politicking.  For instance the drastically falling oil prices did not significantly affect food prices as was the case elsewhere - for instance in Venezuala. This attests clearly to the success of the agricultural policies (though, I have personal strong reservations with the vast, uncritical dumping of genetically-modified seeds on us!). Likewise most Nigerians have actually forgotten what it means to spend days on the queue waiting to buy fuel.  Many also do not understand the real import of our refusal to be pushed around by the nose by western nations - notably on issues such as America's dream Africa High Command, gay marriage, etc. And there of course was the convocation of the National Conference to restructure Nigeria.   But most importantly, Nigeria's coming to the place where votes do actually begin to count and the wishes of the electorates are respected, are real laudable achievements of Goodluck Jonathan  May God bless him and move him forward in his future endeavours!

Even if democracy be the tyranny of the masses, as the book Animal Farm famously demonstrates, there's nevertheless probably no better option to it in the current dispensation.  We must continue to work our way out in the New World Order foisted on us by Satan as he watches his 6,000 years of misrule inch to a certain close!

So what do we make of these nouvelle, interesting developments?

The era of the votes of the populace now counting, can result in two possibilities.  One would have hoped it would mean the politicians would now work harder to serve the masses.  But it could also mean that politicians would work harder at their propaganda efforts.  Afterall, what really counts is the PERCEPTION of the masses.

This is not an attempt to be a pessimist, and the analysis is certainly not peculiar to Nigeria. We see, for example, how the Obama miracle propaganda machine  nearly turned the table even against high-performing Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel; and it is clear what era the world is in!

As we witness the final bursts of Satan's desperate wrath on the Church of God (Rev 12:12), we must understand that the most potent weapon in the devil's arsenal is deception. There is no wishing away that he would use this most ruthlessly against us as we await the sound of the Trump. What the Church must do is similarly step up Her efforts in teaching the Truth of the Gospel to the saints, in the contemporary world.  Reminding all that we are soldiers of the cross, and our only interests are His interests.  Bringing His will to pass on earth as is in heaven.

Thank God for a peaceful election in Nigeria.  As we await the eventual transition in government, and patriotically hope for a change for the better for our country and people, the Church must understand that in real spiritual terms, the battle far transcends political parties or even national boundaries; and it is only just beginning.  Discerning, Taking Heed, Watching and Praying are key elements to be promoted in these final moments as we await the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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