Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shakings in the US Military

         The unique character of the United States today, is its unparalleled military base. That, and not the economy for instance, is what makes her the superpower.  We know the US must lose that status before a global dictator, the antichrist, can become fully manifest (see our article US versus UN, vol 6 No 2).  Hence developments in the US military are always relevant to end-times discussion.  Moreover, developments in the US military institution, the most visible of the strength of the US, might as well provide indications of things to come in the other, less visible sectors of that country.  We here present a few recent happenings,  and leave you to judge the implications.
         First is the news report that it would appear that the US military is now ready to embrace eastern religion.  See details at http://www.thebereancall.org/content/us-military-embrace-eastern-religion.  This is coming up  at a time that Bible-based Christianity is increasingly coming under attack in that country, particularly within the military.
      The in route that homosexuality has made in the US military since President Barack Obama repealed the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Acts is simply incredible and is better discussed elsewhere. 
But much more surprising is the recently released figure on the number of men (and probably women also)  who had survived the tough external battle of bullets, bayonets and various deprivations, only to now start quietly succumbing to the battle within - depression. In an extensive study conducted by the US government itself, it has been established that 22 military veterans (ex-service men) are killing themselves every day.  That amounts to one suicide every 65 minutes. That figure covers only data between 1999 and 2010, and is expected to be more today.
    Even among currently serving personnel, data from the US military showed that suicides hit a record in 2012 with more soldiers committing suicide than getting killed in battle.  The actual figure for the year was 349 active-duty suicides, almost one per day!   (See Military suicides hit record in 2012, outpace combat deaths)
      Meanwhile, while the US has begun the slow but steady moves to take guns from the American people, (see Firearms manufacturer ends sales to New York in wake of new gun law) a report by the respected Christian news site World Net Daily indicates that Federal non-military agencies in charge of domestic operations in the US are stocking up an incredible amount of ammunition. By comparing the total number of ammunition (2 billion rounds) recently acquired by the Department of Homeland Security with the 5.5 million rounds being fired per month at the peak of Iraq War, analysts claim that these agencies now have enough ammunition “to ...shoot every American five times” and also “engage in a prolonged, domestic war.”  (www.wnd.com/2013/02/feds-buying-enough-bullets-for-24-year-war/)

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