Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lesbianism epidemic in the land

        In Nigeria, with progress being made, at long last, on the gay bills, the barons being the business are understandably livid.  For weeks, columnists on the Punch newspapers wrote tirades upon tirades against Senator David Mark, honourable president of the Senate.  But it’s a matter of time.  They would tire out and report back to their sponsors, that they have done their barking.  I personally don’t expect somebody like David Mark to be perturbed.

       The homosexual advocacy gang has a simple game plan, and how tenaciously they stick to it!  It’s simply to invade the land with talks and shows about homosexuality, never really promoting it, but showing that society is rotten enough to embrace it.  In Ghana, pro-gay ministerial nominee Nana  Lithur insists she will do no more than give homosexuals their ‘fundamental human right’ guaranteed in the constitution.  In the US homosexuality is compared with the blacks fighting for basic human rights.  But since Obama made his great coming-out during the campaigns which saw massive homosexual funds coming in, which eventually won him the presidency, is anyone surprised at his recent posture?  More should be expected!  Lou Giglio, the pastor that was earlier scheduled to give the charge at the swearing in was found to have, 20 years ago, called homosexuality a sin, just like adultery is.  Worse he went on to declare that the  “only way out of a homosexual lifestyle … is through the healing power of Jesus.”  For all these point-blank heresies, Lou Giglio was disinvited from the presidential inauguration.  Even though for the past 15 years he had tried not to antagonize the homosexual advocates, claiming that subject is no longer high on his list of priority.  But that’s too late – the vicious gay advocates would have none of that, particularly as they need to serve a clear warning to other current incorruptible Bible-thumpers! (see  In the meantime, people like Rick Warren who danced around to accommodate Obama last election are suddenly toxic persona non grata.       

 The train has moved on.

Here in our land, denied of such opportunities of open advocacy, the desperate homosexual chieftains are far from throwing in the towel.  We’ve heard about cultists forcing girls to play lesbians with themselves, no doubt to stimulate the passion in them.  The last time on a Ghana tv, we saw ladies in a prolooonged scene, amorously cooing, and touching and fondling their bodies supposedly acting lesbianism. How else are real sexual passions aroused?  And to imagine how much time such a scene would have had to be rehearsed before the final filming.  The surprise would be that none of those young actresses tried out lesbianism in real life, after the filming.

It’s really sad to note that it’s not just at cinemas or even on home videos that one is compelled to watch pornography and homosexuality, now the regular TV channels have also been dragged in.  The home video in Nigeria has even taken the game to higher levels still.  One recent release has  the explicit title “Lesbian”.  There is no need to watch any preview  as the pictures on the posters explicitly tell the story of what to expect. It is nothing short of pornography!  Presumably, the people behind it will claim they are only “exposing” indecent acts practiced in secret! What baloney! This is homosexual advocacy at its most poisonous!

As we have always maintained, the real danger is homosexual advocacy, not so much homosexuality itself.  If anyone practices homosexuality in their rooms, that’s their cup of tea, as long as they leave the rest of us out of it.  And if they insist on telling us how nice a time they are having in their unnatural acts, then they should allow other people, especially ex-homosexuals, to also publicly share their harrowing experiences!  In the meantime, I like to call on decent people in Nollywood to produce films where ex-homosexuals also share their story.  But please keep the sex scenes out in any case.

And talking about films, we’ve come a really long way!
The hero of course gets to passionately kiss his girlfriend at the close of the action-soaked film.  Passionate full-lips kissing, probably in the semi-nude.  Afterall this is big budget film, and there is a big story to tell.  The only problem is that throughout the body of the film, all the bullets and knife wounds inflicted on the hero while on his heroic mission to save the girl were FAKE.  The only real thing in the film is one man passionately kissing another man’s wife while the rest of us erupt in wild applause and foolish excitement. Even when we all know for sure it’s all acting.

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