Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Do Moslems really believe they serve same God as Christians?

This question stands out, begging to be asked, considering the attitudes of Moslems to their folks who attempt to convert to Christianity.

In one of the articles published in the recent edition of Church Arise! (Vol 10 No 6), a whooping 35% of BRITISH Muslims aged between 16 and 24 years believed that those who converted away from Islam should be killed! The figure was cited by TimesOnline with respect to the daughter of an Imam whose brother is threatening with death if she does not return to Islam, 15 years after she made the decision to become a Christian. ( In the same article, we mentioned the case of 41 Christian leaders in Indonesia who were sentenced to 5 years imprisonment just because they openly prayed that Muslims would "come to know Christ". (

Now, if really Muslims hold that it is the same God of the Bible that is worshipped by them, why go to this extreme length of actually prescribing death for anyone who merely seeks a different "theology" to serve the same God?

It seems quite plain that all the interfaith posture of Islamic leaders (for instance the recent "A common Word" letter,) is all a ruse to get Christians to contaminate their faith. Once that is accomplished (and God forbid!), the only means of overcoming the world (1 John 5:4-5) is lost. The salt is then only good for the dunghill. Christians beware!

Let everybody serve whichever god (or nothings) as they wish. As well, people should also have the right to change religious convictions as they also may wish. It is the height of mischief to insist that the only condition we can live together in peace is for me to revise my faith to conform to somebody else's desire - even when I have been severely warned in my Scriptures against such a move!

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