Monday, February 7, 2011

End year Islamic rampage on Christians – Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria

It was not only in Nigeria that Islamic goons (whether working their own agenda, or as handy tools for others) set out to bring sorrow into the lives of many christian families.
Particularly attracting global attention was the massacre of Egyptian Coptic Christians at the Saints Church, Alexandria where 21 worshippers were instantly killed 30 minutes into the new year following a suicide bombing incident by Islamic hard-liners. The service had just ended, and the about 1,000 worshippers were felicitating with one another when the bomb went off, sending body parts in different directions and leaving blood spluttered on the walls.
When Christians staged demonstrations in at least three cities to protest what they see as the government's failure to protect their community, the police moved quickly to break up the gatherings. In Egypt, protesting against the government can be a very risky venture, no matter how good one’s course may be. Earlier in November, at least four people were killed when Egyptian state security forces unleashed volley of live ammunition on unarmed Coptic protesters, who were alleged to be converting illegally a warehouse into a worship center. They were later smoked out of that “illegal worship centre” by tear gas, leading to the suffocation of a four-year old.( Incidentally, live ammunition were also used by members of the Jos Joint Task Force on Security on protesting women who were insisting that the JTF was siding with moslems against Christians in the execution of their security mandate. At least six women were reportedly wounded by the action
Bombing of Christians began early in December with a series of bomb attacks on Christian places of worship in Indonesia.,-Archbishop-calls-for-calm-20211.html. The attacks by muslim hard-liners featured grenades, home-made bombs, and letter bombs. The series of bomb explosions were followed by forced evictions of house churches – carried out by muslim mobs. Barnabas Aid (on 21 Dec. 2010) reported that more than 100 christians were forced to flee house church gatherings by a 200-strong mob of angry Muslim extremists in Java. The government in this country with the largest muslim population in the world, refuses to provide land for church buildings; and when muslim extremists take it upon themselves to evict Christian people praying in their private homes, the police say they can’t intervene. The rioters, police sa,y had official permit for their ‘protests’, whereas the Christians don’t have any authorization to be using their homes for worship. Case close! (

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