Friday, November 23, 2012

Re: Jail is too good for Nigerian Pastors (Punch Newspaper, November 22, 2012)

In the article under reference, Adelakun Abimbola rants off idiotically with names of pastors, just because she  considers their claims to be incredible.  No crime, no complaints….not even a gossip to cite, other than the musing of some “undercover journalist” of Daily Mail – of all newspapers.  Yes, that’s the same newspapers that sent journalists to hound down their own country’s future king; using high zoom cameras, took his nude picture, and despite all reasonable entreaties, splashed the picture on their front page.  A feature article about Nigerian pastors in such a journal is the inspiration for Adelakun’s back page article in the Punch, and the basis for heaping abuses and insults on these honorable hardworking citizens – by name.  Even many that did not feature in the Daily Mail’s article were not spared.

Thank God Abimbola was not around when Elijah was meeting the widow of Zarephath!  If this lady-writer has problem believing in a God that works miracles, or that millions of we apparently na├»ve people do, does that now give her the liberty to start insulting people far more endowed and infinitely more honorable than her?

In any case, this is not to defend the men of God maliciously slandered by Abimbola.  I  guess if they are truly men of God, in the mould of Elijah, say, God knows exactly what to do.

My simple question however is could Ms Adelakun have dared to write such an article on Moslem clergies?  No, we are not talking Boko Haram leaders here; but even regular Islamic clergy, could she have written one percent of her imprudent article citing the name of one notable Islamic clergy?

The last time some Islamic mob beat up a local masquerade at Ibadan, killing the handler in the process, Adelakun still managed to turn her comment on the incident into an insulting piece on Christianity! (see Punch, July 12, 2012) The only mention of the word “Muslim” in the entire article was tucked in somewhere in the 5th paragraph and was quickly followed by the qualifier “youths” – suggesting the  problem was  more of youthful exuberance than an Islamic thing.  Of course the earlier paragraphs had much to say about paranoid Christians, who would embrace Santa Claus and Barney but resist any interaction with even just the children masquerade,Tombolo.

It’s really a shame that a national newspaper like the Punch will offer itself as a platform for someone who is quite obviously out on a personal vendetta against the Church.  Abimbola would applaud those trying to infest our land with homosexuality and such core humanist values.  She knows that the Church is the mortal enemy of such satanic ideas, and the loser that she is, vents off her frustration in rabid attacks on the Christian clergy.

Very soon, reasonable people will learn they could use their time better than continue reading Abimbola’s thrash.

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